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David Osio is a lawyer and a businessman with many years of experience in the finance industry. Osio attended the Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela and graduated with a degree in International Banking Law. He started his career at OPED Enterprise as the president and CEO overseeing the coffee export program. He was also an executive at Letco Commercial Companies. He was in charge of structuring marketing programs.


David moved to MGO after three years at OPED. MGO is a law firm located in Caracas. He was responsible for handling high profile corporate clients at the company including Consolidated Bank and the Ferro Corporation. Osio was hired by Banco Latino International in Miami in the Private Banking division due to his stellar work at the enterprise. He was appointed the Vice President of Commercial Banking after two years. Osio founded the Davos Financial Group in Venezuela and is the firm’s CEO. Osio has donated to various foundations and non-profits including the Miami Symphony Orchestra and the Saludarte Foundation.


The Davos Financial Group of companies is made up of some independent companies including Davos REG. These companies are licensed and located in cities such as Miami, Panama, and Geneva. They have a reputation for coming up with investment strategies in accordance with the needs and requirements of the clients.


Davos Real Estate Group is the real estate firm of the company. It released a new mobile application known as the Davos CAP calculator a few months ago. The app estimates the return on the investments that the client has made in real estate. David says that the application was developed mainly to guide customers who were interested in real estate investment in the United States. Customers can estimate the rent that is paid on the property from their projected income. The application had been in development for six months. It was developed in conjunction with Tecknolution.


The application was unveiled to the public by David, Pablo Bausili, and Gerald Gonzalez who are the executive directors of the real estate group. Davos REG is looking to unveil a Mortgage Calculator through which clients can get estimates on the mortgage while taking into account the interest rate, the period, and bank projections. The company is interested in developing a line of applications which will eventually let one see properties on the phone and communicate with their agent at Davos through chat. Davos Real Estate Group has recently expanded to Europe by establishing partnerships with agents in the area. The addition of more agents led to an increase in sales of more than 70% in the first six months of last year.

About David Osio

Early in September 2016, Chris Burch wrote an article which was made public at Engadget. The article talked about the trends in technology and fashion in the future. He first talked about fashion trends in history. He then gave examples of the applications of tech to fashion in the current fashion trends. He added on future trends in fashion that are going to be as a result of technology upgrades. Burch talked of how advances in fashion protect people. He further pointed out a system where cyclists can wear protective gear around their neck. Through fashion, cyclists have been able to receive airbags. However, such advancements could never have been achieved without the use of technology to create the product.


Another fashion trend for the future that Chris Burch talked about was that of Frontline Gloves mainly used by firefighters. The gloves have been created by prominent people in the technology industry. It allows firefighters to use hand gestures and let others know whether everything is ok or not. Such information allows firefighters to know whether they should evacuate a building or not. Chris Burch went on to discuss another technology used to build the inner tubes of bicycles. He added that these items were recycled to create pieces of clothing such as jackets and t-shirts.


Apart from his interests in fashion and technology, Chris Burch is a businessman who runs a finance company. He is the founder and the current CEO of Burch Creative Capitals. The company adopts an investment philosophy which expresses the entrepreneurial values and vision of Burch. According to Burch, he has applied his imagination, creativity, incubation, and support for new market trends. He has developed a complete set of leadership rules that are not disruptive to businesses. Chris Burch has created other brands that have a longer lasting impact on consumers.


Chris Burch has built his professional experience for more than four decades now. He has overseen the growth and success of about 50 companies within the United States. He often states that his ability to combine understanding and imagination has enabled him a working business model. Chris is an expert in impact and innovation. One cannot mention his portfolio without adding his creative and imaginative nature. Through his leadership at Burch Creative, he has created a company that has grown to be highly successful. The result is that he has partnered with leading firms in the technology and fashion industry.

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur. Josh has more than 20 years of experience in beginning, developing, and selling businesses. Verne gives tips on how to get out of your way and make it in business and life. He begins by quoting his favorite quote by Jonathan Swift that says “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Josh gives the key points in succeeding in life and business. They are as follows:


  • Do not be a boss, be a leader instead: Josh states that there are two forms of individuals when it comes to management positions. They include leaders and bosses. A leader earns respects and uses that respect to achieve the goals that he has set with his team by prioritizing his people. A boss accomplishes his goals by using his title. He does what suits him and demands respect. Josh’s advice to people is that they should be leaders if they want to succeed in business and life.


  • Every situation has to be a win-win: Josh tells people never to concede to a deal if it is a win-lose situation. He says that you should always work hard to ensure you get a win-win situation. Josh says that you will be forced to look for the best solution every time you have a problem or face a new client. He states that this will grow your team, business, and reputation.



  • Speak less and listen more: Josh Verne says that there is a reason why you were created with two ears and one mouth. The reason is for you to listen more and talk less. He says that your words will have more power if you speak less. This will also make you appear authoritative, and people will want to listen to what you have to say.


  • Ensure you have a balance in your life: Josh says that you have to balance your health, home life, and wealth. He states that you can have all the money in the world, but that is not enough. Life is all about balancing. He says that you should ensure you make progress in all your life areas and improve in each area every day.


Josh Verne is the current CEO of Flocku.com. He is an accomplished entrepreneur who offers advice on how to succeed as an entrepreneur and how to make it in life. Josh develops small businesses to large thriving ones. He attributes this to hard work and commitment.


Wengie is a YouTube sensation, and her life hacks will simplify your day-to-day routine, and they’ll save you from trying something useless. Name brands are compared with these do-it-yourself sugar hair removal waxes as Wengie discovers the truth about them both.


Strip Free Hard Wax

In this video, Wengie discovers that the DIY version does not work. When the wax is applied in the form that it is the easiest to work with, it burns. If you were to allow it to cool to a reasonable temperature, however, it’s too solid to apply. Just to find out if hard wax is a decent choice, Wengie uses the Nair brand, and it is a success.

If you want to try this for yourself, just follow this recipe: 2 Cups of Sugar; 1/4 Cup of Lemon Juice; and 1/4 Cup of Water.

Combine the ingredients in a pot, and bring them to a boil. Turn down the heat, and continue to boil for seven minutes, or until it reaches a caramel color. Be sure to stir constantly. When you have reached the right color, pour the mixture into a glass jar, and allow it to cool. Apply and pull.


Soft Sugar Wax

Follow the same recipe for this wax except half of the sugar and add a strip over the top of the wax before you pull. With the DIY version of the soft wax, you will want to wait the right amount of time before you pull, and this will take some practice. Wengie doesn’t get it on her first shot, but kills it on her second.


All things considered, Wengie encourages that you use the store bought brands instead of the at home recipes. However, she does suggest that you use the DIY if you are looking for a form of torture. If the price is worth the pain, go for it. Otherwise, head to the market.

Dealing with any health condition can be stressful. Lung diseases and other chronic conditions are especially difficulty since breathing is one of the things all living beings require. How you go about treatment can really make a difference and will play a role in how fast a person can recover. While the type of treatment is a crucial decision, the choice of the treating hospital or facility is just as important.

The Lung Institute is the leader when it comes to treatment for lung conditions. Stem cell research is one of the top reasons this institute has such high success rates at treating people. First, you must understand how stem cells work. Stem cells are cells that are renewable and can replicate any other type of tissue. There are three parts of stem cell therapy which begin with harvesting the cells through either blood venous or bone marrow, separating the stem cells from other cells, and finally returning the stem cells back into the blood stream.

So how exactly does returning stem cells into the blood stream effect the lungs? Well since the heart pushes blood throughout your body, including your lungs, the stem cells will be pushed through your heart and into your lungs within a few beats. A pulmonary trap is essentially what will happen to the stem cells which is a good thing in this case. Here the stem cells will begin healing the damaged parts of the lungs replacing the damaged cells. For a more in depth details of stem cell treatment please go to lunginstitute.com.

The Lung Institute offers autologous stem cells which means that they’re derived from your own body. The harvesting of stem cells is what usually makes patients a little uneasy. You can rest easy knowing that it is a minimally invasive process and both of the treatments are only a total of three days to cover all steps involved including any blood work you may need. How the stem cells are harvested depends on the condition you have and the severity. Blood venous treatment is a treatment that is used most often. Bone marrow treatment is often the one used in severe cases of lung conditions since it holds stem cells at a higher ratio.

More information available at https://lunginstitute.com/ and Lung Institute’s Facebook page.



The use of communication technology is one of the ways that people stay in contact with other people who are located in different areas. While communication technology such as landlines have been used for decades, newer technology such as smartphones and cell phones have been used over the past decade. The newer technology communications like smartphones and cell phones provide a different type of communication.


Known as mobile technology, smartphones and cell phones allow people to use the technology on the go. People can use the devices almost anywhere through the use of towers that transmit the signal from one area to another. In addition to mobile devices that allow people to communicate in ways that are different than traditional methods, people can use communication technology that goes a step beyond just allowing people to talk.


Video is used with various methods of communication to allow people to talk to people and see the people who they are talking to at the same time. This communication technology has been used for over a decade. Although the technology has been used on a regular basis for some time now, the use of video communication has various limitations depending on the technology utilized with it.


However, over the past decade, numerous technology innovations have been made that help video communication in areas where the technology needed to improve. Today, the use of video communication provides almost a seamless communication experience. People use it for work conferences. Family and friends use video communication on mobile devices such as smartphones. The use of video communication has many more possibilities with the recent technology innovations.


Securus Technologies will be using a video visitation technology that it developed to help inmates at correction facilities talk to their family during the Christmas holiday season. The way that the video visitation technology works is by establishing a link between the inmates at correction facilities and their families located at home. Once the link is established, the inmates can see, talk, and share in the Christmas season as if they were home.


I feel that the Technology provided by Securus Technologies for inmates to communicate with their families is an awesome thing. The technology will allow inmates to actually see and talk to family members, which can help the inmates feel a part of the Christmas experience.


Securus Technologies is a leader in communication technology in the corrections market. The company provides technology for a variety of organizations.



There has been an on going dilemma when it comes to dieting. This dilemma has involved people eating foods that are fattening. However, they were more likely to get protein from those foods because it was filled with meats. At the same time, there were healthier alternatives and diets. People also ordered salads in fast food restaurants. However, there was this issue with the lack of protein that people had to get around. Either way, there seems to be a trade off for people when they are trying to eat healthier. Fortunately, someone would address this trade off eventually and come up with something that will bring a lot of benefits.


One person who has seen the dilemma is Nathaniel Ru. He has noticed that there is very little when it comes to options in food. Therefore, he has decided that he is going to put together something that is not only healthy, but is creative. The types of dishes that he comes up with are very healthy among other things. For one thing, he offers salads for customers. However, they come with a wide variety of nutrients that allow him to be able to choose what goes into the salad.


Among the nutrients that he is adding to his healthy food is protein. Protein is very important because it is what helps people improve their health. People are also learning that they can include meat in their healthy diet. For one thing, protein actually helps with weight loss in that it is hard to break down. Therefore, people who eat the protein find that they feel full a bit longer. At the same time, they are also feeling better than when they were eating empty calories.


Nathaniel Ru is also very good at coming up with creative ideas to reach the community he is involved in. He is someone that is good at adapting. He has learned that he can come up with ways to entertain his customers while they are eating. Therefore, he has run concerts at one of his Sweetgreen locations so that people could listen to their favorite artists while they enjoyed the food.


Someone like Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners is someone that knows what he can do and he goes out and gets results. In today’s world, it is a results based business. If people don’t see results, they simply see excuses. No one likes to hear excuses. Those are not going to do anything for anyone and they are not going to make any changes for people. They are simply going to keep things the status quo, which is not the way to operate. Keith Mann knows he is in a position of power and because of his position of power, he wants to do something good with it.


A lot of people in a position of power simply use that power for greed or to have more things for themselves. That is not Keith Mann, however, at all. He was raised a certain way and he is a man that takes the plight of other people incredibly seriously. He knows when they need help and a little assistance and he is not shy about providing it and going out and giving it to the people. The wonderful thing about Keith Mann is no one has to ask him to do it or beg him to do it. He knows what issues are going on and he goes out and does it without being told to do it or without doing it simply to get the limelight.


With his recent fundraiser for the Uncommon School Districts, they helped raised over twenty-two thousand dollars. Education is something that is very near and dear to the heart of Keith Mann. He knows these kids need a chance. A lot of times, they don’t come from the best situation in terms of money. Because of this, they oftentimes don’t have the chance to attend a four-year college and that breaks Keith Mann’s heart.


He has talked often about making things even and having a level playing field. That is not just him talking to sound good and look good. He means that and he has proven that with his actions and by having these type of fundraisers.

The story of Alexei Beltyukov proves that if you put your mind to work, then you can achieve many great things. Mr. Beltyukov completed medical school in the USSR and became a government employed internal medicine doctor. With the breakup of the USSR and a meager wage paid to government doctors, Alexei Beltyukov was pressured to seek ways to make more money in order to provide for his family.

As luck would have it, Alexei saw an ad for a business college abroad. It said scholarships were available for adult students like Alexei himself. With not much to lose and much to gain, Mr. Beltyukov applied and was accepted in INSEAD college of France. There he enrolled in a business program and won a full scholarship due to his great determination and will to both better his life and to help his family and others.

Alexei completed a business administration degree at INSEAD. He would describe his time there and his education as life changing. The Soviet Union was a planned economy that was controlled from Moscow. Few Russians at the time had the knowledge of how free markets and capitalism worked. Armed with business knowledge Alexei went back to Russia and began putting his business education to work.

Numerous ventures have been started by Alexei Beltyukov since finishing a business program. One of these is A-Ventures Ltd., a management company that provides financial assistance and restructuring services for companies that are struggling to make a profit. Other firms started by Alexei include New Gas technologies, a manufacturing company and Mechanicus, an automotive service garage chain. Endemic Capital, created in 2013, is an angel investment group that provides Russian startups with funding.

Alexei Beltyukov’s philanthropic activities includes sponsoring the Russian Alumni scholarship of INSEAD. It helps cover the cost of attending INSEAD college for Russian students. Mr. Beltyukov is also the vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation. This is a government agency that promotes technological development in Russia. Described as the Silicon Valley of Russia, it helps new technology developments take root in Russia and create jobs and new products.

Lori Senecal lives by one philosophy in her life: “If you cannot find the career you want, invent one”. True to this, she has always been a fan of redefining odds, coming up with new strategies to concur common issues in business. As the Global CEO for Crispin Porter and Bogusky Advertising Agency (CP + B), Lori Senecal speaks on how life has influenced her to become the exceptional leader she is.

From a very young age, Lori Senecal was forced to work herself hard to prove her worth. As the youngest of her siblings, she was constantly regarded as the lesser one, but she couldn’t have it. She worked her way to create her own identity and accomplishments by holding close to her big dreams and making bold steps in that direction.

Reference: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/author/2084/lori-senecal/list/

Today as the global CEO of CP + B, she is more than excited for the new challenge. Previously, she was the global executive chairman of KBS, an agency that strongly believes in the power of invention. Lori believes that for an Agency brand to excel above its competition, it needs to foster the shift from innovation to authentic invention ideas.

As a leader at KBS agency, Lori Senecal nurtured a culture of ingenuity among employees. She had already identified the true mission of KBS, which is building original ideas from scratch. Through her stewardship, KBS launched invention competitions that called on all employees to participate, of course with lucrative incentive on winning ideas. This culture alone catapulted the growth of KBS, positioning it as the most prominent brand agency for an inventive world.

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Lori Senecal Takes Global CEO Role at CP+B

When she joined MDC agency, still filling an executive role, Lori used the same strategy that worked at KBS. She identified MDC’s core belief, the power of talent, and created a culture where employees were incentivized to express their unique talents. Lori’s formula for winning in any organization is simple: identify the greatest need for that organization then find out how to align ones talents towards achieving the organization’s goals.

Lori Senecal has set quite a record in her career as a marketer and has inspired many ladies who also want to achieve in the same field. In a world were top leadership positions are heavily dominated by men, Lori has some advice for women: it doesn’t matter what position you are in as a female, as long as you show respect and empathy for your consumers, trust your strongest instincts and believe in the power of dreaming big—you will ultimately create any career you want.

Find out more about Lori Senecal on AdAge.com