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Blockchain is a form of digital record-keeping. It came about in 2008, it helps keep record of tons of transactions and lets people make chronological entries that the public can see. Blockchain creates the viability for cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is very secure. It can’t be hacked and your data is only visible to others if you set the permissions for that. Even if you share your data, you can place restrictions on the way it is available. This makes Blockchain a great preventer of medical fraud, and Paul Mampilly feels that this system will be a real contributor to healthcare.

Blockchain And Our Health

According to Paul Mampilly, blockchain can play a role in your health by letting you know whether or not your medication is working properly. The way this would work is you’d take a pill that has digital sensors. The pill would then send the information to an app on your phone stating whether the correct chemical reactions have happened in your body. This way you can see your doctor for another medication if your medicine was proven ineffective. Another point Paul Mampilly makes is Electronic pills will also let doctors know which patients are taking their medicine properly and which ones are not. Electronic pills could be the root of research, providing data on the effectiveness of several different drugs. The results could be that manufacturers will then have a way to keep improving products.

Technology Is Already Approved

Paul Mampilly says we should keep in mind that there is already an electronic pill out there. It treats schizophrenia and other disorders. The pill is called abilify mycite. It was approved by the FDA in 2017. Medication companies are already looking into possibilities of the e-pill for other drugs. Lots of drug makers feel that this new way to create medication can make the whole process less expensive. They’d have much more ground covered during the research and testing and fine tuning phase. Drug companies could also have the ability to see which patients are taking the medication as instructed. This would give them an ok to leave the medication as is. It is not the fault of the company if someone is not taking the medicine as prescribed.

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Guilherme Paulus has continued to invest in the Brazilian tourism industry, despite his massive success and wealth that he has acquired over the years doing the same.

Paulus has been in the industry for more than four decades, and during this time he has been able to start and grow them into extremely successful companies that today employ thousands of Brazilians and offers services to millions. His first venture in the industry came after he left employment at Casa Faro in 1972 to start CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. The company had been an idea of his partner who he had met during one of his work-related travels. They would soon strike a rapport that saw them decide to come together and start the travel agency.

Guilherme Paulus was relatively young only 24 then, and he did not have the money to invest directly into the business. He was given the option of offering his expertise into the venture in exchange for a percentage. This was an agreement that he could with, and it did not take long for his partner to leave bestowing the entire operation on him. In the years that followed, the businessman would work to get the company off the ground. The first nine years were quite difficult, but would change when he got an opportunity to bid for a job that involved taking Mercedes employees on their annual tour. His cost-cutting measures would make him the lowest bidder, and he was awarded the job, to this day Guilherme Paulus credits this job for the breakthroughs that followed. He had discovered corporate clients through that single opportunity and moved with speed to pitch to others. The company was eventually able to return a profit, and by this time its portfolio of services had grown significantly.

Guilherme was able to use the proceeds of this venture to start GJP. This company runs a network of hotels located strategically all over Brazil. When he sold a majority share of CVC to a private equity group, he pumped the money into it, and today the group has assets valued at more than 600 million dollars.

GreenSky, created by serial entrepreneur David Zalik in 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, is a financial services business that brings together lending financial institutions with applicants who need financing. Instead of directly providing loans to its customers, GreenSky connects applicants to roughly 13,000 financial institutions across the United States that are all prepared to provide funding to potential customers.

How does GreenSky provide funding to consumers?

In business, especially corporate business, corporations like GreenSky – any corporation, for that matter, regularly takes on millions or billions of financing to ramp up its operations. Even though consumer debt is generally frowned upon, corporate debt is actually good for businesses to take on.

While lenders generally pile on debt so they can later chunk out such debt in smaller portions at higher interest rates in hopes of turning profits. GreenSky doesn’t utilize this strategy through GreenSky Credit; instead, GreenSky Credit is simply a platform to connect applicants who are willing to become debtors with financial institutions that are ready to make loans to applicants who fit such lenders’ bills of prime candidates to receive financing.

How does GreenSky Credit generate income, then?

The total dollar value of money that passes through GreenSky’s hands is in the billions of dollars; and not just one or two billion, but hundreds of billions of dollars.

GreenSky Credit generates income by assessing two fees – one from the consumer and another from the lender. Thanks to GreenSky’s strategy, it can double-dip on the amount of money it makes from its services.

Further, GreenSky is a technology company. It provides customers with innovative means of financing that wouldn’t otherwise be available if customers were to reach out to the financial institutions that actually offer customers financing; one of GreenSky’s unique programs is called the GreenSky Program Loan.

Builders are the most popular users of these Program Loans, which allow construction companies, builders, and people who simply want to make home improvements to their places of living to take out a line of credit that’s open for six months; at the end of that period, customers begin to pay back loans in full.


It has not been long since Shervin Pishevar took on the US government with some controversial tweets on social media. He accused the government of neglecting some important factor that used to contribute to the country’s economy in the past. The negligence of which he alleged the government has led to the dragging of the country’s economy to the extent that it could soon be overtaken by other upcoming economies like the Chinese. China’s economy is growing rapidly due to the strong relationships that it has established with the developing countries. These countries have changed their priorities regarding imports and other factors of international trade to focus on China. With this trend, Shervin Pishevar predicts that China could soon overtake the United States in its Superpower title.

Shervin Pishevar also criticizes the government for allowing a few organizations in the industry to control the economy of the country. He states that the monopoly that has been allowed on some multinational firms has discouraged the investors from starting up businesses because they impose unfriendly regulatory requirements that scare them away from the industry. Some of the firms that were mentioned were Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, and the Microsoft.

Shervin Pishevar also expressed his agitation for the value of bitcoin. He indicated that the bitcoin is expected to depreciate soon. However, the value of the cryptocurrency is expected to rise again and finally stabilize at the value between two thousand and five thousand dollars. This was quite astonishing to hear especially to the bitcoin investors. Shervin continued to criticize the way the bond market had been behaving. He states that the volatility of the bonds was becoming riskier and it would, in the end, affect the performance of the whole of the equity market. He was very quite categorical stating that this would not take too long to happen; it was a matter of weeks if not days.

Since then, Shervin Pishevar had remained silent until the recent appearance on Twitter.


Some people go through bad experiences in their life but they instead they use it to make an opportunity. Sometimes it is crucial to experience tough moments in life that can help you learn and find solutions to your problems. It is a philosophy that was experienced by one of the best financial advisers Matt Badiali. Growing up he saw how his father struggled when it came to investment and it enabled him to become passionate about investment. He knew one day he would help others in making the right investment decisions because he realized people struggle so much when it comes to investing.

Matt Badiali has led a successful career, and today he serves as the senior manager at Banyan Hill Publishing. Apart from the experience he has acquired in the field, he has vast academic knowledge because he went to prestigious institutions where he gained knowledge in geology. Matt was also introduced to finance by a friend at the time he was doing his Ph.D. At that, he was working at Real Wealth Strategist as an editor. He is an academician who has succeeded in learning and acquiring knowledge about earth since. He attended Penn State University where he was successful in his studies.

Today Matt Badiali has a lot of knowledge regarding natural resources, metal quality, and energy. It is not easy to find the best investment opportunities in natural resources, but he has succeeded in establishing some of the best investment opportunities in the industry. He has also dedicated his time to help others by giving them what he has learned in all those years he was in the industry as an investor. Any entrepreneur who is looking for a reliable source of knowledge should look for professional advice from the expert.

Matt Badiali has used the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world because of invitations to give invest strategies. He has visited countries like Peru, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Iraq, and Haiti because of the experience he has in his career. He has met CEOs in these countries who want to learn about his investment strategies.

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The customers of financial services in Australia will forever remain grateful to Graeme Holm for the transformation that he has brought to the industry through the formation of Infinity Group Australia. He formed this organization in 2013 in collaboration with Rebecca Walker, who happens to be his wife. This was after a long service in the Australian banking system for more than seventeen years, where he worked for four of the largest banking institutions in Australia. The experiences of the customers in the banks was not as perfect as Graeme Holm would have wished to give to the customers. On the other hand, the kind of deals that the customers got were unfair, but the banks pushed them through the customers’ throats due to the desperate situations in which the customers found themselves while seeking the financial assistance.


This was not the only thing that angered Graeme Holm. He also observed that the customers of the credit services often found themselves in financial crises whenever they took loans from the financial institutions. This was due to the lack of adequate information relating to the contracts into which they entered with the financial lenders. After a long observation of the trend in the customer service in these institutions, Graeme Holm decided that the best way to solve those challenges was by forming a parallel institution that could offer similar services to those of the financial institutions but in a more decent manner. That’s when he founded Infinity Group Australia.


The formation of this organization was a great turning point for the services in the financial sector. Credit customers started receiving training from the company on the brilliant ways of financial management. The company also trained the customers in the budgeting techniques which enabled them to manage their income so that it could suffice their family needs as well as meeting their debt obligations. This was the reason the Infinity Group Australia was nominated the best customer-oriented financial institution in the industry.


Apart from being the principal of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm is also an entrepreneurial coach who trains young individuals in the easiest and most efficient ways to become successful entrepreneurs. In the advice that he gives to the trainees, Graeme Holm highlights to the young people the importance of offering their services to those who need it, even for free. He emphasizes that this is important because that’s how their value would get to be recognized and they would end up getting paid for their services. Graeme also indicates that there is no need for young people to purport to search for their talents. He explains that all they need to do is keep doing whatever they are passionate about and they would end up figuring out their talents, mostly in circumstances which they could never have anticipated.


Graeme Holm and Rebecca have made Infinity Group Australia become the dream company that every customer wishes to visit to get their financial assistance. This is through the excellent customer service that is offered by the institution to its customers whenever they seek their assistance. Learn more : https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/about-us/

Change, in many ways, is a constant in the healthcare industry. Technology advances and new treatment options replace older methods for healing. Everything changes except the fee for service business model managing those cutting edge services.


Now, sky rocketing insurance costs and inflated pricing for services threaten to derail affordable care for millions of individuals. A new way of doing business is coming and innovative leaders like InnovaCare CEO Rick Shinto are making it happen.



 InnovaCare Health- Value Based Care



InnovaCare Health management is dedicated to ensuring patients receive quality care at affordable costs. The value based care approach Dr. Rick Shinto employs ties payment to the quality of service given instead of the traditional separate fee for every service rendered approach. Offering managed healthcare service options for care providers including Medicare plans. For more details visit changemindchangefuture.org




 Dr. Rick Shinto



More than 20 years as a doctor and medical management professional give Dr. Shinto a unique perspective for facing the issues plaguing healthcare today. Beginning as a management team member for MedPartners, his career path moved through prestigious healthcare management firms including Pathways Management and NAMM California. Recognition for hard work and positive achievement, Dr. Shinto received the 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year Award.




 Penelope Kokkinides



A long history of service managing government healthcare programs makes Penelope Kokkinides well suited to her role as the Chief Administrative Office for InnovaCare Health. Spanning over 20 years in service, her path led through time spent as COO of Aventa Inc. and

Touchstone Health. Later, she held key positions including Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. You can visit Businesswire for more.


InnovaCare Health operates two separate divisions, Provider Networks & Medicare Advantage Programs.The company, led by innovative leaders Dr. Shinto and Ms. Kokkinides, specializes in providing sustainable, and affordable healthcare products. Combining the latest technology with a dedication to creating systems that define how the industry operates at its best. The firm is on the leading edge. Creating methods that will set the standard for managed healthcare solutions. The exception today, the value added business model Dr. Shinto put to work with InnovaCare Health could well be the standard for tomorrow.



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With the number of people working on a computer at an all-time high, it is easy to see why having some equipment that could make you more productive would be a great idea. With the standard keyboard and mouse set up, this is unnecessary stress due to the reaching and strain it puts on you while you are using a computer.

We saw a great video at https://newswatchtv.com/ telling us just how helpful a new office set up like shown would be a great idea for those of us who would like to see more productivity. The product in this video is called The Ultimate Work Station, it is one of the coolest setups there is. It uses a roller bar that is attached to the keyboard to operate the mouse.

NewsWatch is one of the best places you can go to find new things like this all the time. I have been a user of this site for some time now and it ceases to amaze me. Owning an Ultimate Work Space my self is due to the video that we are talking about today.

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Bernardo Chua is a medical profession from the Philippines. He combined his medical expertise and his skills as a marketer to become one of the most well-renowned entrepreneurs in the Pacific Rim. His grandparents taught him the medical benefits of Ganoderma, an old Chinese herb. This knowledge made him an ideal candidate to start his career at Gano Excel, a company who promoted edible foods and drinks infused with the Ganoderma herb. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Bernardo Chua excelled with Gano Excel as a marketer because of his friendly personality and his honest wish to support people. It wasn’t too long before he built an enormous and growing clientele for Gano Excel from several Asian countries and Canada. After several successful years with Gano Excel, he decided it was time to enlighten individuals in America and other parts of Western Europe about the medical benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom. Gano Excel promoted him to a position of President of their branch in the United States when he moved to California. He seized this opportunity and recruited networking specialists. He educated them on the benefits on Ganoderma products and had them travel all over the United States spreading the benefits of Gano Excels products.

Chua Bernardo and his networking campaign were immediately successful. Gano Excel increased their worldwide clientele Chua decided that it was time to branch out and he started his own business, Organo Gold, in 2008. Organo Gold also specializes in Ganoderma consumables products. Chua makes it of utmost importance to work with some of the top farmers who can grow Ganoderma mushrooms with the best quality. He put numerous resources in teaching individuals the health benefits of Ganoderma products. Organo Gold has millions of customers worldwide. Due to the success of the company, Chua and his products have been aired on media channels such as Direct Selling News and Marketwired.

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Many people drink coffee in the morning and at lunchtime. Few people think coffee can improve the health of their hair, since the information is rarely shared. Reports indicate that coffee has many benefits for hair, such as reducing breakage. There are different shampoo products that include coffee in their ingredients. These brands give the customer great results. The topical benefits of coffee are numerous. Eye cream mixed with cold coffee may be able to reduce eye puffiness. Everyone should find out about the possible beneficial results of using coffee topically. People’s coffee habits could possibly change once they learn more about the drink. Some of them might switch to exquisite brands like Organo Gold. Read the reviews at dietspotlight.com.

Organo Gold distributes coffee, energy drinks, skincare products, and tea products. More people will be able to take advantage of their great products once they are available in new markets. Are there little known benefits of drinking a cup of coffee a day? Those who drink coffee might be eating foods full of antioxidants already, such as blueberries in breakfast meals and smoothies. Eating fruits with antioxidants is fine, but most people don’t realize that a cup of coffee also has antioxidants. The antioxidants may decrease skin inflammation. Many people are worried about their skin, but coffee may be able to help. When coffee is added as an ingredient to skin creams, it can support healthy skin.

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The coffee offered by Organo Gold has the herb Ganoderma Lucidum. According to Wikipedia, the herb has been used for various health benefits in China, Japan, and other parts of the world. Organo Gold’s coffee may have introduced other countries to Ganoderma Lucidum herbs and mushrooms that have never heard of it. This will hopefully inspire many people to find out more about the different health benefits that coffee can provide. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.