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Who says positive thoughts can’t help other people? The RYTHM foundation is asking for supporters to make positive comments on a post in order to help support this charitable foundation and provide much needed supplies for two different groups that the RYTHM foundation helps.

The RYTHM foundation and QNET believe that positive thoughts can change the world, and are encouraging their supporters and followers to use positive thinking the make a difference in the lives of young children. QNET, a direct marketing company that is based in Asia, has partnered with the RYTHM foundation to provide a water filter made by HomePure, called HomePure Red to two different groups of school children. The first donation will be made by QNET to the RYTHM foundation’s school for children with special needs, Taarana if commentators make 500 positive comments by the end of the first two week period, which ends on April 4th. If 500 more comments are made during the second two week period, QNET will donate a second HomePure Red to the Rashid Centre, which is center for the disabled in the United Arab Emirates. 

QNET has partnered with the RYTHM project, an non-profit organization that works to provide an education to children in poverty so that they can live a happy and productive life. The organization has schools and centers in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other countries. QNET believes in the mission of the RYTHM foundation, which is why it is working with the organization to provide them the supplies that they need so that they can provide needy children with a good foundation for success in life. 

Believe & act on it. #QNET #SuccessTips

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Their staff of sales experts, work at home moms, and everyday people sell a wide variety of products that help improve the lives of the people around the world. QNET is committed to making the world a better place, which is why they participate in charitable efforts such as the RYTHM Foundation’s ‘Positve Thoughts’ project. In addition to this charitable they participate in a wide variety of charitable efforts. If you are interested in finding out more about the variety of products offered by QNET or the other charitable efforts they have supported you can follow QNET on Facebook or Subscribe to QNET’s YouTube channel.

When it comes to gaining a knowledge of international finance, it often requires a person to travel around the world talking to clients and witnessing events firsthand. However, many people who travel the world over fail to gain a deep understanding of the events they have witnessed. As a result, they arrive back at their office with little if any knowledge of the people and cultures of which they experienced. However, while some people simply take a trip, Sam Tabar takes a trip and learns as much as possible from those he meets along the way. Considered to be one of the rising stars on the international business scene, he is committed to not only learning as much as he can on his travels, but also putting it to good use for his clients once he arrives back at the office.

An expert in such areas of law as contracts, employment regulations, compliance issues, and management agreements, CrunchBase shows how Sam regularly meets with clients to help them understand whatever issues they may be facing with their businesses. Along with making regular trips to Hong Kong and Beijing, he also returns home to New York and schedules meetings with Wall Street executives in order to show them how to run their businesses even more successfully. Realizing he has a tremendous responsibility to his clients, Sam always attempts to make the most of his business travels in order to gain a strategic advantage over his competition.

As an Oxford-educated businessman, Sam knows all too well the impact one business can have on another. Always looking to discover how current and future trends can impact his clients, Bloomberg indicates Sam spends much of his time studying the goals of his clients and developing cutting-edge strategies that can take them to unprecedented heights. Having helped numerous clients over the years, he has become a financial analyst whose opinion is sought out on a regular basis by people all over the world.

Determined to be the best financial analyst in the world, Sam will continue to combine his legal and business training in new and exciting ways to assist clients in need of his services. As he does so, there’s little doubt his reputation as a financial expert will continue to grow even stronger.

Ever since we were a few years old, we have had people telling us that we have to follow the rules. They say we have to fit in and be excepted by society and follow all the rules without breaking them. That does work for awhile and shortly after, as we start to grow, we want to break free from those rules and express our own unique style and personal freedom. That is when we start breaking all the rules.

Speaking of rules, did you know there are rules in every industry that experts will argue need to be followed and can’t be broken? Let’s talk about makeup and fashion. These two places have rules and people say that these rules are set in stone. Well, that might be true unless you are the CEO of Lime Crime and have a name like Doe Deere.

Doe Deere started the makeup company Lime Crime with a dream and some pocket money. It was a real business start up success story. Lime Crime gave the makeup wearers what they wanted, more color and personal freedom. Doe calls herself Queen of the unicorns and as such she has a name to live up to. If you haven’t guessed, Doe Deere is not just a rule breaker, she is a rule creator.

Doe Deere says that you do not have to dress your age. Doe talks about the ability to blend rocking bold colors, patterns and fashion regardless of your age. Doe encourages you to not be utterly specific with your occasional dress and more. Doe opened up in an article to Bustle and she is talking about all of these things and more. Doe Deere even talks about socks and open toed shows and how it is okay to wear them together.

Above all else, Doe Deere has one underlying thought and that very thought is the center for Lime Crime Makeup’s success. However, it is more than that. This idea or thought should be the center of every person’s life. The thought is, put simply, express yourself and be you. That’s what Lime Crime Makeup is about. That is what Doe Deere is about. Being who you are, because after all, who else could you be?

An editor from Bustle took the brave plunge to experimenting with her own hair care routine for a week. She detailed the results in a recent article and explained how WEN By Chaz Dean really does live up to the expectations in the widely recognized infomercials for basically transforming women’s hair. After using Wen By Chaz as her cleansing conditioner for a full week, the author noted that her hair was actually fuller and had a much more life-like bounce to it. However, she cautions that on days when she simply did not fit Wen By Chaz into her shampooing routine, she did not experience the same highly coveted, vibrant results. While some may find this discouraging, it actually goes to show that Wen By Chaz is extremely effective when it is used as intended and instructed.

Wen hair products has been on the sephora market for years, and since it burst onto the hair care scene, it has been receiving rave reviews from happy customers about its amazing effect on their hair. Rather than stripping the hair of life and shine, Wen By Chaz actually cleanses without taking away essential nutrients from the hair. This is, in part, because the WEN hair formula is sulfate free and contains only strengthening ingredients.

Part of what also makes WEN By Chaz stand out as an amazing hair care product, is that its makers found an incredible way to squeeze five different functions into one bottle. That’s right — Wen By Chaz does the job of five products at once. While this certainly simplifies any hair care routine, it also helps protect the hair by keeping it from being over processed and unnecessarily damaged.


New Jersey youth has something to look forward to during 2016 summer thanks to Kevin Seawright, CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation who partnered with NewarkWorks and prominent figures and organizations of Newark to secure summer jobs for the city’s youth. Known as the Summer Youth Employment Plan, the goal of this course provides a six-week paid summer work experience that includes on-the-job-training, financial literacy lessons, empowerment lectures, and college readiness programs with Registration required online. Seawright partnered with two prestigious banks, Santander Bank, and TD Bank, where the students access financial literacy services such as opening checking and savings accounts that they need when they graduate college and enter the professional world.

Relevant Information Concerning Kevin Seawright

  • As EVP and CFO of NCEDC, Kevin Seawright currently serves as the primary economic development agency for the city of Newark, the largest town in New Jersey’s.
  • In previous years, Mr. Seawright was Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for one of Maryland’s most major Departments of Recreation and Parks. During his time there, he administered over $50 million in city, state, and federal funding.
  • Afterward, Seawright implemented his expertise as the financial management leader in the educational field of operation in which his duties included assisting with the creation of budgets more than $200 million annually.
  • He also contributed insight for the construction of schools and other inter-related infrastructure issues that arose. He then managed the $600 million in renovations and development of current and new structures for the facilities.
  • As DOO at Collington Life Care Community, he guided over 500 residents, deftly negotiated contracts and provided precise direction in the construction and operation funding, which was over $5 million.

In the world of today where education is sorely lacking in public schools, the idea that individuals like Kevin Seawright decided to pass along their knowledge and experience to those who need it is more than a breath of fresh air.  Follow Kevin on his Twitter for further information.