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Any organization needs to make sure that they execute their operational plan in order to stay open on a day to day basis. That is essentially what a company is. However, it is also important to continue thinking outside of the box and continuing to find ways to get ahead. It is for that reason that VTA Publications has continued to make significant progress within their industry of thought and education in general. Obviously you need to know what your core competencies are, but once you truly know how important education is within a field and the need to continue learning, then you will have a much better shot of being successful.

VTA Publications may be an organization that focuses on outside of the box thinking, but more than anything VTA Publications is just trying to help other organizations reach their goals as well. The current business world is one where technology is constantly improving, computers and other new applications are being introduced all of the time, and efficiency is the major objective. In order to capitalize on the best possible employees, you simply need to take any employees you do have working for and with you and then continue to teach and train them to become better all of the time. That is creating efficiency by increasing knowledge within your workforce.

The key to the future for any and every organization is going to be getting employees that can continuously strive for more information and receive greater training. Not only do employees who can continue to learn perform better in their current roles, but they can also be promoted from within, expand their current roles, and help to bridge the gap between upper management and the lower level and entry employees.

When you also consider the importance of continuity within an organization, the ability to have people who can stay for the long haul will be able to give you significant benefits. The key is simply to bring forward the best employees and make them even better along the way.

At the end of the day, organizations just like VTA Publications are helping people to learn on the go, with free articles,  and in a flexible manner which not only advances their specific position, but it also advances the organization as a whole. Training is supposed to be continuous and it will continue to have both immediate and long term payoffs along the way.  Be sure to check out their shop to see if any of the products seem suitable to you.

Skout is a social networking app available for download now on the App Store for iOS devices. Adweek’s initial story calls it a “competent social networking app” but faults it for the app’s out in the open monetization goals. The app is designed as a platform to meet new people and to exchange pictures. Support for Facebook log-in is included, or you can sign up with your email if you prefer not to sync your Facebook log-in information.

The first screen you see upon launching the app will be a grid of people that are online at the current moment. If you click the picture of one of the currently online users you will be directed to a page that shows their basic information, their most recent posts, and how many points they have.

The point system of the app is a unique feature for a social-networking app. The points are used to enact various activities, more akin to a mobile game than a mobile social-networking app, they can be acquired by viewing advertisements with-in the app or by persuading other users to pay points to see your non-public photos. The option exists to use real-life currency to purchase points if that is more your thing.

Points may be used for a wide variety of things, most of which are free on other platforms. You can use points to see who viewed you profile, and to send a “wink bomb”, an over-the-top form of the app’s standard “wink”. A wink bomb allows the user to send a large number of winks at once, giving the recipient an idea of the level of interest the initial user has in them.

Complaints about the infrastructure of the app litter the review section of the app store. Consumers cite their reasoning for less than positive reviews as the app requiring points for what are basic functions on other social-network platforms, and the abundance of fake profiles.

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Marc Sparks is a great testimony to people who think that their odds of being successful is limited due to their backgrounds. Many of these people think their lot in life is to have a mediocre job at best, due to a mediocre start in life. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and Mark Sparks is a prime example.

Marc Sparks started out as a C average student with only a high school education. He hasn’t had any formal training for the position he has today. He had attempted some business ventures that were epic fails. And surely, some of his family and friends must have shook their heads at him, and possibly were thinking that he wouldn’t amount to nearly as much as he is today. Nevertheless, these same people have to be in total amazement of his grandiose success.

His Attributes

Sparks is a serial entrepreneur. As mentioned above, he did have some flops with some business ventures, but he also has some astronomical success in other ones. And he is now putting all his nuggets of wisdom and the journey explored over 34 years into a book that would help others attain their entrepreneurial dreams. The book is called “They Can’t Eat You” by Marc Sparks.

Sparks lives in Dallas, TX, and he has a private equity firm which is called Timber Creek Capital LP. The website is He is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and venture capitalist. He is also extremely involved in telecommunications by being involved in Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless, and Splash Media. Additionally, he worked in business solutions and real estate.

Philanthropic Efforts

When it comes to giving back, he work with different organizations. For one, he help others constantly at a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn which is located in Texas. He has been a devoted participant with this program since the late 80s. Secondly, he participates in the American Can! Academy which is a network of magnet high schools. He supports this program with his “Sparky’s Kids” foundation in which over a 1000 new computers are given to at-risk kids. Another great philanthropic effort of his is the participation with Habitat for Humanity. He participated in building homes in this program.


From a C average student with only a high school education to a entrepreneur and business mogul, Marc Sparks is a great inspiration. He had attempted some business ventures that were epic fails, but he has also gain great success in other business ventures. With the many challenges he faced in his journey, many would have given up. But he kept his faith and tenacity.

And even though he has great success, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from- he always give back to the community, and he just doesn’t do something and stop just to be seen. He really gives from his heart, because he has constantly given back for several decades, and in various ways.

Pharmiweb recently posted an article from PR Newswire. The article explained that Sanjay Shah had recently been featured on Eric Dye’s podcast, Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. The purpose of the show is to connect entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs so they can get business advice, motivation, live event coverage, information and inspiration from the entrepreneurs who have seen success and want to help others also to achieve success.

The interview with Shah covered a few topics that listeners would be most interested in. One topic was what the next Austin Rocks charity concert will be like. Who will be there, where will it be held, what can guests expect and more. A second topic was what Sanjay Shah’s motivation was behind Autism Rocks. Why he decided to found the organization, what gave him the idea and other details. A third topic will be on what Shah believes makes a successful business owner and how he made Solo Capital a success.

Sanjay Shah was born to immigrant parents in London. His parents had moved to the United Kingdom from Kenya before he was born and this was in order to give their children the opportunities that they never had. One of those opportunities was education. Shah attended King’s College in London and got his degree in accounting.

When the economic crash happened in the mid 2000s, Shah, like many others in his industry, were let go due to redundancy. This was a relief to Shah as he had never cared for the long hours or the commute to work every single day. Shah decided that this was a sign for him to go out on his own. It was several years after having lost his job that Shah founded Solo Capital in 2011. Within a few years the company was seeing major success and had to open up a second office in Dubai.

Harvard business school has conducted a series of study, and the results confirm what celebrities such as Lady Gaga have known ever since she kicked off her lightning short dress and bolt-covered eye: people get attracted to an outlandish dresser. According to news article featured on Business Insider The research was conducted by Doctoral student, Silvia Bellezza, and other colleagues. It geared toward examining how people perceive social status and competence from those not conforming to typical dressing or style.

An experiment was conducted to test how people react to non-standard dressing. People wearing different types of clothes went shopping at expensive boutiques in Milan. One group wore donned fancy-looking outfits and suits, and the others wore casual sports cloth. The one in sports gear were presumed to be big spenders by sales assistants in comparison to those with expensive-looking outfits.

Through innovative and interactive approach, JustFab on retailmenot has created a powerful formula that has tapped this idea through online fashion sales and has resulted in tremendous growth in the global online retail market. JustFab initially referred as JustFabulous is an online retailer that deals with a unique selection of shoes, handbags, denim, and jewelry.

JustFab offers a portfolio of online subscription that includes ShoeDazzale, Fabletics, and FabKid brands. It has a reputation of a personalized online shopping experience. Avril, a singer, and a songwriter is one of the celebrities who have released fashion collections through JustFab, also, YouTube celebrities such as Elle and Blair Fowler. The company has established itself as a leader in unique online women’s apparel. In another experiment, unshaven professor in a T-shirt was rated highly by students in comparison to a teacher in suits.

Many people thought that “weirder” outfits were unique and were a sign of confidence. It can also be inferred from high-profile entrepreneurs who dress down. For example, the trademark of jeans, sneakers, and polo necks top from the late Steve job. Besides, Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, and the “hoodies”.  To view an individual as a big shot, one must understand the person is engaging in non-conformity style willingly.

Fine hair has always been a gift and a curse. At least for me. I love my fine hair during the winter but I absolutely hate it during the summer. During the winter when most people complain about the texture of their hair my hair looks amazing. When the summer time comes I struggle with sweaty hair and edges, I hate it.
I have always heard also things about Wen but I have never had the guts to try the product. It’s not that I don’t believe in Chaz Dean’s WEN products but trying new products that supposedly work on all hair care types makes me nervous. I can’t explain why but I’ve always been that way.

Recently my good friends at Bustle gave a blogger an opportunity to blog about her WEN experience by allowing her to write every day about how the product impacted her hair: much like myself she had fine hair and did not know what to expect from the challenge but as she went through the daily challenge she was shocked by the impact, it actually did work on her hair, especially when she followed directions clearly.

Wen often boasts that it works on all types of hair and according to this beauty blogger she has tried several products that promote the same all in one system but she was more satisified with these results than others.

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Michael Zomber has been collecting antique weapons, armor and arms as a hobby and also for profit for over 40 years. He hails from Washington D.C. and currently holds degrees in two majors, English and Psychology from the University of Illinois. He later attended UCLA for his Master’s Degree in English Literature. He is married with two kids called Christopher and Gabriella.

Zomber has collected and handled an impressive armory of antique weapons that he sells for profit. In his time, he has cultivated a successful antique arms collection career that has seen him globe trot in search of these timeless masterpieces. In addition, his fascination with samurai swords has seen him become a global authority in the Japanese swords.

Writing Career

Michael Zomber has used his English Literature degree to write several novels that have been published. His notable novels include the following: “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai,” “Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War,” “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan,” “Park Avenue” and “A Son of Kentucky.”

In addition to writing novels, Zomber is an established playwright with several plays under his belt. He stated that his inspiration to start writing came from his wife who urged him on. Today, he has written many plays.

History and Television Appearances

Zomber is an avid history buff, a fact that was inevitable given his college major and choice of career. His love of history has made him want to protect it by preserving, caring and collecting ancient and antique weapons including arms and Japanese Samurai Swords. His passion for safeguarding the past has seen him work with likeminded individuals.

Zomber has had several guest appearances on the History Channel on its series called “Tales of the Gun Series”. It includes “Guns of the Famous,” “Dueling Pistols,” “Guns of the Orient,” “Shotguns,” “Million Dollar Guns” and “Automatic Pistols.” Zomber is an excellent storyteller with the ability of making any story come to life.

Philanthropy Work

As a history buff, with a passion for arms and guns, Michael Zomber knows the horrors and suffering that is accompanied by wars and other forms of armed conflicts.

How much time do you spend every week marketing your business? How successful are those efforts? The truth is, there are a lot of people that work very hard at starting their own business, yet they fall woefully short when it comes to successfully marketing it. There are a lot of reasons this happens. For most people, especially those who are trying to start their own business from home while working a full-time job elsewhere, it comes down to a matter of simply not having enough time to fit everything in throughout the course of the day. Starting a business takes a lot of work, even if it is something that is done entirely online. Marketing is practically like having an entirely different business in and of itself. When all of this is put together with someone who is already working 40 plus hours a week in another area, things can get overwhelming very quickly.

Even if you do have time to market your business, you may not be marketing it the way you need to be. If you don’t know all the ins and outs of article writing, SEO and social media, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to get customers coming to you. How do you correct all of these problems, especially if you know virtually nothing about marketing in the first place? The most effective way is to hire Wiki experts from an excellent service like Get Your Wiki to make a Wikipedia page for you. These people are absolutely amazing. These Wiki editors for hire can market your business or a brand for you in a minimum amount of time with their excellent Wikipedia business page creation skills. Furthermore, they can single-handedly combat the sometimes damaging online reviews that can hurt your reputation unfairly and revise a Wikipedia page that is inaccurate or out of date. If you really want your business to be successful, this is probably the easiest and most effective thing that you could ever do.

The reason it is so much more effective when you go through a Wikipedia editing service like this is because the individuals who are putting the information out there know how to write the information in order to get the biggest response and Get Your Wiki experts know where to put the information once it is completed. These are all things that most small business owners struggle with. This is what Wikipedia writers for hire do and they are very good at their job.

About Slyce’s Approach To Online Shopping

Can you believe how far technology has evolved over the past few decades. Online shopping is certainly one industry that has changed greatly with new advances in technology. The big influx of people using the internet created a virtual market place when the home computer became popular. Now, everyone has access to a much larger virtual market place, and this time it is right in our own grasp. The smart phones that we carry around in our pockets and purses can be used to make our shopping experiences more convenient. Slyce is leading the way in terms of developing convenient shopping methods for our devices.

Slyce’s image recognition application allows users to actually access the market place without even typing in keywords. This makes finding a product much more accurate because the products searches on Slyce are accomplished through means of visual search. Slyce’s innovative visual search application allows users to simply point their cameras at products that they want to purchase in order to search Slyce’s catalogue. Slyce has partnered with several large retailers, both online and offline retailers. They are finding these partners in order to give their users a larger selection of products to choose from in their searches. Slyce is certainly enhancing the online shopping experience for consumers of all ages.

Slyce’s New Partnership With Major Footwear Retailer

The major footwear retailer known as Shoes City announced their partnership with Slyce in an article on Yahoo Finance. The partnership was started back in October of 2015. Slyce is now proud to announce that they are ready to launch this product offering for their eager consumers. Shoe Carnival specializes in providing quality footwear for all types of people, and they do it at a reasonable price that families can afford.

This partnership and launch of Shoe Carnival’s product offering via Slyce’s application was officially announced in an article on NASDAQ’s website that was written by Market Wired. The article goes over plenty of details that have enticed several investors to see the appeal of working with Slyce.

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that works with clients around the world. From individuals to businesses and large corporations, there is no client too large or too small to work with. It strives to help individuals understand the importance of their online reputation and how one posting can cause the entire perspective of the individual or business to change almost instantly. Often times, Status Labs takes examples of previous individuals who have posted one seemingly innocent pic or line of text to their social media account, only to have it come back and bite them. In the example of a recent University of Missouri professor, she didn’t even post it, but it was posted about her, and it changed the course of her life forever.


Recently, students at the University of Missouri were on campus protesting. It was a mostly peaceful protest, although the large gathering of students did make it difficult for professors and workers on campus to make it into their given buildings. This made Mrs. Rieder rather disappointed and frustrated. As an assistant professor in the school, she has a very specific schedule to uphold. It is also why she needs to be on time as the professors she works with often are not required to leave the building.


While trying to make her way to different buildings on campus, someone was recording the event. However, they also recorded the professor yelling out that security needed to make an example of the students and arrest them with force. She made this strong statement next to the video recording and the student posted the video online. It eventually caught wind of the administration of the school and they fired her, almost right on the spot.
Status Labs knows it is possible to become extremely passionate about a particular topic or idea, but it is also important to remember there is almost always someone recording or taking pictures, which can lead to career problems.