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What would you do if your online reputation was under attack? Do you have a plan in place, or will you simply roll with the punches when it happens? Crisis strategy should be a part of every business’ plan. This is because everyone is heard on the internet and that bad news seems to stick harder to companies rather than individuals.

If bad news and hacks attack your business, the first thing that should be done is to stay calm. A panic attack can cause the business to take steps or make comments that will make the situation worse. Respond quickly and in a calm, controlled manner. Explain to those potentially affected by the hacker or bad news what has happened. Maybe even use an online reputation company like ReputationDefender.

Having a strategy put in place before bad press happens will aid in remaining calm and simply going through the steps to resolve the issue. When formulating the strategy to be used, be sure that it reflects the mission and integrity of the company.

Remember that ignoring the issue will not get rid of it. The internet gives a voice to everyone, and things can get out of hand quickly. Respond quickly and honestly and do not hide any facts. It is most important to keep the lines of communication open and to let others know that any situation has been handled.

Maintaining the reputation of your company is up to you. Stay calm, be honest and deal with the issue and things will work out for the best for you and your company. We think an option like is generally best. Find a review, among many others, over at

Despite average performance of asset investments experienced by some hedge fund managers, Madison Street Capital believes the industry will see an increase in alternative asset transactions. Senior Managing Director of Madison Street, Karl D′Cunha said in a PR Newswire press release, on April 9th, 2016 that the industry will continue to see high M&A transactions for the present year. In 2015, the global investment banking and management firm released its M&A 4th Edition Overview of the hedge fund industry. Mr. D′Cunha′s forecast for 2016 of the industry is based on key indicators, including the structure of transactions and the increase of transaction volume. When 2014 M&A transaction volume was compared to 2015, there was an increase of 27 percent.


M&A transactions that occurred during 2015 was resilient and are expected to increase during the remaining months of this year. Although, hedge fund firms saw an increase in liabilities for various investment assets and were forced to decrease their fees, they implemented strategic alternatives to safeguard hedge fund investments. Most of the alternative asset transactions were made by institutional investors to allocate funds to other sectors of asset management. Increases in operational costs forced hedge fund managers to seek investment alternatives to achieve higher return on investments (ROIs). The M&A Overview reported transactions were structured as PE Bolt-ons, PE Stakes, Seed, Traditional, Revenue Share Stakes, and other transaction types.


Mr. D′Cunha expects M&A alternative investment transactions to exceed 2014 and 2015. Hedge fund transactions closed at 32 by 2014 year-end and 42 by 2015 year-end. By year-end of 2016, the probability that transactions will increase is high. “The hedge fund industry will continue to merge strategic partnerships that bridge distribution to product offering,” said Karl D′Cunha.


Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 by Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala. The investment banking firm provides international services for merger, acquisition, buy out, advisory, assets evaluation, restructuring capital, and reorganization. Madison Street is recognized in the industry as the 2016 M&A Advisor Emerging Leader for their achievements. An awards gala is planned for June 10th to introduce the winners from Madison Street Capital and other international hedge fund firms.


The hedge fund industry will most likely experience an increase in M&A transactions for 2016. There’s the possibility that transactions will increase by 10 transactions or more. Investors are hoping the alternative investment transactions will receive high returns to cover the increase in liabilities.

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The rise of athleisure clothing has taken the world of fashion by storm. The stylish and multipurpose clothing has received widespread reception by consumers from celebrities to boardroom professionals. So cool and comfortable are these clothing that even billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg are donning their hoodies to work.

The new, casual 24/7 athleisure wear trend has seen people wearing workout clothing to work, while running errands or simply hanging out at home. What’s more, it is easy to simply pop into the gym after a hard day’s work without the extra baggage of carrying gym clothes. Robbie Myers from Elle Magazine, said that athleisure has received a positive market reception because doing yoga and exercising is a huge part of powerful women.

Myers added that athleisure clothing is open to everybody irrespective of whether they work out or not. This is because of the growing number of Americans who desire to live a healthy lifestyle while still feeling comfortable.

In 2015, Americans spent a whopping $44 billion on active wear – a 16 percent increase from 2014. Additionally, denim sales have dropped annually by 5 percent since 2013. Active wear companies like Fabletics have caught on to this trend and have produced their own line of athleisure clothing. Geraldine Martin-Coppola, the general manager of Fabletics’ branch in El Segundo, California, said that it was impressive for a startup like Fabletics to hit a $200 growth mark within two and a half years and they’re opening stores across the country.

Men have also caught on to this stylish trend with celebrities like Lebron James, Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry wearing compression pants and influencing the trend. Today, athleisure can be seen on various runways proving that it is here to stay.


Fabletics is a subsidiary firm of JustFab. It is a subscription retailer that was founded in 2013 and sells sportswear, accessories as well as athleisure wear. The company has grown into a stable fashion brand that periodically updates their prints, textures and colors to infuse fresh designs. Fabletics’ head of design, Shaun Kearney revealed that leggings was their bestselling item. Fabletics has a strong online presence on various social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Today, the firm has seven retail stores and plans to open more in future.

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The CEO of Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir. Below is some information about his career and education.

Kheradpir is well-educated. He studied at Cornell University, which is where he earned degrees in electrical engineering. The degrees he earned was his Ph.D., masters and bachelors.

His resume is impressive, as he has worked in the business and technology sector for more than 28 years. Asides from leading Coriant, he has worked in many leadership roles. Kheradpir once worked at GTE Corporation, and eventually he worked as the EVP and Chief Information Officer at Verizon.

After working for Verizon, he started to work for Barclays. He served as the company’s Chief Operations and Technology Officer. Kheradpir also found himself as the CEO of Juniper Networks, and eventually his career led him to Coriant, which supplies networking solutions to network operators in various countries across the world.

Other Information
The CEO also holds a number of patents in various industries, which include media, telecom and payments. In the past, he was on the Cornell University Engineering Council, as well as on the advisory board of the United States National Institute of Standards & Technology.

As you can see, Kheradpir is a successful businessman and it’s no secret as to why he was chosen to lead Coriant. He has contributed to the success of the companies previously discussed and he is playing a key role in Coriant’s success. There is no doubt that he will also play a major role in the future success of Coriant.

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Madison Street Capital, is an international and middle market investment banking firm with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois but now present in many countries around the world. The company is fully committed to an integrated excellent service to deliver the best to its clients, so they can become leaders and succeed in the marketplace. It offers corporate financial advisory, merging and acquisition services, valuation for financial reporting, capital restructuring, bankruptcy, portfolio valuation, debt placement, fairness opinions and also solvency opinions. Madison Street Capital looks for each client’s specific characteristics to achieve the best buyer and seller match and also creates capitalization structures that enhances the client’s potential. Madison Street Capital, founded in 2005, understands that each client is unique and demands a personalized recommendation and service. The company works by understanding the real values of the clients, this is essential for the process of the mergers and acquisitions advisory services that they offer. By following this procedure, Madison Street Capital has excelled in their years in the market and have become a well know international investment banking firm. They have also gained the trust of their clients because of their dedication to accomplish the client’s goals and objectives.

With Madison Street Capital’s history in exceptional reputation and outstanding reliability in the investment bank industry, many middle market business owners can receive a trustworthy service and advice for acquisitions, lending and also a sound exit strategy. Besides working in the middle market field, they also provide financial opinions to main corporations around the world. Madison Street Capital are leaders in Merging and Acquisition (M&A) and they provide an M&A overview each year. The Company says that 2016 will be a record year in terms of hedge fund in M&A transactions. The company has offices in Africa, Asia and North America and has an international reputation as a leading provider of financial services for the middle markets. By opening offices around the world, they have acquired a global financial view but emphasize in local business relationships and networks. Some of its clients are Central Iowa Energy LLC, Fiber Science Inc, Bond Medial Group Inc, among others.

Madison Street Company supports organizations and also the communities in the United States and around the world, the company has a team of professionals that are trained and provide thorough knowledge, experience and great networking and relationships with many buyers and sellers to offer the best options for they clients. Through several years of experience, Madison Street Capital’s team will effectively provide a personalized finance and capitalization structure to its clients, and they are capable to analyze and recommend under all circumstances so the clients will receive all optimal benefits from the investment banking firm.

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Martin Lustgarten is well equipped in offering advice concerning investment banking. He is the leading individual in the sector of offering valuable advice, and he has been involved in the trade for quite many years. The more an individual stays in a given market, the more experience he gains. Martin has a unique style of exploring his expertise by focusing on the relationship with people rather than chasing for the profits.


Investment banking is a god advice that is given to corporations, individuals, companies, charity firms and even government on how best to raise capital and make their businesses successful. It involves pieces of advice in relations to financial matters and how best to acquire funds that will allow best expand or invest in other companies. The information is offered both to the sell or the buy side of the equation. It is a unique concept since it cannot be related to the local banking activities whereby money deposits are required or issuing of the same. It usually involves large financial ability companies or individual who have more significant investments in a given economy.


Investment banks are institutions that offer the above services and where bankers are situated or can be found when needed. There are involved in providing financial advice, security trading, equity and debt financing and as well as offering advice on mergers and acquisitions. The bankers are well-trained individual in the economic sectors, and they offer such services to the clients in regards to investments. Experience is highly of value in such departments, and they must be highly experienced in the industry.


Investment banking needs an individual who is sharp and patience like Martin Lustgarten. He is well experienced, and he has mastered the concepts perfectly. He offered some advice in regards about the right investment banker. A professional in the field should be able to study the market before advising the client. The advisor should also first understand in which sector he is operating in. To get such an insight, they should be ready to show finesse when tackling financial issues to their clients and offer special advice.

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According to an article on Lonely Planet entitled Introducing Venezuela(, this South American nation is an excellent vacation destination. With its incredible landscapes, spectacular scenery, and wonderful weather, Venezuela has something for just about everyone. If you are looking for great beaches, check out the country’s Caribbean coastline. Should hiking in the highlands be your idea of a good time, the Venezuelan portion of the Andes mountains should put a smile on your face. And if you want a once in a lifetime experience, then visit Angel Falls, the highest waterfall on the planet.
Venezuela is amazing. Plus it’s very affordable as hyperinflation has made the value of foreign currencies skyrocket. So Jose Manuel Gonzalez explains vacationers can get much more for their money in Venezuela than almost anywhere else in South America. That means you can enjoy the nightlife in Caracas, explore the Orinoco Delta, stay in a 5-star hotel or beachfront villa, and see exotic wildlife in the vast Venezuelan grasslands without putting too big a dent in your budget.

Venezuela’s Los Roques archipelago with it 350 or so islands, islets, and cays is breathtaking. Its pristine coral reef, rich aquatic life, and wide variety of seabirds draws scientists and tourists from all over the world to Los Roques National Park. “You simply must visit Cayo de Agua with its crystal clear waters and milk-white sands” says Manuel Gonzalez. It’s considered one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO, is making headlines and saving lives in the process. In an unprecedented move, Reina donated $1 Million to the Tampa Bay, Florida, Humane Society. This is the largest donation ever received by the organization in its hundred years of operation and it couldn’t be happier. Reina’s donation goes a long way to helping save the lives of millions of cats and dogs in the Tampa Bay area and providing them with healthier, longer lives.

Reina created Talk Fusion in 2007 in response to a demand for online video sharing. After AOL wouldn’t let him share a small 10-second video with friends in 2004, Reina set out to solve the problem of video sharing and ended up creating a company that spans more than 85 countries and is the eighth largest online video provider in the world, surpassing internet giants AOL, Yahoo, and Viacom. Talk Fusion makes it easy to upload a video and create an email around the video to share with friends, customers, and more. It also offers full email reporting metrics, including bouncebacks, opens, clicks, and more. All videos are stored on Talk Fusion’s site for re-use, and they even offer hundreds of pre-made videos in case you don’t have time to make your own or need something less specific to share.

Bob Reina isn’t just a philanthropist and video sharing mogul. He was also a police officer, graduating first in his police academy class, and he holds a degree in Criminology from the University of South Florida.

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