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An entrepreneur and businessman Bernardo Chua has been impacting the business world for quite some time An expert in direct sales, Chua is considered one of the top names in the industry. During his career he has built to successful companies, Gano Excel and currently Organo Gold. As shown by Facebook, Chua’s roots go back to the Philippines but his company is currently making money worldwide.

Currently Chua is focusing his efforts mainly on producing his line of coffees, teas and other everyday products. His products us a mushroom called ganoderma lucidium commonly known as the lingzi mushroom. There are a number of health claims associated with this herb including having anti-oxidative effects, a therapeutic effect on insulin resistance, and reducing the risk of certain cancers. “Bernie,” as he is known became aware of ganoderma at a very young age. He understood the benefits of this herb and incorporated into his product line. Chua has also spent a lot of time educating people about the many benefits this herb can provide.

Chua’s company Organo Gold has well over one million distributors around the globe. It was recently reported by the Direct Selling News That Organo Gold is the 55th largest direct selling company in the world. Chua’s company is based in Canada and he believes that this is an advantage for Organo. Canada has been known forhaving strict guidelines for products Chua believes this gives customers added peace of mind.

The successful Chua and his company continue to cater to consumers with active lifestyles. He has been recognized as a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient and has brought tremendous success to the marketing industry.

As a company with a mission to not only provide high-quality online video products and services, but also to help people better their lives, Talk Fusion is proud to help various charitable efforts from all around the world. Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO, believes that a successful company should be socially responsible and take action to help people build their futures by giving back to communities.

Bob Reina’s leadership style has always been one of leading by example. His philanthropic efforts are numerous and well-documented. He has made generous donations to an orphanage in Indonesia, has given $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and has also directly helped alleviate the suffering of many animals who were sick or injured by ensuring they receive the veterinary care they need. Reina hopes that his generosity and dedication to helping make the world a better place will inspire others in his company to follow in his path, including the independent associates who promote Talk Fusion products in more than 140 countries around the globe.

Recently, Bob Reina has put together yet another initiative to help those in need. Talk Fusion has launched a program that lets each of their associates donate a free account to any charity they choose. This gives the charity free access to all of their marketing products, as well as full branding and customization. That way, charities and non-profit organizations around the world can spread their message without using donation money to pay for communications and marketing expenses.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing innovative and powerful online video marketing products and services. They aim to be the all-in-one video marketing solutions for businesses, with products like video email, newsletters, live meetings and their famous Video Chat software. Their products are marketed and sold by independent associates from all over the world, who showcase them to companies that could benefit the most from high-quality and affordable online video marketing solutions. Talk Fusion’s product lineup is constantly being perfected and the company has received several awards for innovation and ingenuity in the technology industry.


Eric Pulier is among few professionals in the business world who have gone the extra mile to establish a culture that is inspired by the need to achieve growth and stability. He has pioneered the creation of several venture capitals like Virtual Desktops (Desktone), US Interactive and Media Platform.

He is also rich in literary skills and he has authored several books that have helped young entrepreneurs to understand the industry better. His skills at public speaking have helped him to effectively host several forums and he was selected to work as the Enterprise Leadership Council’s Executive Director.

At a tender age while in Teaneck High school, Eric Pulier joined classes to learn programming computers, something that allowed him to launch a database company while still in high school. When he joined the Harvard University in 1984, he had his passion for computing advanced. In this period, he also studied English and American Literature. He later started contributing to The Harvard Crimson through his column, Pulier Leg. He discussed business and entrepreneurship and advised based on current news.

Pulier is also interested in supporting courses that touch on humanity. This spirit began way back while he was in high school. He is responsible for the establishment of several programs that are meant for children with chronic illness. Notable among his effort is his contribution at Starlight Foundation, which earned him international acclaim because he is the person behind the design and implementation of the program.

Starbright World supports more than 75 hospitals across the United States and offers a video conferencing network, which offers a real-time virtual environment. Through the project, many children with chronic illness have been able to embrace medication and receive useful support.

Additionally, Eric works with the Painted Turtle, a charitable organization that was established by Lou Adler and Paul Newman. The organization focuses on helping children suffering from chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier invests both his time and money into the foundation and has been offering technical support. His ideas and plans have helped to introduce useful technology that is improving the lives of these children.

On August 1st, 2015, Diversant LLC closed an acquisition transaction for the purchase of Vircon, a technology solutions and staffing company in the San Francisco region. For nearly one year, Vircon has operated under Diversant, the largest African American owned IT Staffing Firm in the United States. According to Staffing Industry Analysts News (September 4, 2015), Vircon earns approximately $25 million in yearly revenue. Vircon has offices in California and North Carolina, which will definitely increase growth endeavors of John Goullet, Principle and Chairman of Diversant.

Mr. Goullet stated to Staffing Industry Analysts News that the Vircon acquisition empowers both companies to focus on expansion strategies in the IT staffing industry. The Diversant team welcomed senior associates with Vircon to join them in the mission of firm. Diversant was recently awarded the National Minority Supplier Development Council, and is now, certified as a minority business. The firm has demonstrated excellence of service and their ability to complete national contracts for top U.S. corporations.

In 1981, John Goullet started a career in information technology staffing after graduating from Ursinus College. He worked in the technology staffing agency for 13 years before forming his own firm, Info Technologies, Inc. One of greatest union of entrepreneurs occurred when Information Tech merged with Diversant Inc. to establish Diversant LLC. Since the merger, the firm successful acquired Vircon and continues to pursue acquisition opportunities in the professional staffing industry.

Diversant LLC has definitely expanded nationally over the years after the Info Technologies merger. Offices has expanded to California, Georgia, Iowa, New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas. In February of this year, an office opened in Irving, TX to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Mr. Goullet believes the Irving location will fill temporary, contract hire and direct hire information technology positions for companies in the metroplex.

Diversant LLC has received awards from organizations, including Black Enterprise, Diversity Business and Staffing Industry Analysts. The firm made no. 40 on the Black Enterprise Top 100 List and was presented with the Staffing Industry Analysts Largest African American Owned IT Staffing Firm in the U.S. Award, in 2014. Diversant also was named the Top 100 Diversity Owned Businesses in New Jersey and New York.

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When you have accomplished as much as James Dondero has, you are always on the lookout for new ways to expand, grow, and become better at what you do. You are never satisfied and you never stay content. You know that the minute you become content, that is when trouble sets in, as you have to stay hungry and passionate. He, of course, is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P. Now, he is working alongside Linda Owen, Dallas civic leader and former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The goal of their group effort is simple: find ways to give back thanks to Highland.

To me, it takes a strong person to reach out and ask for a little assistance. It doesn’t make you weak and it doesn’t make you less of a person. It means you are honest and you are looking to learn something that maybe you don’t know. There is no shame in that. There is always something out there to learn from someone if you listen and get right down to it. As far as Linda Owen, she is being put in charge as the firm’s charitable giving manager. This is a job she takes incredibly seriously and she has the experience to back it up.

That is why he knew it was a great idea for them to work together because he knew they could do wonderful things for charities. After all, there are always people out there that need a little help and a little assistance. If they can find ways to reach even more people and help even more people, that is all for the better. I have a great feeling this is going to be a partnership made in heaven and the possibilities are endless for what the future holds. They are just getting started and when you put two great minds like this together, anything is truly possible. The fact that James Dondero went out of his way to start this speaks volumes for the type of person he is and how much he wants to help others.


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Richard Dwayne Blair is a successful entrepreneur. After graduating from college, he founded his own independent firm, Wealth Solutions. His aim was to provide objectives and unbiased advice to his clients without any conflict of interest. Richard Blair has vast experience in retirement planning, and he helps clients bridge the gap between planning for a living and retiring. He is an expert on matters involving tax and planning, securities, integrated financial planning, asset protection, employee benefits and insurance.

His company, Wealth Solutions, is located in Austin, Texas. The company mainly offers business consultations, research, financial planning, accounting, information on funds, and management services. The company is estimated to generate $401,861 in annual revenues and employs four people at a single location. Richard Blair has over $55 million in assets under management.

Renting part of your house or the entire house on Airbnb sounds like an easy way to make money. Many people rent houses to host their relatives or friends who have traveled from far. Even though renting your home might seem like a good idea, costly and unfortunate events might occur in your house. The temporary renters may damage your house, and insurance may not be able to cover. Some of the damages may end up costing more in repair than the initial cost of renting the house.

When planning to rent your house through Airbnb, you should consider some factors. One of the major factors to consider is risks. You should understand that there are risks involved when you are planning to rent you house. It is wise to remember that you will be potentially liable for injuries to your guests, damages to you or your neighbor’s property, illegal activities, lawsuits filed against them, or even theft. Another risk is the refusal of the tenant to pay.

The second factor is insurance coverage. As the owner, you should know that short-term rentals are not included in most homeowners’ insurance policies. Therefore, you will be personally responsible for any expenses incurred by your guests. The last factor is protection. Secondary coverage is the type of protection issued by Airbnb and many others similar services.

After considering those factors, and still decide on renting your house, you are recommended to consult a wealth and investment specialist or an insurance professional. Richard Dwayne Blair takes people through their options. He and his company also offers advice depending on your situation.

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It is no secret that different products are needed for different hair types. For a brand to offer formulas that help everyone, there needs to be a wide range a blends that suit everything from straight, thin hair to thick, curly hair. Wen by Chaz [] has a line of cleansing conditioners that do just that. While many remain skeptical about changing their shampoo, the natural ingredients in Wen’s products will make any hair type feel amazing.

One person in particular who decided to see if Wen really works was a writer for’s fashion and beauty section, Emily McClure. She submitted an article about the effect of Wen’s cleansing conditioner on her normally fine, limp hair. She documented her week long trial with daily entries as well as photographs. In the pictures, there is no doubt that Wen added body and shine to her hair. There also appeared to be a good amount of touchable softness that was not there before. Overall, the cleansing conditioner seemed to be a good experience for McClure, as it has been for many others.
What separates Wen by Chaz from other hair care brands is the innovation behind it. Instead of forcing customers to purchase five or more different products on Amazon, this company has combined everything in one bottle. This not only saves time, but turns out to be much less expensive as well. The unique blend of herbs, essential oils and botanicals gives the cleansing conditioner everything hair needs to get the shiny healthy look that people crave.
By choosing to test Wen by Chaz, Emily McClure showed her readers that the only way to truly know if something works is to try it. While many sit and wonder, those who go out and experience it for themselves will be pleasantly surprised. It just goes to show that for gorgeous and healthy hair, all you have to do is say Wen. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more information.


Everyone has a specific subject that he/she is so passionate about and desires to pursue. When it is a lofty goal, you are bound to come across people and even relatives who will tell you that what you are trying to do is impossible. If you are very passionate about the subject, it is upon you to beat the odds, and you will make it. Nevertheless, you can also listen to other people’s opinions and give up on your dreams.

This is what most people do. They simply give up on something that they have always dreamt of and spend the rest of their lives regretting. If you stop listening to the pessimists, you can get top where you always want to be. All you need is a plan.

Be a positive thinker and be in a company of positive people. For instance, starting a business is a good idea. However, it will cost you time and money. Seek for positive ideas on how to start and run a successful business from the library or online. Teach yourself how to avoid unnecessary risks and learn how to have a good cash flow. Most people never bother to find out some clues to that can assist them to run their businesses.

The 1980 winter Olympics was held in Lake Placid, New York. Herb Brooks was the coach of the American team that comprised several college kids. The American team was to play with the undefeated Russian team, which was the best hockey team worldwide at that time. Everyone thought that the Russian team would win. Miraculously, the American team won. The team proceeded, defeated Finland in the final match, and became the World Champions. It was so phenomenal that is was made into a movie.

If you want something very much, do not listen to people who make you retreat. Tell yourself what the American coach told the kids at the match and history was made. The chances of winning are minimal, but you cannot afford to lose the game.

VTA Publications Ltd. publishes learning courses especially in the field of economics and finances. Their mission is to offer clients top-notch information, both physically and digitally. They also focus on sourcing the best professionals in their areas of specialization. The specialists bring their knowledge to individuals in an easier format. In addition, VTA book agents for seminars and events of this nature. Jim Hunt is dedicated to helping people open their eyes about certain things in life.  Check them out online to see what VTA has to offer, or what Jim Hunt can teach you.

Lovaganza. I’ve never really heard of this company before this. This is an entertainment franchise and foundation that celebrates every culture of the world. This is a non-profit foundation that was the dream of two very special people; J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon.

These two people wanted a quality of life for all humanity universally. This means clean clothes, food, healthy water to drink and other things. This is what is needed to be productive as human beings. When we are happy and healthy, we can contributed great things to communities, towns, cities and on the whole, our country in some small way. Celebrating culture is a wonderful thing. They celebrate the cultures by showcasing dances and songs from around the globe.

It looks like they aren’t wanting to only get a quality of life for humanity worldwide. The goal of Lovaganza first of all is to get water to drink that’s safe so that more people have access to it. Here in the USA we throw a lot of food away. Yet, some people don’t have access to sufficient food. Most kids in third world countries wait in line for even a bowl of rice. This needs to change, but we can’t do this by ourselves. They also want healthcare for some of the poorest including vaccines and medicine for those that need it.

Not only do we want healthcare especially for the people that have the least, Lovaganza wants basic education so that kids can learn their language, or depending on the area, can learned a second language provided there is a teacher to teach it. They also want their kids to learn math and science and learn about the earth and a trade as well. This is good. is a wonderful site that tells more about it. It even has a celebration teaser trailer that you have to experience to really grasp how big it will really be. This trailer of Lovaganza I have viewed, and it seems it’s a story and a celebration of life, where everyone is coming together as they should, to help each other. The trailer also showed people of all sorts to help each other to be better as a people.

The “Longaza Convoy” has started to film as of 2014. It looks to be a tremendous effort from a lot of people. They have lots of pictures of cast and crew working really hard.

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