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FreedomPop’s services may be a mystery to some people, so here is the information necessary for those who want to possibly get service from the company. Wi-Fi Service: This service has millions of hotspots in the USA. With over 10 million different hotspots, those who sign up for the Wi-Fi service can get 4G LTE Internet whenever they access the Wi-Fi service from their FreedomPop application. The FreedomPop application can be found in any app store, and the application is free to download. The cost for the service is five dollars per month, and the service is very safe and secure for its users.

Portable Hotspots: There are several different sizes of portable hotspots, but they are all small enough in size to fit in any bag, purse, or pocket. These hotspots will provide Wi-Fi service anywhere that FreedomPop has service available. Up to 4G LTE speeds are available through these portable mini hotspots, and the hotspots come with 500 MB of free data each month that the service remains active. Those that need additional data can always purchase it because there are several different data plans for these hotspots.

Home Internet: This service is only available when a FreedomPop customer purchases a FreedomPop Hub, which is used to get Internet service at home. The home Internet service will include 1 GB of free data on a monthly basis. Those that get the home Internet service have to choose from different plans to get extra data, that is unless they are able to utilize the 1 GB of free data each month and not go over their allotment. The FreedomPop hub also has Wi-Fi capabilities, so up to eight people are allowed to use the Wi-Fi at once, without causing any problems for the modem.

Cell phone Service: FreedomPop is now allowing both GSM and CDMA phone users on their network. Those with a CDMA phone from Sprint can use the FreedomPop service by simply making the switch. Anyone who has a GSM phone only needs to get it unlocked, and then the phone can be used on FreedomPop’s network with the 3-in-1 sim card that FreedomPop sells online. Services that are unlimited start at $19.99 per month. There is also free cell phone service for those who want it. The sim card also has international calling capabilities in 25 separate countries across the globe.

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I love to spend time with my family, but I didn’t always have the time to do this. In the past I was a little worried about how I would ever find the time to clean the home and still go out with my family. Now that I have Handy in place to help with the cleaning process I can go out with my spouse and my kids anytime that I want to. This is the great thing about Handy Cleaning Services. It has a company that can free up a lot of time.

I discovered this company thru, during a time when I was looking for someone that could paint a couple of rooms in my home. I had just moved to Seattle, and I didn’t know anyone. I was scared to try a smaller local company so I looked at the Handy franchise, and I read some of the testimonials. I would discover that this was a company that also had other things like electricians and plumbers. There were also some home cleaners available with Handy Cleaning Services as well. I thought that it was unbelievable for a single company to have so many different services available.

When I made the decision to get involved with a cleaning company I wanted to make sure that there was a good amount of cleaning that needed to be done. I didn’t want to just call cleaners for a little dusting or making of beds. I didn’t have to worry about whether my house was messy enough to call professionals for long though because I have children. I had a couple of late nights of work, and before I knew it the house was in disarray. That is when I decided to let Handy come in and help me clean things up.

I have been pleased with the way that Handy has come in and made me see the benefits of getting things cleaned with professionals. When a full crew comes out to clean the home things can get done much faster. Some of the things that they did in a couple of hours may have taken me a whole day. I was able to save so much time. I never realized that I would save the amount of time that I was able to save. This is why I have been using Handy Cleaning Services ever since I made this discovery.

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Nearly every student at Georgetown knows Sweetgreen for their quick lunch in between classes, post workout snacks or as the “Destination D.C.” About six years ago, the only people who knew about it were the founders; Jonathan Neman (MSB ’07), Nicolas Jammet (MSB ’07) and Nathaniel Ru (MSB ’07). The trio held discussions at the start of their senior year about the limited options in affordable and healthy foodstuff in Georgetown. They bonded over their love for food, eagerness to create something and finally solving a problem in their lives.


After that, they laid down their vision and came up with a business plan. They faced a challenge of having no prior experience in business and particularly the food industry. However, this inexperience worked in their favor as they were able to approach all issues with a fresh pair of eyes. Their first location on the M Street was small, measuring only 500 square feet and the trio opted to focus on what they would not survive without: commitment to quality ingredients and sustainability. They also sought advice from architects, restaurant owners and the Georgetown faculty.


They used their senior year to build Sweetgreen. Their business class taught them the importance of a business driven by value and how a community’s culture influences a brand. The three are glad that Georgetown still insists on the import of service and are happy the business school has expanded greatly especially in the entrepreneurship program. The founders incorporate community service in their company to date. The company runs a program “Sweetgreen in Schools” aimed at educating children in schools about healthy living and nutrition and it has expanded to a number of states. The company also brought a new idea “Sweetlife” which is an annual food and music festival meant to reconnect with the community.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in BS Finance in 2007 from the McDonough School of Business. Nathaniel and two friends, Nicola Jammet and Jonathan Neman, founded a business in the same year, Sweetgreen. It is a seasonsla and casual kitchen that mainly focuses on sustainability and local sourcing. The first branch was based in Georgetown and since then it has expanded to 27 branches spread over six states.


Sweetgreen thrives on providing its customers with food that satisfies their tastes, imagination, tastes, community and is budget-friendly. Nathaniel and his co-founders launched a music and food festival dubbed ‘Sweetlife’ once a year. It was to boost the business of their second location and also connect with the community.

A little over five years ago, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority gave a $20 million loan to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority for the construction of the Heldich. In January 2016, the improvement authority should have repaid $1 million of that loan, but it has failed to meet this deadline. A Middlesex authority says that it will take at least two more years before it can start making repayments on this loan.

Senior authorities with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority says that they knew that they might not be repaid on time when they made the risky loan. The purpose of making the loan was to encourage senior lenders to approve financing for the Heldrich’s construction. According to a report by, as of early February, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority had repaid over $30 million to these senior leaders. Additionally, they have paid about 5 percent interest to these lenders. The $20 million owed to the casino authority is part of $70 million in loans the Middlesex authority received before construction began on the property.

Authorities with the casino commission say that while they are not happy about the delay, the situation could be a whole lot worse. The property where the Heldrich now sits was an eyesore that was generating very little income. Now, the owners pay over $1.2 million in property taxes annually. Additionally, there are about 235 unionized jobs at the hotel and conference center.

Middlesex authorities say that it is not all their fault. Construction on the property was finished in 2007. After the great economic collapse of 2008, far fewer people were traveling. In its first year of operation, the occupancy rate was at 65 percent. Almost 100,000 people staying at the facility had ties to Johnson and Johnson.

The loan was given by Middlesex authorities to the New Brunswick Development Corporation(DEVCO). This corporation is now busy on a new construction project involving a $300 million initiative at Rutgers College. When completed, the new project called The Hub will offer professionals an exciting place to live and work. The non-profit DEVCO is very excited about the future of the New Brunswick region because of its infrastructure, tax initiatives, diverse workforce, stable environment and low corporate tax rate.


NZ a Tax Haven? Doubtful, says Cone.

Lawyer and writer Geoffrey Cone has written a recent article featured in the New Zealand Herald, meant to dispute recent claims about the state of affairs surrounding the country’s alleged status as a tax haven. Cone disputes the claim for a variety of reasons, and feels that this description is unfounded.

What is a Tax Haven?

His basic argument starts with the citation of the OECD list of tax havens. In order to be considered an international tax haven, the country would have to meet a set of criteria. First, they would have a low tax rate on international investment, as well as a lack of transparency into their tax policies. Cone points out that New Zealand does not fit this description. Additionally, the country would be very secretive about sharing the information regarding foreign investors with other governments. New Zealand is involved with several international agreements to share the identities of foreign investors, in order to help provide global tax fraud. On these metrics, New Zealand is far from a tax haven in Cone’s view.

Information Sharing Agreements and New Zealand

Cone then goes on to discuss a large number of agreements that New Zealand has entered in the past few decades. The vast majority of these agreements are made through the OECD, a collection of high-income countries committed to working together in matters of tax, trade and more. In addition to these multi-country agreements, New Zealand has also entered almost 40 two-country agreements, where two governments cooperate to share information and fight to prevent tax fraud.

A Reputable Source and Renowned Expert

Geoffrey Cone is a reliable source for this information, as he is a successful and well educated tax lawyer. He is a partner at a law firm called Cone Marshall, which specializes in international tax issues. Suffice it to say, he has read the laws on the subject once or twice. Cone paints a much more tranquil picture of his country, saying that they are a land of beautiful vistas and boring tax laws. Far from the shady backroom dealings of a real tax haven, Cone believes that the tax dealings of their international investors are rather dull for all of the recent attention. Learn more:

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Three friends, Nicholas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel RU, founded Sweetgreen before they graduated from Georgetown University. To start up Sweetgreen they negotiated with friends and family members to help them raise the starting capital.

When the three Washington students, Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet, and Nathaniel Ru, were getting ready to leave college, they decided to seek the help of friends and families in order to raise enough funds to start a business that they named Sweetgreen. Lucky for the three entrepreneurs, they all belonged to families who had strong business backgrounds.

After getting enough funds, they opened their first shop in Georgetown. In less than a decade today, Sweetgreen operates more than 31 stores and the management aims to open nine more stores before the end of the year.

In a recent interview with one on the co-founders, Nicholas Jammet gave insights on how they have grown Sweetgreen from a single shop to its current position as a leading fast casual restaurant. In the interview, Jammet said that they were attracted into entrepreneurship by their parents were entrepreneurs. Jammet’s parents own a restaurant.

The three friends agreed to specialize in healthy salads since most restaurants served salads that were not healthy. For this reason, they decided to start up Sweetgreen that provided attractive dressings, nutritious and healthy servings.

The founders agreed to focus on three central values. They ensured that they served a healthy food with the best flavor, they hire the most experienced and professional employees, and they made sure that they created and managed good relationships with their workers, clients, community and the farm owners where they acquired their supplies.

Jammet confirmed that their success was due to the consistent financial support they received from their investors. Some of their investors include Danny Meyer, Steve Case, and VC Firm Revolution. Sweetgreen’s founders ensured that they maintained a good relation with the investors by working in line with their business plan.

To improve their customer experience, Sweetgreen launched a mobile application that customers could use to make orders using a mobile device. The customers could later pick their serving at their convenient time.

Sweetgreen was dedicated to offer excellent services compared to those offered by other stores. Besides serving as co-founders of Sweetgreen, the founders ran their independent investments. For instance, Nathaniel Ru runs his investments like LOLA, Bond Street, EatPoPs, and MeUndies.



With their high popularity, you certainly may have heard of Fabletics. It is a new company vying for your annual dressing budget; they ought to have caught your attention right now with their incredibly low prices. The brand attempts to make searching for athletic wear as simple as possible. The company provides women and men with high-quality fitness clothing at extremely reasonable prices.

What you will like about Fabletics is its community, they have been able to take customer relationship beyond the web to an actual space where you can interact with their products in real life. They have achieved this multiple retail stores across different regions. It gives customers a chance to feel, see and to try any of their desired pieces.

Launched in late 2013, the brand is filled with fashion-forward activewear that comes at an affordable price. Their clothing is designed to transition from the gym to street; it features high-performance pieces made for anyone that would like to live an active lifestyle and have a premium fashion style. It gives you something you can take beyond mere workout.

Whether you would like to purchase tanks, tops, sports bras, pants, hoodies, leggings or anything of the sort, Fabletics claims to be able to provide any of these great quality activewear at the best prices. Compared to its competitors, Fabletics claims to have a personalized shopping experience that sets them apart. There is an additional VIP membership with an outstanding customer service.

To begin using Fabletics, you will have to first answer a few questions about your style of fashion and your lifestyle. Your answers should allow the stylist to suggest items based on your fashion personality. After this, you can purchase items when ready. Alternatively, you can sign up for VIP Membership; this means that Fabletics will send personalized outfits at the beginning of the month. These outfits will come at discounted prices. You can choose the outfits you want to keep and send the remainder back.

If you are not interested in receiving clothing for the following month, Fabletics allows you to skip that month. Skipping a month is done sometime between the 1st and 10th dates of the month. In case you forget to skip out, your account will still be charged. However, you can use this credit towards a next purchase.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is simply an online retailer that deals in women’s accessories and sportswear. It is a subsidiary of JustFab and has actress Kate Hudson as its co-founder. The general feel is that the company lives up to its target of providing affordable athletic wear. Like them on Facebook.