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One of the most traditional aspects of the medial profession is the hospital. In many ways, the hospital is a look into the heart of the medical profession. Almost anyone who is a medical professional has at one time or another worked inside a hospital. When people think about the hospital, several things usually come to mind. One of the things is the smell of the hospital that is consistent from hospital to hospital but also the design of the hospital.

The hospital has basically remained the same while changing at the same time. One of the reasons why hospitals are moving forward in progress but still remaining still with tradition is the type of leadership that many hospitals maintain. In keeping with tradition, many hospitals are ran by medical professionals such as doctors.

As medical professionals, there are certain things that most medical professionals believe in regarding running a hospital. These beliefs have been passed from one generation to the next. Therefore, the way hospitals are ran has remained basically the same from generation to generation.

However, there has been a move in recent years to use more administrators who are outside the traditional medical background. More hospitals are looking to bring in hospital administrators who have a business background. This change has had an impact on how many of these hospital are ran. The primary reason being that the administrators with a business background have a different thought process regarding the management of hospitals.

The Copa Star is a hospital in Brazil that is ran primarily by administrators who have a business background. The Copa Star is a hospital that many people have talked about because it is much different than the traditional hospitals built over the past decades. The Copa Star looks more like a luxury five star hotel than a traditional hospital. The Copa Star has a look that is far different than what most people recognize as a hospital.

The Copa Star from its name and everything about it stresses luxury. People see luxury in every aspect of the Copa Star. The hospital has a unique environment that makes people feel special. This is the plan of the Copa Star owners who want the hospital to become the best hospital in Brazil. Visit their facebook page.

The Copa Star in many ways is what many business people see as the next wave of hospitals. The Copa Star was built with the understanding that patients are customers. Therefore, every aspect of the Copa Star reaches out to please the customer. The look of the Copa Star creates a great environment that provides patients with a feeling of first class treatment. The medical facilities are top of the line along with the medical equipment and technology. In addition, the hospital is filled with some of the best medical staff that Brazil has to offer. View more of the hospital at

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York University Law School graduate. He is also a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, and has labored there for almost 3 years. Before forming his own law firm, Jeremy was also a respected partner, laboring diligently at the prominent Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Law Firm, for nearly a 15 year period of time. Prior to this lengthy endeavor, Mr. Goldstein served his time meticulously, at the Sherman & Sterling, LLP, for 12 months, also as an Associate of the firm.


Jeremy Goldstein worked at the prestigious New York University of Law, to acquire his Juris Doctors. Before this respected degree was earned, he studied hard to attain a Master’s, in the field of Art History. Mr. Goldstein also attended, the highly esteemed Cornell University, prior to earning his Master’s, where he earned a Bachelor’s, also, in the arena of Art History.


Jeremy Goldstein has a past experience of volunteering, contributing his skills and time, to the social services organization, Fountain House. While there, Jeremy labored in the role of the Director, for over a nine year period. Mr. Goldstein, is furthermore, a highly fluent, French language speaker.

Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished attorney, who understands much of the inner workings, of the fiscal market, including other arenas of commerce. Mr. Goldstein is renowned for his standpoint on stock options being used, as a implement of compensation, by institutions for a long period of time. Mr. Goldstein understands that there are numerous reasons that have allowed for the lessening of the returns of stock options, for about a decade. Mr. Goldstein’s main concern over this, is chiefly, that the bookkeeping that is coupled with stock options, surpasses the perceived estimate, that the employee has, for the stock.

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Jeremy Goldstein

Mikhail Blagosklonny is among the scientists leading the fight against cancer and aging. He is one of the most vocal researchers in the field, and his life-long research is showing promise of a solution to two of the world’s biggest health challenges.

Here is a brief overview of the career of one of oncology’s most dedicated researchers.

Education and Occupation

Mikhail Blagosklonny acquired his knowledge from one of the best institutes in the country: Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. He first acquired his M.D. in Internal Medicine and later a PhD in Experimental Medicine. However, his education did not end there as he is continually researching and studying and editing other researchers’ reports.

His career started in 2002 shortly after his graduation. He first worked for the New York Medical College where he was appointed as an associate professor of medicine. He was later appointed as a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute where he worked until 2009.

Mikhail Blagosklonny currently works at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute based in Buffalo, New York. He is both a professor and senior scientist who pioneers research on oncology and aging. The institute is the only one in New York to bear the designation of Comprehensive Cancer Center awarded by the National Cancer Institute. It was also the first medical facility dedicated for cancer treatment and research in the U.S., and it has been operational since 1898. View his LinkedIn profile to know more about Mikhail

For years now, Mikhail Blagosklonny has been leading a research on the potential manipulation of Target of Rapamycin (TOR) for battling cancer and aging. Here are his findings thus far.

Explaining Target of Rapamycin

Target of Rapamycin pathways control and coordinate development, growth, and aging. They are affected by a host of external and internal factors including nutritional intake, body exercise, and psychological stress, among others.

Mikhail Blagosklonny believes that TOR pathways can be manipulated which would, in turn, allow the control and coordination of growth, development, and aging. Cancer and aging are directly associated to growth, and success of this theory would be a major breakthrough in their treatment. Besides, TOR signaling is considered to be safer and more effective than existing medications.

George Soros is one of the prominent business tycoons in the world. Currently, George is a high-profile human rights activist in the United States of America. The renowned author was born in Hungary, and he is popular because of his engagement in numerous philanthropic activities to assist the disadvantaged in different countries globally. From the 1900s, George Soros has been fighting for democratic rights of poor people in the world. George is not only the leader of the Soros Fund Management but also the chairman of the organization.

Soros has been influencing the politics of numerous countries in the world for the past few decades, including the United States of America. In 2004, the billionaire investor spent millions of dollars to unseat the former American President, George W. Bush. George Soros was the principal financier of the groups who campaigned against Bush.

In 2016 presidential campaigns, George Soros reemerged to be the top funder of the politics of the Democratic Party. He does not support the Conservatives because of their political ideologies. According to the records of the Federal Election Commission on, Soros donated over $25 million to support the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and her colleagues. He wanted to ensure that the Conservatives candidate, Donald J. Trump did not win the elections.

During that year, political analysts in the world stated that Soros seemed more politically engaged than in his previous years. The 85-year old Hungarian born American has a close relationship with Hillary Clinton, which has lasted for more than 25 years. He had even planned to attend the Democratic convention on Politico to see Hillary accepting the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. Although he canceled the trip, he followed the events closely.

One of the key reasons that drove Soros to invest millions of money in the 2016 elections was to make sure that there was a comprehensive reshaping of the Justice System of America. He thinks that the Justice system in the USA needs a massive transformation on Forbes to ensure that even the disadvantaged and the poor get justice in the courts of law. That is the reason why he was the super-donor of the attorney campaigns in different states in America, where he donated over $3 million to ensure more than six attorneys won the election.

Additionally, he supported them because they promised to reduce the racial disparities at the local level that would make America a better place to live for all people regardless of their religion and race. Some of the beneficiaries of his donations included the African-American contestants and the Hispanic individuals. Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Florida, and Louisiana were some of the areas that George Soros supported the Attorney campaigns because he believed that some of the holders of those posts did not support his Safety and Justice Campaigns.

Another reason that made George support the Democratic Party presidential elections, rather than the conservatives is that Donald J. Trump is one his fierce competitors in the world of investments. George does not like Trump’s claims about the immigrants. He thinks that the immigration reforms will worsen the condition of the citizens of the USA and the foreigners.

Securus Technologies is one of the best ways for people to stay in touch today. Not only are the communication lines secure, but the types of communications that can be conducted are offered at very low at competitive prices. You have the opportunity of keeping in touch with your friends, family, or co-workers.


What separates the services of Securus Technologies from other forms of communications service providers is that it offers people to communicate with anyone who may be incarcerated. If you have a family member who has unfortunately been arrested and put in jail and have been wanting to communicate with them because they have been confined for longer than you had expected, the Securus Technologies may be an available option to do so. In this case, Securus Technologies may be set up as a form of communications line in the jail your family member is in. If you would like to see if Securus Technologies is an option of communication that is available for what you need, then please do not hesitate to contact one of the representatives that are available to assist today as they will be glad to assist you with your needs. You will need to provide them with some minor details about yourself and the types of communications that you may be planning on conducting with the technological communications they offer and you will be on your way to speaking to whomever you wish to contact very soon.


Today’s forms of technologies in the field of communications is rapidly outpacing than what has ever been available to us before. Securus Technologies is a company that is doing what it can to not only keep up with today’s rapid pace of technologies, but also of potentially surpassing them. Be sure to make the right decision and invest in Securus Technologies today.


Sam Tabar is an investment manager from New York City. Tabar is a member of the Full Cycle Energy Fund’s leadership team. He is knowledgeable in fields of venture capital, commercial litigation, business, and strategy development. Tabar has skills in financial analysis, hedge fund management, and executive management.

Sam Tabar’s educational background and interests

In 1997, Tabar enrolled at the University of Oxford in England and graduated four years later with a bachelor’s degree in law. During his college days, Tabar was involved in activities such as bowling and ballroom dancing. In 2001, he earned his master’s degree in law from the Columbia University. Tabar is a certified lawyer, and he is registered with the New York Bar Association. Tabar is bilingual with proficiency in the English and French languages. Additionally, he also speaks a bit of Japanese.

Sam Tabar’s work experience

After finishing his master’s degree, Tabar became an attorney at Skadden, LLP & Affiliates. At this law firm, he attended to clients with capital and fund-related matters such as hedge funds. In 2007, Tabar ventured into the capital investment business by taking a job at Sparx Group/PMA. Tabar acted as the managing director of the company and assisted the firm to increase its revenue. Tabar also worked at PMA Investment Advisors Ltd and was in charge of raising capital and managing assets. In 2011, he joined Hong Kong-based Merrill Lynch as the head of the equity strategy.

In 2014, Tabar was appointed managing partner of FullCycle Fund, a company dedicated to environmental sustainability. FullCycle Energy Fund was established by Ibrahim AlHussein, a venture capitalist. Tabar’s role at this firm is to raise the money required for the development of technology to be used in waste management.

Tabar also serves as the chief financial officer of Awearable Apparel, a company that specializes in consumer electronics and wearable technology. SheThinx is one of the organizations he has established and has invested his hard-earned money. SheThinx serves as a platform for women empowerment. The organization also provides period proof panties to women at affordable costs. SheThinx focuses on designing outfits that meet the fashion preferences of women.

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Todd Lubar is an accomplished businessman with an excellent record of accomplishment. As a matter of fact, he has established an outstanding reputation in the real estate industry. After joining the real estate industry in 1995, Todd was marveled by all the aspects of the industry. This made him to settle for real estate as his career of choice.

Education Background

Todd is an alumnus of the Sidwell Friends School based in Washington DC where he studied from 1977 to 1987. He later attended The Peddie School located in Hightstown New Jersey. More importantly, Todd is an alumnus of Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A in speech communication in 1995.


Todd embarked on his career by working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. During this duration, he quickly became acquainted with all the facets of the model of conservative mortgage banking. In fact, this working experience presented an opportune moment for Todd to build networks and interact with other experts in the field. Some of these experts included insurance agents, financial planners, CPA’s and real estate agents. Currently, such relationships serve as an important source of business referral.

In 1999, Todd joined Arlington Texas-based Legacy Financial Group. He played a significant role in the growth of the Maryland-based office. As a result, the office grew to a production unit of about $100 million worth of loan volume per year. Later in 2015, he moved to Charter Funding, which is part of First Magnus Financial Corporation in Arizona. This boosted Todd’s business expansion endeavors due to his access to a plethora of programs and products.

After being in the industry for more than 12 years, Todd had gained adequate experience through keen observation of the industry. As such, he became well-aware of the undeserved customers. This marked the birth of Legendary Properties LLC. In 2007 and 2008, the mortgage industry experienced changes, which caused Todd to venture into other fields. Some of the other lines of business include automotive scrap metal recycling business and commercial demolition whereby he acquired large contracts. Currently, Todd works for TDL Global Ventures LLC in the capacity of president.

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