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Tammy Mazzocco is in love with her real estate business because she controls it lock, stock, and barrel. She is a highly successful real estate agent who sells residential homes in four counties in Central Ohio. To Tammy, the real estate business is a people business where she can help solve the people problems, and the real estate takes care of itself.

Tammy got started in real estate by taking a secretarial job with a commercial real estate firm. After that, she worked as manager of a large condominium development for seven years. Her boss at that company encouraged her to obtain her real estate license to help him in some of his real estate projects. That was in 1995.

Tammy Mazzocco saw the light when she worked as a licensed assistant to a very large RE/MAX broker, and she got to experience how a large, successful real estate office worked. More importantly, she observed what the opportunity was as far as earning potential.

Tammy learned a lot from all the people with whom she had been associated, and there were several mentors who were instrumental in her overall development of knowledge and tactics. For example, one of Tammy’s favorite things to do is to set goals. Then she will break the goal down into actionable tasks that can easily be accomplished one-by-one.

Tammy was asked what activity or strategy would she advise anyone to do when working in a people business like real estate. Her answer was, “Treat the clients’ time and investment as if it were your own. Focus on the client’s needs and concern and get your mind off of your commission at the end of the deal. Stay in the moment and solve the client’s concerns at all times.” Tammy Mazzocco has the track record to back that up, because of the comments that home buyers give in recommending Tammy because of her knowledge and helpfulness.

A wedding should be one of the most important things you plan in your lifetime. Don’t mess it up by forgetting to have someone record it. George Street Photo and Video can help you capture your wedding in great detail with professional photographers. They have too many locations to list but here are a couple.


Charleston South Carolina


You’ll find age old oak trees at the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, and beautiful decor at the Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel.If you’re feeling adventurous you can bring up to one hundred and fifty of your guests and get married on the Carolina Girl Yacht.


Charlotte North Carolina


First up is the NOAH’S Event Venue in Charlotte. The Veiled ceiling is lighted while the center state in the room is as well. You can find a winter feel at the Founders Hall or a modern feel at the elusive Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel.

Boraie Development LLC is one of the largest real estate company that develops world-class properties in New Jersey and Newark. When it comes to satisfying the diverse requirements of the homeowners, Boraie Development LLC stands out. The ability to undertake the feasibility and post-occupancy study allow this real estate development company to develop the homes that meet the customers’ budget, tastes, and preferences. One of the reasons why this real estate company has the edge over its competitors is the keen eye for detail and the ability to come up with tasteful architectural masterpieces. Boraie Development implements a visionary business plan that seeks to provide affordable shelter without compromising the quality of the architectural space. In the current economic climate, a lot of things can go wrong if you do not do your homework. Boraie Development avoids the pitfalls in the real estate landscape by undertaking a comprehensive feasibility study and looking at the market trends before embarking on a project. While using these proven real estate development strategies, Sam Boraie has managed to come up with the following exciting projects:

The Atlantic City Gateway Project

Boraie developments have come up with an exciting project in New Jersey. The Atlantic City Gateway project is one of the largest development that has surpassed the $210 million mark in terms of value. Considering the credibility and track record of Boraie developments, the investors will get immense value for their money. With over 800 parking spaces and 7,000 sq.ft of retail space, you will enjoy the best services and luxury that real estate can offer.

The Newark Development Project

Boraie has teamed up with Shaquille O’Neal to fund the development of the Newark project. This architectural symbol has transformed the Newark’s skyline and attracted a broad range of investors from all over the globe. This high-rise building comes with more than 500,000 square feet of mixed-use residential and retail space. The groundbreaking ceremony took place a few months ago, and the construction is already underway.

Property management

Property management is the key to keeping the new developments in good shape. By undertaking the renovations and maintenance services in a professional manner, Boraie Developments ensures that the homeowners get good value for their money. According to Bloomberg, these property management services have made Boraie Developments one of the most sought-after real estate companies in this region. As such, the financiers are ready to implement the workable business plan that seeks to provide luxury accommodation and pristine commercial developments to a vast array of customers. The buyers and renters also want a piece of this cake, and that’s why they are booking the properties in advance. The concept of presale has also revolutionized the real estate industry since a buyer can purchase a housing unit before the development begins. Once the project is completed, such an apartment unit can double in terms of value. Instead of flipping the foreclosed houses that require extra investments in terms of repair, buying a new home with a goal to turn a profit is a good idea.


Karl Heideck – Among The Most Skilled LitigatorsLitigation entails resolving a dispute through filing or responding to a complaint via the court system. The nature of the complaint forms the basis of the settlement negotiations if any. The entire process has been summarized below:
The litigator conducts an initial investigation to determine if the case has enough supporting evidence

He or she then drafts diverse motions and pleadings on behalf of his or her client
Discovery – This entails the exchange of information between the parties. Tools such as depositions, production and admission requests, and interrogatories are used.
The pre-trial phase comes several weeks before the trial. The litigators advise and consult with their clients; they retain expert witnesses, take part in pre-trial conferences, and then formulate a trial strategy guided by the facts and evidence available

Settlement: the majority of cases do not make it to the trial as the parties concerned deem it an effective way of reducing the risks and expenses associated with the trial
Trial stage – if the case makes it this far, the litigators present facts and evidence before the judge
Appeal – if one of the parties finds the ruling of the judge unfair, he or she has the right to make an appeal to a higher court, through his or her litigator.

Based in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck practices lawBased in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck is popular for his knowledge of commercial litigation, risk management, and compliance practices. The skilled attorney also has skills in other areas namely corporate law, legal writing, product liability, legal research, as well as employment law, and has been practice for more than ten years.

He graduated from Swarthmore College in 2003, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature/Letters. He then pursued his Juris Doctor degree at Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law. He worked as a project Attorney between October 2010 and April 2014 at Pepper Hamilton LLP.

Since April 2015 to present, Karl Heideck has been working at Grant & Eisenhofer, PA. As a contract attorney, Karl is tasked with various responsibilities ranging from reviewing discovery materials about complex securities fraud and banking litigation, and also, handling issues associated with transactions, risk management, acquisitions and the liquidity position of the company with regard to the 2008 sub-prime banking crisis. Karl Heideck is also expected to take part in weekly conferences with his co-counsel to not only verify, but also ensure the Continous improvement of the review protocol.

The healthcare industry is a billion dollar industry and it is filled with many companies and countless leaders. There is one company located in Fort Lee, NJ that is becoming the leader in their segment.

InnovaHealth is the provider of countless managed healthcare services. The company provides healthcare services throughout North America. The company provides two different types of care. The types include Medicaid programs, Medicare Advantage, and provider networks. The main goal of InnovaHealth is to provide quality healthcare choices that are affordable and accessible. Their healthcare services are cost-effective and have advanced technologies integrated within the program. Their leaders are some of the best in the industry. There are two individuals that work hard to provide exceptional healthcare to be in need.

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaHealth. He has lead InnovaHealth into a thriving business that has grown through the years. Mr. Shinto is also the President of the company. From 2008 until 2012, Rick Shinto was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aveta. Rick Shinto is a practicing physician. He has 20 years of medical experience. In addition to leading Aveta and InnovaHealth, he also served as the Chief Operating Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. Dr. Rick Shinto started his career as a pulmonologist and an internist in California.

Dr. Rick Shinto received the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst and Young.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaHealth. Previously, she was hired as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. She also worked as the Chief Operating Officer of Aveta, Inc. Penelope Kokkinides has several years of experience in Medicaid and Medicare. Her experience is of creating healthcare programs and processes. Ms. Kokkinides has a Bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological science and she holds a Master’s degree from New York University. View her infographic resume at

The leaders of InnovaHealth geniuely care about the people that they serve. They are working day in and day out to provide quality healthcare that works well with hospitals and doctors. InnovaHealth is a leader in health for that reason and they will continue to in the future.

Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. This is a tech company whose main goal is creating applications that make communication easier, especially in the work place. The CEO has this year been welcomed back to the home page of MarTech where he contributed an article on ‘The Video Advertising Trends of 2017’. In the article, he talk about some of the video marketing skills from 2016 that were innovative and new and the role they will be playing in this year’s world of marketing. The article has been critically acclaimed and was hosted by MarTech Advisor.

When asked to make a comment about the article, Bob said that he was very excited about sharing his views with the readers of MarTech. He stated that it was his dream that the people who read the article would take it as a chance to grow in the medium and that with time, they would understand why it was the right time to invest in it. Bob is the visionary behind all the innovations that have been made by Talk Fusion. The company has won many awards including the all in one video marketing solution. He sells the video medium in the article stating that it is more than just any other beneficial medium and that anyone who wants to be successful in their marketing endeavors needs to consider making video the center of their advertising.

He stated that the first time that he thought of a video email was 13 years ago and that when he did, the thing that he envisioned was video’s untapped potential. He was glad that over the past few years, video had been gaining popularity and all the companies on the globe were finally taking note of how important video was.

About Talk Fusion

This company was started more than ten years ago with the aim of creating applications and other tech products that would make work in the information age much simpler. Their aim is helping businesses do better than their competitors by the memorable, persuasive and interesting videos that they help the companies come up with.