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Adam Milstein has been involved in helping Jewish people and the nation of Israel for a long time. Born in Haifa, Adam served his country and then studied Business and Economics at Technion, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. Later on, he went to the University of Southern California where he received his MBA.

After marrying his wife Gila, they had two daughters and move to the United States in 1981. He then started a career as a sales agent in the real estate industry. Today he is a managing partner, with Hager Pacific Properties; he supervises the company’s finances.

However, some of Adam’s greatest work is with the numerous charities and organizations he pours time, energy and funds into, so they can continue to operate. Founded in the year 2000, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is an umbrella for groups of programs supporting the education, information and history of Israel.

Their projects include:

NCSY – Helps Jewish teens develop a positive identity with their culture, through casual retreats and recreational fun, while empowering them to become leaders of their communities. Merona Campus Leadership Foundation – This foundation helps support Jewish college students throughout the U.S. to leadership roles resulting in being pro-active about Israel. They gather for brainstorming, speaking at networking events.

Middle Eastern Forum – This organization protects and promotes America’s interest in the Middle East, as well as support the United States fight against Radical Islam and other obstructions occurring in that area of the world. American Society for Yad Vashem, Inc. – Established in 1981, this is the American version of commemorating The Jewish Holocaust. In an attempt to support Yad Vashem,

Eli Zborowski z”l created this society. It started out with just a handful of survivors, but now has grown tremendously with the second and third generation of Holocaust survivors participating. The overall purpose is to make sure the world never forget. As you can see, Mr. Adam Milstein has a huge interest in trying to make the world a better place through information and education. He takes pride in his culture and he want to make sure the future Jewish generation know their roots began in Israel.


He was born a lover of people, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur who was born February 18, 1975, in London, United Kingdom. Greg Secker is not only an entrepreneur and a humanitarian but he is also a motivational speaker, and a successful trader. Nevertheless; Mr. Greg does not count all other duties and title as very important as his role as a father. His love for assisting others make it in the trade market, Greg established Knowledge to Action Group which a combination of more than one company and include; Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, the Greg Secker Foundation, as well as Capital index. All these groups come together to tea h people on how to excel in trading.

Mr. Secker began his career working at Thomas Cook which most people consider as a humble beginning. Before long; Mr. Secker moved onto creating his own business known The Virtual Trading Desk. The Virtual Trading Desk is a unique business which offers the world an opportunity to do forex trade online. This program which was established by Mr. Greg has been assisting traders to acquire quotations for Foreign exchange dealings. Greg Secker is a leader who for an extended period of time portrayed a positive leadership character and he also became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation which is a top fortune 500 investment ban k with its location in the United States of America.

Greg Secker is the founder and the Chief executive officer of Knowledge Action Group; he is also the founder of several other groups which include the Greg Secker Foundation, Learn to trade, and Smart Chart Software. Mr. Greg is well described as an English Businessman. He is an author of several books including; Trading your way to success, Financial Freedom through Forex trading, and everything you wanted to know about Success. Greg Secker was born and raised in Norfolk, England and after his High School graduation; he attended the University of Nottingham where he learned Agriculture and Food Science. He is also a humanitarian who contributes also in the community. Through the Greg Secker Foundation, he has been helping the community to improve their lives through trading. The Greg Secker Foundation also partners with the youth to improve education system as well as life knowledge.


Anthony Petrello is the administrative and chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Nabors Industries limited. Petrello is among the most highly paid CEO`s in the United States of America and has an extended period of experience in the field of entrepreneurship. Through the Nabors Company, Anthony Petrello has profoundly contributed to the crafting of the American way of life which has, in turn, changed the culture of many individuals in the United States. His contributions to the Nabors Company, which is a leading drilling & gas production firm, has served as an inspiration to many individuals in the country.

Petrello has over the past years proved to be an excellent manager and has exercised his business strategies to maximize the level of production of Nabors Company. His concern and strategic plans in his operations have led to the creation of many job opportunities in the United States, and this has seen many individuals improve their living standards through the income they earn from the company.

The successful CEO was raised in the humble background of the Italian neighborhoods, Newark. He was a firm believer in success and worked towards achieving his goals. At a young age, Anthony Petrello learned to read and write and mastered numerous mathematical solving strategies as well as calculus. The rich business man later acquired a scholarship at Yale University where he would pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics. He worked together with lang, a determined theorist to solve numerous mathematical problems that most individuals did not understand.

After completing his college education, Petrello collaborated in some companies before settling for Nabors Company. Through his hard work and passion, the entrepreneur climbed through the ladders faster and became the chief executive officer of the enterprise. He is a man of a good heart, and together with his wife, Petrello contributes significant amounts of money to charity projects each year. He has also contributed towards developing his community and thus amended by many people. He believes that entrepreneurs can solve the problems experienced in their ventures through endurance and intelligence when it comes to decision making.
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 Anthony Petrello’s Background and Successful Positions

The reward of success is best understood by Anthony Petrello. Having been brought up in a humble background, Petrello acquired crucial virtues that have driven him to the height of a CEO, of Nabors Industries Ltd (Oil and gas drilling firm). In addition to his success, Petrello serves the Stewart and Stevenson LLC, the Hilcorp Energy Company, as a director, and at the same capacity at the Texas Children’s Hospital, among other companies. All these successful positions has made him a billionaire, and among the top paid CEO’s in America. As of the financial year 2014, his salary was about 68 million dollars.

Aside from his humble upbringing, a strong education foundation has played a part in molding Anthony Petrello. He studied in the best universities in the world such as Harvard Law School, where he earned a Juris Doctor, and Yale University, where he pursued a degree in mathematics. Moreover, this education helps in providing strategies and initiatives in the companies he serves, which explains why they survive the competitive environment.

Petrello’s Presence in Nabors Industries

No one can deny the efforts and the impact Petrello has on Nabors industries. His dedication to this company has made it the largest oil drilling firm in the US. Moreover, his presence as a leader has created jobs for thousands of people, in areas that produce oil in the United States such as Louisiana and Alaska among others.

How does Petrello Serve the Community?

Having grown up in a family where parents had to struggle to make ends meet, and attending public local school, Petrello understands what the society means. Besides, he was raised in a community that believed in teamwork, and appreciating one another. For this reason, he donates to charity organizations, such as Texas Children’s Hospital, Periwinkle Foundation- that handles cancer cases. Lately, together with his wife Cynthia they made a donation to the Texas’s Neurological research institute of $ 7 million that is an indication of his commitment to the society. Petrello demonstrates that with diligence and work ethics, one can grow to any management level. In addition, the other lesson is that one’s background should not be a hindrance in achieving your valid dreams.

Launched in 2012, Waiakea water is one of the most influential water companies in recent times. Started by Ryan Emmons, Waiakea Volcanic Bottled Water is the sustainable water brand right from the Hawaiian regions. Emmons created his brand when he noticed that he could use the sustainable culture of Hawaii to build an environmental-friendly product while also having a vast range of clients and consumers of the water.

The entrepreneur was very right. In the few months since the inauguration of Waiakea Volcanic Bottled Water, the brand became a huge success, and one of the main reasons is because the volcanic water has benefits that the other beverages do not offer to their clients. Using the natural powers of volcanoes in Hawaii to harvest the water, Waiakea water is currently one of the most consumed beverages in the region, having reached the number #1 spot for three years consecutively since its release in the market.

The volcanic water used has natural minerals that are very healthy for both body and mind, and this fact has single-handedly skyrocketed the company ahead of all the other competition in the region and slowly in the outside market as well. Soon enough, the Waiakea Volcanic Bottled Water might be a name that you will hear about outside of the Hawaiian region.

Right now, the Waiakea product has come a long way since its release. At the beginning of the brand, their delivery and shipping were restricted to the United States and the Hawaiian territory, but this has long changed. With the success of the bottled volcanic water, it can now be ordered from many countries in the world. The suppliers of Waiakea springs are international, and the brand is spreading very fast, while still maintaining the sustainable philosophy.

An entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a sustainability expert, Emmons has become an example to many young entrepreneurs of how sustainability and success can walk together and maintain a good natural balance with mother nature. The Hawaiian citizens with their culture are very grateful for his mentality, and the rest of the world should be as well.

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Your dog is your baby and best friend. Keeping your buddy healthy is important but you also need to stick to your budget. Beneful dog food with salmon offers your dog premium nutrition with 23 must have vitamins including vitamin E to boost the immune system. In addition Omega fatty acids will enhance the health and shine of your dog’s coat. At $15.48 for a 15.5lb bag pricing is competitive with other brands but offers so much more in health benefits. One benefit brought up repeatedly in actual customer reviews is how Beneful commercial relieves itchy skin on dogs because the nutritional value is balanced. From the real protein packed salmon pieces, to the crunchy whole grain and vegetables in this blend of crunchy and tender bites, it is everything both you and your dog want. Beneful offers a reasonable cost for a million dollar balanced meal your dog will love.


Goettl Air Conditioning is a firm that was founded in 1939. It is a privately held company that has its employees who are all devoted to work and the welfare of their firm. At Goettl Air Conditioning, they mainly specialize in indoor air quality, air conditioning repair, and heating repair. This firm has objectives and goals that are geared to making the life of their clients easier. One of the goals is to ensure the provision of high-quality AC and provision of the best solutions to home environmental troubles. Goettl also makes selections for couples on the best type of air conditioner to use in their homes and humidifier combinations. Thus, creating a safe and comfortable home is its ultimate goal.

In most areas, arid or cool or even wet areas, families live in fear of fluctuated rates of temperature within their homes. Areas that border large water bodies are usually hot in the night and uncomfortable to dwell. However, Goettl took notice of the concern and set up air conditioning units that serve to create cool and comfortable homes that would allow the members of the household to live with absolute comfort and peace of mind. Goettl Air Conditioning has its sister firm known as Sunny Plumber. This makes it possible for them to offer their clients plumbing and draining activities.

The current president and Chief Executive Officer of Goettl is Ken Goodrich. Ken Goodrich is a man well known for his prowess of overturning things. Throughout his entire career, he has bought over 15 firms that are on the verge of collapse and reinstated them into being political superpowers. By the time Jen Goodrich bought Goettl, he had sensed and foreseen that the company was declining. The profits or the revenues were not appreciating at all. It was always about depreciation and losses. In 2013, Ken purchased Goettl Air Conditioning.

Ken Goodrich is a man who loves giving back to his community. After several years of success, Goodrich is setting an example to other well-established entrepreneurs by using Goettl to benefit the community. Recently, Goettl Air Conditioning installed a free new unit to senior women in Chandler who had been ill for almost over 18 years. The initiative was a sign of charity and giving back to its community. Recently, the firm announced the acquisition of a family-owned company known as Walton’s Heating and Air. Initially, the owners of Walton’s were reluctant to get on board with Goettl. However, after they did their research about the transparency and capability of Goettl and its president Goodrich, they at the end gave them an opportunity.

One of the bellwethers of any economy is whether banks are failing or not. Of course, the failure of Bear Stearns was a red flag for the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis of 2008. Were bank failures a topic of the November 2016 Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference?

Texas Bankruptcies

The State of Texas has been quite healthy for the last couple of years with only the failure of the Texas Community Bank National Association in 2013. This failed bank was acquired by the Spirit of Texas Bank SSB on December 29, 2014. Therefore, the Texas Bankers Association must have been doing its job, successfully.

The energy sector has been very good in Texas, which has boosted jobs and economic activity. According to Zillow, the median home value in Dallas was $166,100. Compared to the country at large, that price is rather affordable. Dallas has also seen most of its house prices return to pre-2008 levels.

Since 1885, the Texas Bankers Association (TBA) has been helping the industry deliver the best results. In fact, the TBA may have been one of the chief lobbying reasons why Dallas was selected as a Federal Reserve Bank (rather than New Orleans). At the aforementioned TBA conference, NexBank CEO John Holt spoke on the “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” panel.

Diversified Financial Products

Student loans, mortgages, warehouse lending and institutional services are the diversified mix of financial products found at NexBank. Through innovation, CEO Holt has made sure that the financial institution is satisfying the capital needs of the population.

Thanks to the pro-active efforts of the TBA, not many Texas banks have gone bankrupt as of late. And when they do, another healthy bank acquires them. This Federal Reserve policy seems to be working quite well.