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Everyone has dreams of starting their own business and becoming a successful entrepreneur. That’s exactly what Doe Deere has achieved. Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. She came to the United States when she was 17 to fulfill her dream of becoming a musician. Her music career did not take off as planned. She then started her own fashion line on eBay, which was unfulfilling. Doe’s passion for a bold and exotic look ultimately lead her to create her own whimsical beauty product line called “Lime Crime.” She named her product line “Lime Crime”, as green is her favorite color. Lime Crime has achieved enormous success since 2008. At a young age, she was always fascinated with fantasy and mythology. She said that when she grew up, she wanted to be a mermaid. Doe always had a love for fairy-tales and makeup ever since she was a child. The beautiful colors and creations that come along with fantasy, has fueled her inspiration for creating the brightest shimmering colors. She has always loved to wear bright exotic hair colors and whimsical glittery makeup. Unfortunately at that time, bright hair color and sparkling makeup were not available, so being the creative entrepreneur that she is, she invented her own beauty product line. All of her products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Doe loves animals and donates regularly to animal rescue organizations. Her products are far from ordinary and traditional. Doe’s product line includes; vibrant multicolored lipstick, dazzling eye shadow, eye-catching highlighter, exotic hair colors and gleaming stick-on nails. She believes that beauty should make us happy and we should not be afraid to express it. Her product line is desired by many who love to stand-out from the crowd. She has been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Doe states that her products have everything the consumer needs to look and feel like a bright beautiful unique unicorn. The Unicorn logo on her products stands for beauty, individuality, and kindness to all animals. She loves feedback from her customers and refers to them as her “unicorns.” Doe passionately cares about her employees and attributes her continuing success to having a dedicated staff. She also believes that a positive attitude is the key to success, as well as following her intuition. Doe is an inspiration to many female entrepreneurs, encouraging them to always follow their passion and to dream big. Learn more:

Gregory James Aziz exudes confidence. The first thing you notice are the eyes, taking the measure of everyone he meets. If he has any self-doubts, they are not apparent. He gives the appearance of a great cat – silky smooth – ready to pounce. Clearly, this is a man who understands himself and is confident in his own abilities – a leader of men.

Initially from London, Ontario, he attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a degree in economics before joining the family wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. Aziz applied his knowledge and abilities at Affiliated Foods to help the business grow to the point where they had established distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada and were taking in fresh foods from throughout the Americas even from Europe.

When Gregory James Aziz parlayed his understanding of accounting to secure positions in investment banking, one of the transactions he directed was the purchase of a manufacturer of rail cars, called National Steel Car (NSC) from the giant steel company, ArcelorMittal Dofasco.


From its founding in 1912, NSC had long been a powerhouse of manufacturing, but Aziz believed it could do better. Using his knowledge and connections in the banking community, he organized the funding necessary to expand the company’s capacity across the board, from engineering research and development to the nuts and bolts of the manufacturing process. Within five years, employment grew from less than 600 to well over 3,000, and production increased from 3,500 cars a year to over 12,500.


In addition to production capacity, Gregory James Aziz stresses innovation and quality. For him, innovation means anticipating the future of the constantly changing world of railroads. His devotion to quality is evidenced by the fact that NSC is the only rail car manufacturer to be awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for 18 straight years.


The devotion that National Steel Car employees have for Aziz is legendary. Aziz himself insists that they are not just workers, but “team members,” and credits their pride and dedication for the company’s success. See This Page for more information.


Aziz believes in being a good neighbor and encourages his people to support the local community and local charities whenever possible. Every Christmas, thousands of employees, past and present, and their families gather for the company Christmas party and to contribute to the annual food drive for the needy. Aziz, along with his wife Irene and daughters Karina and Natalie, sponsors Canada’s major agricultural event, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Focus and determination are the main factors required to be successful in life. Philanthropic and other influential business men and women around the world made it in life through the same means, including Gregory James Aziz. In 1949, Greg was born in Ontario. He went to a college called Ridley College and graduated from University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics.


Gregory James Aziz is popularly known among friends and family as Greg James Aziz. Like many of us, the first thing that came to his mind after years of education is securing a job. Gregory James Aziz decided to join his family Food business. The company was placed in the country as the top principal in importing and distributing of fresh food to within Canada and the other part of the world in the sixteen years that Greg was serving. See This Article


In spite of the past success with the family business, Gregory James Aziz purchased National Steel Car which was one of the leading manufacturers of railroad freight cars in Canada. His economic mind and experience in business led to something productive and notable. The company’s resources were not underused, but because of his focus and determination, Gregory James Aziz imagined of expanding National Steel Company to the rest of the world. He realized the strength and capabilities in engineering and team-building. James Aziz introduced man power and capital into the enterprise, and the results were clearly seen. The company started producing more than 10,000 cars yearly, compared to less than 4,000 cars which were being produced initially. In the same period, National Steel Car started increasing their company staff ranging from 500 to 2,000 because of a better salary in comparison to other industry players.


National Steel Car advances its activity of excellence. As the CEO and Chairman, the success is distinct, and this is due to team building heavy investment in personnel and capital, and the company’s strong engineering capabilities. National Steel Car has been known as the leader in the business, being recognized as the only company in North America with ISO certification for two decades and holding TTX SECO as the highest quality record award.


Gregory James Aziz also contributes to the society by the help of his wife, Irene. Their philanthropic activities include sponsoring of local charities. Also, National Steel Car supports the Theatre Aquarius, United Way, and Salvation Army among other charities. It also organizes a Christmas party yearly for its past and current employees and their families.

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Aloha Construction is head quartered in Lake Zurich Illinois. Aloha Construction has serviced Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin since 2008. Aloha is a family owned business that has completed over 18,000 jobs to date. When Aloha Construction opened for business they specialized only in siding, roofing and windows. Illinois is known for the strong storms that come through every spring and fall as well as hail damage and the occasional tornado. Aloha Construction provides repairs for storm damage and provides free price estimates for work to be performed.

For many years Aloha Construction would offer remodel and renovation work to existing customers. Aloha has been assisting customers with kitchen and bathroom remodels since shortly after they opened. They recently opened a secondary office in Bloomington to help better service all of Illinois with their roofing, siding and window needs and decided to expand into a renovation and remodel company as well. Aloha Construction created Aloha Restoration and has a dedicated team of contractors who are able to specifically tackle interior remodel projects for not only existing customers but for new ones as well. Aloha Restoration is based out of Lake Zurich in Northern Illinois and some of the repairs they perform are fire damage, flood damage, mold removal, interior remodeling and carpet care.

Aloha Construction is a family owned business that deeply cares for their customers and the community. They recently sponsored the Kane County Cougars minor league baseball team and made sure the community was entertained with fun family nights such as star wars night and fireworks. Aloha Construction also proudly sponsors the Lake Zurich High School Football team.

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Fabletics has learned from all of the things that other companies did wrong. They wanted to be sure their company was successful so they took their time to try different things that would make the business better. Doing their own marketing is what helped them to be as successful as possible. It is what gave them the chance to try new things so they could reach more customers with all of the options they had available to them during different times in the industry they were working in.


The fashion industry can be difficult for most people. It can be even more difficult for those who are coming into a new industry and trying to do their own thing with that industry. Since Fabletics was breaking into an industry of athleisure wear, they had to be prepared to help their customers in every way possible. They wanted them to know they were doing what they could to make the industry grow and become better than what it was when they first started out. Even Forbes talked about the way Fabletics was growing and what they were doing to get to that point.


Since the Huffington Post talked about the marketing strategy that Fabletics was using, other people have adopted the strategy. This is because they can see that it worked for Fabletics. The company is ultra-successful and they have seen a lot of changes since they first started out. The marketing technique they are using is what allows them the chance to try different things. It also allows them the chance to show their customers their friends are doing things just the same as what they are doing. For Fabletics to do this, they knew they would have to try different things no matter what they were doing or what was going on in their company.


When Huffington post talked about the company, they wanted people to see how successful they were. They also did a lot to boost their business by featuring them even though the company was already doing extremely well with the options they had. It was something that helped people to see the things that were going on. It also helped them to see that the majority of their friends are doing things. This marketing technique shows people exactly what will change the options they have so they can try different opportunities on their own.


The marketing technique that Fabletics uses is using the power of the crowd. They leverage the people who they have worked with in the past so they can show others what their company is all about. When they do this, others want to be able to follow the crowd so they do different things to make this happen. It is an essential part of the company and exactly what they want to do to continue offering different options to all of their customers. They know the right way to market them and other businesses are noticing it and doing the same thing.

In 2015, the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Global Award was directed to Omar Yunes. He and Ivan Tamer represented Mexico in a global franchise seminar held in Florence Italy. The aim of the award was to recognize different franchise brands and the people driving the food chains. He was recognized for his contribution in Sushi Itto.

About Omar Yunes

Mr. Yunes joined Sushi Itto, a Japanese food company, at the age of 21. Currently, he owns 13 units in Mexico. His shares in Sushi Itto represent about 10% of the total shares of the Japanese food chain. His love for the industry has made him concentrate on investment in the fish food sector.

Omar Yunes is known to be an effective and strong willed market leader. He has managed to create over 400 jobs in his 13 food chains over Mexico alone. He is known to motivate his workers well through fair remunerations and work conditions. Overall, Mr. Yunes is seen as a simple, determined, and motivated business investor.

Why Omar and Sushi Itto for the BFW Award?

Mr. Yunes of Sushi Itto was recognized for his contribution to the brand. The event was attended by delegates from over 34 countries. Sushi Itto has over 400 employees in 13 branches, and his winning of this coveted global award was very humbling. He was appreciated for his outstanding contribution in respect to saving implementation policies, employee motivation, and business knowledge.

He is a major influence of franchisee-franchisee links. This has seen him achieve better management and control strides within his line of business. According to Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO of Sushi Itto, the accolade is considered a manifestation of a collective effort from the brand stakeholders and workforce.


Omar Yunes’ role as a partner and branch head in Sushi Itto is of considerable gain to the chain. His presence and the availability of 13 of his units in Mexico present a global acceptance of Sushi. The Mexican community is appreciative as they contribute towards the popularity of the Sushi Brand and Omar Yunes as a person. With the pace set, the global community should expect more awards delivered to Omar Yunes and Sushi Itto.

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Aloha Construction has two offices that service Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The corporate headquarters is in Lake Zurich Illinois and a secondary office recently opened in Bloomington to help better serve clients in central and southern Illinois. Aloha has over eighteen thousand jobs completed and is a trusted renovation and construction in Illinois. Originally with a focus on gutters, siding and storm damage, Aloha recently expanded to include remodeling. Aloha construction always did renovation and remodeling jobs for their existing clients but made the expansion decision to provide this service to new clients as well.

Home renovations can be a stressful ordeal for pets to go through. Aloha Construction cares not only about their customers but their pets as well. Before going through with a renovation the experts at Aloha Constructions provide a few useful tips for pet owners to help them ease through the remodeling process. It is important to be aware of open doors and windows throughout the renovation process. These are easy outs for dogs and cats if a home owner is not carefully watching. Dogs can become stressed out due to the loud noises caused by construction crews and the tools needed to complete the job. Extra exercise such as walks and added play time can help ease a nervous dog around the commotion. Another important thing to remember with dogs is that routine is very important. It can be easy to get caught up in the busyness of construction but if your dog is accustomed to set meal and walk times it is best to not disrupt its schedule any further and try to remain focused on that schedule. Aloha Construction cares about their customers and their pets and likes to share these helpful tips when meeting their customer’s renovation needs.

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Many companies deal with the global supply of value added food products. However, none beats the OSI Group, which is one of the largest private businesses in the United States. The company, which is in Aurora Illinois, began as a small butcher shop in Chicago in 1909. The founder was Otto Kolschowsky. OSI Group has grown to become one of the biggest with 65 facilities spread in 17 countries across the world. With over 100 years of existence, the company has continued to make its clients’ stomachs smile with their high quality food service. It offers a diverse array of products for all meals such as breakfast, lunch in frozen, fresh, raw, and processed form. An example of its most known dishes includes a broad range of sandwiches, bacon, pizza, pork products, meat patties, and even veggies to help you balance.

The company recently procured a company known as Flagship Europe, which mainly deals with frozen poultry products. It is an intelligent step since it will help OSI group extend its market territories to Europe. In addition to the poultry, Flagship Europe supplies pies, sous vide products and many other products such as mayonnaise to the UK market. Through such moves, the company continues to grow and currently takes position 58 among America’s largest companies.

The OSI group has approximately 20,000 employees, and although it is quite successful now, it has taken the efforts of many for it to reach where it is right now. The company’s first step to success was taken in 1955 when it was still called Otto & Sons. OSI group became the first supplier of hamburger for McDonald’s. They started a separate sub-branch whose primary purpose was to serve McDonald’s to meet the order perfectly. Another member came on board to assist, and a partnership between the sons Of Otto and Sheldon Lavin was born. With the help of their new partner, the company experienced expansive growth and even opened branches in other countries such as Taiwan and Brazil. Since then, OSI group has never looked back and has continued to take its products a notch higher.

OSI Group Info:

Greg Secker is the originator of Greg Secker foundation. He was born on February 18th 1975. He is also a master trader, a philanthropist and a father. He is determined to empower the people of his time on trade matters, therefore he founded the Knowledge to action group back in 2003. Later he made the virtual trading desk; a platform that allowed many traders to obtain quotes for foreign exchange that facilitates easy trade. Greg Secker even went a step further and became the vice president of Mellon financial cooperation. In an interview he said he saw the need to improve the previous mode of trade when he was asked what inspired him to venture into the business. He said the people needed to trade internationally using a mode they were very comfortable and sure of.


He earned his money by working for companies, as soon as he ventured into the forex world, he started making money in a period on 4-6 months. When Greg was asked if he never thought of failing at any point he said he never doubted himself at any point. He got his first customers from references by his close friends and relatives. The thinks he is successful because he had support from his friends and relatives. Greg says his most satisfying moment was when the knowledge to action feature first worked.


His love for safe trade does not end there. He has written a number of books that are set to help the people master trade. They include Financial Freedom Trough Forex, Trading Your Way to Success as well as a contribution to the book The Book of Success. It does not end there, he is also known for founding companies like Learn to Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital and smart Charts Software’s. Greg Secker foundation being the latest company that he runs as the president and founder. His philanthropic actions include building 100 permanent houses in Lemery Philippines. In Match of 2017 he was successfully named in the list of the top 200 most influential philanthropists. Appearing on that list means that Greg is very willing to help the needy with his big heart.

Amicus Therapeutics is an American-based biopharmaceutical firm based in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company was established on February 4, 2002. Amicus Therapeutics’ outstanding operation became known in 2007 when it went viral. During that year, the organization was placed under the umbrella of NASDAQ in the FOLD trading symbol which helped it go public. Before the firm’s IPO, Amicus sourced its capital from various venture capital enterprises including Canaan Partners, Radius Ventures, and the New Enterprise Associates. The key personalities of Amicus Therapeutics are John Crowley, William Baird, and Bradley Campbell.


The organization’s therapeutic focus is on orphan and rare ailments, specifically the lysosomal storage diseases. Amicus’ product augmentation is based on a therapy termed as CHART, Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy. The therapy’s specialty is in the development of replacement of enzymes for patients. Under the leadership of the three key individuals, Amicus Therapeutics was noted as possessing the hugest portfolio of tiny molecule pharmacological chaperones in the pharmaceutical sector. Migaslat is the company’s client for the curing of Fabris disorder by stabilizing endogenous mutant alpha-galactosidase.


From 2010 to 2013, Amicus Therapeutics partnered with JRC Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline to research alpha-galactosidase (WeeklyOpinion). Working with other companies was of importance to Amicus. In 2008, it experienced an expansion in its operations from Amicus’ single New Jersey site to a grown site in San Diego. Also, Amicus Therapeutics is funded by different organizations including The Michael J Foundation, which gave Amicus US$500,000 to support its research. Over the years, Amicus Therapeutics possessed Callidus Biopharma thus obtaining property necessary for replacement of enzyme for Pompe disease treatment.


Amicus Therapeutics’ activities and services are done with passion. The company leverages biology with technology in the development of their treatment products. Amicus program of biology is ATB200/AT2221. The biology program is exclusive as it is engineered to specifically cure Pompe ailment using enzyme replacement therapy combined with a pharmacological chaperone. The governance of the company is stunning. It consists of medical experts who provide their knowledge in the business’s operations. As of 2013, Amicus Therapeutics had 92 trustworthy employees ( Over time, the company’s staff has grown to competent and skilled personnel.