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Incarceration in a state jail today does not necessarily mean missing what is happening in the world of technology transformation. Incarcerators too no longer have to depend on old methods to bring out reforms and improve safety in state corrections. If you have a family member or a friend in a state correction, probably the only means of communication you know of is through a phone call. Securus Technologies is changing how you stay in touch with your loved ones in state correction centers.



Securus Technologies is the best technology solution provider for both civil and criminal justice in America today. They use highly enhanced and advanced communication and analytical tools to bring modernization to state corrections. This they do by introducing the use of several gadgets that make communication between inmates and family members or friends easier. Because of Securus, it is now possible to do a video chat with an inmate regardless of the state they are in and feel much more connected than doing it via phone.



Securus does not only focus on the inmates but goes further to provide state corrections with the much-needed technology solutions to help in the improvement of safety and bring modernization to the facilities. By using one of the best cloud-based software Securus goes further to provide services and fast information in real-time access to investigators for faster and foolproof results. Those that use Securus Technologies’ services include fire stations, the police emergency dispatch centers and rescue teams of every kind.



The newest addition to Securus technologies is Wireless Containment Solutions technology, which helps in detecting, preventing and intercepting any wrongful communication from illicitly distributed devices. Illicitly acquired devices are a real safety threat to the inmates and people with connections to them like arresting officers, judges, witnesses, the correction officers and even to the public. By using WCS, the threat from such devices becomes less as communication can only be through devices allowed by law.



If you need a trusted, truthful, transparent, honorable, and responsive service that keeps all your information confidential, the Securus technologies, with an A+ accreditation and rating is the one.


It was recently reported by industry insiders that Jay-Z, with his groundbreaking deal with Live Nation coming to an end, has been reaching out to many of the music industry’s most powerful people in an effort to secure a new deal. In Jay-Z’s original deal with Samsung, which was reported to be for 10 years, bringing in $150 million for the mogul, a clause was included that would allow for either party to purchase the other’s stake in the company. While Live Nation has been open about their intention to end their deal with Jay-Z in regards to the Roc Nation recorded music catalog, due to the lucrative nature of their touring deal, the fully intend to renew it. According to insiders at Live Nation, the reason for not continuing their recorded music deal with Jay-Z and Roc Nation is due to the fact that they are no longer interested in purchasing stakes in recorded music in general. Outside the Santa Monica, CA, offices of Universal Music Group Chief Executive Officer Sir Lucien Grainge, Jay-Z, alongside his longtime associate, Desiree “Dez” Perez, was spotted. This new development has sparked increased speculation that Jay-Z and Universal Music Group are in the process of working out a deal, particularly because UMG is already partially invested in Roc Nation, albeit in a rather minute capacity. The Roc Nation roster consists of superstars such as Rihanna, Meek Mill, Shakira, and Fat Joe.

Desiree “Dez” Perez is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation, helping to oversee many of the company’s most important sectors, including management, labeling, and publishing operations. Desiree Perez has been one of Jay-Z’s closest business associates for over 20 years, helping to guide the trajectory of his career, as well as the artists who call Roc Nation home. While she is one of Roc Nation’s top executives, she is well known throughout the industry for her formidable negotiation skills, recently helping Rihanna to secure a deal with Samsung.

Logan Stout is the CEO and founder of a company called IDLife. He is also an author as well as a motivational speaker.Logan Stout’s passion is being able to get the most out of people that he can. With a passion for this, it is no wonder that IDLife and Logan Stout himself have become the successes that they are. He is also a well-known philanthropist too.

IDLife is the brainchild of Logan Stout. He has designed his company to work with the consumer and not against the customer. His company provides information that the consumer can use in order to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. How is this company and Logan Stout changing the way that people view personal nutrition? Here are four things to consider.

The first thing that Logan Stout and IDLife have done is change the way people view the supplement market. This is because each plan that is formed is used specifically for that consumer and only that consumer. Targeting the individual plan helps the customer live a full and active life. The second thing to consider is the motivation of the executives for the customer to succeed. This what Logan Stout and IDLife were created for. The company is only as motivated as the leader who runs the operation and you won’t find anyone more motivated for people to succeed than Logan Stout. The third factor that one can take into account is the fact that only the highest quality ingredients are used for the products. Logan Stout believes that supplements are only as good as the ingredients in them. IDLife and Logan Stout make sure that the highest quality ingredients are used and sourced responsibly for their customers. It is the only way that Logan Stout would put his name on a product for the masses. The final reason is that clinical studies and scientific data back the claims of IDLIFE and the products they sell. Many journals, peer reviews, and consumer feedback have contributed immensely to the success of Logan Sout and IDLife.

Logan Stout is a firm believer in helping people any way he can. By creating IDLife, Logan Stout has single-handedly redefined the world of personal wellness and made it a tool for the mass audience. For him seeing people succeed in the arena of personal nutrition is the best thing that he can hope for, step by step.

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Troy Mcquagge is the Chief Executive Officer of the US Health Group. Troy was born in the city of Panama in Florida. Troy graduated from the university in the central Florida in the year 1983.He studied Business administration at the institution and he had high hopes of securing a job after his graduation. Troy was optimistic that he would prosper in his life thanks to his good career.

Mcquagge was able to secure a job the same year at an insurance company namely the Allstate insurance company. Troy joined the department of students in the year 1995 after being a member of the United Insurance Companies. Troy demonstrated an excellent performance and leadership style while at the department.

Troy was named the president of the insurance agency two years after being exemplary in his leadership. While at the United Insurance Company, Troy equally demonstrated good skills as he executed duties that his bosses did not think he could handle. Troy worked at the insurance company until it was purchased by private owners in the year 2006.

The private investors retained Troy due to the experience he had acquired in leadership management at the company. Troy was appointed as the sales manager overseeing efforts that were being placed in the development projects. He was tasked with managing the new company’s ideas. The company was nicknamed the Health Market’s Group.

The premium sales increased during his reign to 1 billion dollars in the year. The insurance agency won an award under his stewardship due to the financial muscle which had been placed in the company’s hard work. Troy joined the US Health group company in the year 2010 where he was appointed as the company’s president and chief executive officer.

Troy also served as the company’s vice chairman and the marketing officer. Troy has been instrumental as the company has been instrumental in attaining high profits. Troy has gained over 34 years of experience in the marketing, health insurance among other fields over the years. The entrepreneur has been recognized by various organizations for his tremendous work that he has undertaken while at the company. Troy received the CEO World Award while at the USHealth Group. The award is normally awarded to the best world leading company where the executive has been innovative.Check more:


How to Choose the Right Freedom Life Insurance

Most people understand the benefits of life insurance. But choosing the right kind of life policy can be confusing. Below are some tips that can help you make this significant decision:

When to Buy Term Life Insurance

If you wish to buy life insurance for a specific duration of time, go for term life insurance. This policy lets you match its length to the length of your need. You can, for example, opt into a 20-month plan to fund your son’s college tuition. Another example is when you want to clear a term loan by a specified future date. Here, you can arrange to buy some term life insurance that matures when you need to pay off the obligation. Many companies sell this type of insurance. Visit Freedom Life Insurance or any other company that you like for more advice.

If your budget is tight, and you still want to buy a substantial amount of life insurance, buy term life insurance. The policy pays when the policyholder dies during the term of the plan. It expires when the period comes to an end. At this point, the person has to either renew the policy or buy a new one altogether.

When to Buy a “Convertible” Term Policy

Will your needs change along the way? Buy a convertible term policy. The policy allows the option of switching to a permanent plan. But you will have to pay higher premiums.

When to Buy Permanent Life Insurance

If you prefer a cover that continues for the rest of your life, buy a permanent policy. The policy pays benefits whether you die tomorrow or after one hundred years.

If you want to build savings on a tax-deferred basis, consider buying permanent life insurance. It allows you to have both a savings element and life insurance. Your savings may be used to pay the policy premiums when you cannot. Furthermore, you can borrow against your savings. Your credit does not have to be excellent for you to qualify for such a loan. You do not need collateral either. If you die before loan settlement, the company deducts its dues and pays your beneficiary the balance.

With these tips, confusion around life insurance vanishes. Do you need to buy some life insurance? Call a reliable company such as Freedom Life insurance and buy the policy you prefer. Good companies like Freedom Life Insurance will patiently explain everything to ensure you make informed purchase decisions. Learn more: