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Mike Baur is a great example of how to become successful as an entrepreneur. Not only that, but he himself helps out other entrepreneurs as part of his business. His company is called the Swiss Startup Factory, and it helps out many new entrepreneurs build the businesses that they want.


Mike Baur has made it clear that there is no one single thing that made him successful as an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, he said, there are a number of things that he found out during his journey as an entrepreneur. These are the things that are most important for your success as an entrepreneur, says Mike Baur.


The first thing is that you have to make things happen. Nothing happens by itself. Take Mike Baur himself, for example. He is someone who started his own company and became successful with investing. This did not happen by itself. First, Mike Baur entered the banking industry. Next, he learned a lot of valuable financial skills. These all added up so that when it came time to start his own business and help other people start their own businesses, he was able to do it without a glitch.


Another thing that you need in order to become successful is the ability to adapt to others. You see, nobody can be rigid and be successful at the same time. That is one of the reasons why Mike Baur left the banking industry. He did not want to stay in an industry that was not willing to adapt to the new situations in the political world and in society. He also says that it is important to be a good team member. If you can not be a good team member, you will not be able to utilize the power of teamwork.


When you are working on a team, says Mike Baur, you have to be able to adapt to working with others. Sometimes, you will bring up an idea, but the team will show you how it is not a good idea. You have to be okay with that. Other times, other people will come up with good ideas that you did not think of before. It is also important to be able to adapt your own company’s strategy to the needs of the customers. For that reason, it pays to be willing to have an open mind and change your ways.


The Fagali’I airport currently stands in a great position with its customers and the Fagali’I village. There was a time when the airport didn’t sit well with either of the two, but the airport turned matters around asap.

In the later part of the 20th century, during a time when pretty much all airports included a pavement landing strip for its planes to land on, the Fagali’I airport was a step too slow. The owners [the Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan Government] decided to make the necessary upgrades. It would close its doors and re-open in July of 2002.

A problem would present itself with the new pavement. The landing strip would cause noise levels to increase and this would serve a huge problem with the Fagali’I community according to This noise level would become a hazard, which would cause the airport to de-commission in January of 2005.

In July 1, 2009, Fagali’I Airport would re-open. But, not just re-open with a decrease in noise levels, but would open with an additional flight added to their flight destination list: Pago Pago, American Samoa. With this addition, more vacationers were able to enter into Apia and surrounding areas.


Another issue would arise. The airport would lack transportation accommodations. Guests had complications with getting to their hotels conveniently. Because of this lack, guests would take their business elsewhere. The Fagali’I airport couldn’t continue to lose business to the Faleolo International Airport, so they had to do something fast. They would change their business plans to make transportation accommodations a reality much faster, yet highly effective. In due time, the accommodations were available and guests would return to spend money at the Fagali’I airport, once again.

About Apia and surrounding areas in Samoa
It is rich with beautiful beaches! With tons of activities for vacationers to explore for sheer excitement! The weather averages 85 degrees all year long. Tourists seems to get a kick out of the Samoan culture according to Its dances, music, craft-making, foods and hospitality gratifyingly strikes extremely. Definitely a vacation spot of exhilarating memories to take back home to share.

Book a flight to the Fagali’I airport today. Prices are reasonable for this season. Tickets are always cheaper when purchased in advance. Apia and surrounding areas welcomes you with open arms.

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Stress should not be taken lightly. It can create a lot of problems later in life if it is not treated. With our lives becomes busier and with the pressure that today people has to go through, it is no surprise that people think that being stressed is good as it pushes them to perform better. But, the problem is that too much pressure can take a toll on the quality of life, and it not only affects the person but also people around them. Thus, it is essential to know how to deal with stress effectively.

Therapy experts from leading online therapy company, Talkspace, share some great tips to help manage stress. People need to shut down their electronic gadgets at least half an hour before going to sleep. During that time, they should indulge in things that they love such as reading books, meditating, cooking or any other things that they enjoy. Often people go for walks and be near to nature as it allows them to feel fresh. You also need to be in touch with your friends and families and take out time for them once a week. You can spend time with your family and do things together, and you will realize how much joy it brings to your life. If nothing else helps, you should seek online therapy.

Talkspace is an online therapy app that matches users with licensed therapists. The users can use audio, text or video to talk to their therapists at their own convenient time. The app was designed by its founders after they came to know how in-person therapy was inaccessible and inconvenient to many people. Talkspace aims to make therapy available to people from different background and that too at low cost. The company wants to ensure that no one has to live with mental disorder and suffer in silence. They can still get help without having to void their privacy.