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In 1998 Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone came together and founded the Fortress Investment Group. At the time they were able to grow their investment of 400 million to about 3.5 billion with the first few years. In fact, in the years between the years of 1999 and 2006 they were doing about thirty nine percent on there private equity funds this meant that by the time the fortress Investment group listed its IPO in 2007 they were at thirty-two billion under asset management. This level of success is what has continued to give the over 1750 investors confidence in the group. Today the group has headquarters in New York, Singapore and Shanghai. This is one of the most diversified asset management groups on the NYSE and it’s something their current Co-CEO sees as a growing strength that needs to be tapped more.

Peter Briger the current Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors is one who sees career and Philanthropy as conjoined twins who go hand in hand. He is a firm believer in the power of giving back to society and putting in as much effort in worthwhile causes as that put in career. He has been a bright light in the various charities he has been part of over the years and this was especially brought to light in the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children. This continues to show his passion for the welfare of children and the firm believe that all children are born equal and deserve an opportunity to live their best lives from the day they are born. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations this is a committee that brings together business leaders who have a deep understanding of foreign relations and their importance to the country.

They then try and bridge the gap between the understanding held by the citizenry and its leadership. Having held various positions in the international arena, Peter Briger has a lot to offer in this committee. The fortress investment Group Co-CEO is also very passionate about entrepreneurship, this is the reason he was so eager to join in the committee that supports entrepreneurs at Princeton his alma mater. Princeton is one of the most dedicated universities in the country catering for business-oriented students as well as future entrepreneurs. He contributes his time and money towards the realization of the Princeton entrepreneurial dream. He has a lot of appreciation for the school having begun his life as a business leader here eventually leading him to the Fortress Investment Group.


The year 2011 saw the onset of a home-to-school software communication platform called the ClassDojo by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. It is among the vastly used platforms enabling non-English conversant parents to establish regular contact with the teachers. The primary aim of this software is to bridge the linguistic barrier dividing the teachers and parents. The platform has proved helpful in the development of the students’ skills and is a teacher, parent, student- connection empowerment where parents have access to their children’s results. The software can also be used in sharing of photos as well as videos and messages for parents to view. It is estimated that 2 in 3 schools use this application which is available in 35 different languages which are dispersed in more than 180 countries globally.

The ClassDojo developers regard privacy protection as fundamental in the much-needed trust in the enhancement of education between teachers, parents, and students. It has a privacy center offering more transparency over how the user’s privacy is secured. They follow a 12-month deletion policy and also delete the student’s feedback points when 12 months are up. They even comply with the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act).

The developers are recognized for creating community friendly software as it does not collect personal information such as social security number, gender, student ID, address or email. It does not share anything with a third party or on Twitter. ClassDojo can be used in any device with an internet connection. It is still free for teachers in any institution as means to motivate learning, character building and skill development creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

ClassDojo has been awarded in 2011 and 2013 by the Education Innovation Today Show. Forbes perceived it as “100 Most Promising Organizations in the United States”. The creators of the software were incorporated by Forbes list in 2012’s “30 under 30: Education”. The application was considered among 35 Most Innovative Applications of the Year in 2016 by Fast Company and named 25 Most Disruptive Organizations of the year in 2017 by Inc.

OSI Food Solutions is an international firm with one of its facilities located in Toledo, Spain. This facility processes chicken, beef, and pork that is delivered to restaurants and grocery stores across Spain and Portugal. This company headquarters is just outside of Chicago, Illinois. The managing director of their Spanish operations is José María del Río. He said that demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal has been steadily increasing for the past decade. In order to meet this demand their Toledo facility needed to be expanded which cost this company €17 million.

The biggest improvement was the introduction of a high-capacity production line José María del Río said. This doubled the amount of chicken they could deliver to their customers. They can now supply 45,000 tons of total meat a year with 24,000 of that being processed chicken. He said that they increased their workforce at this plant to 140 employees from 120.

OSI Food Solutions also added 22,600 square feet of space to the facility. There is a new production hall as well as a new area to receive their supplies and ship out their products. Among other additions they also added a new testing and development kitchen. This kitchen is being used to test out new recipes and otherwise provide food solutions to their customers.

To meet growing demand OSI Food Solutions has expanded in other ways as well. One example of this took place in June 2016 when it was announced that this company was buying a facility in Chicago that Tyson Foods owned and was planning on shutting down. They had already laid off 230 of their 480 employees when this deal was finalized. A spokeswoman for OSI Food Solutions, Caroline Ahn, stated that most of these remaining employees had been given jobs by her company. The cost of this deal was announced as being $7.4 million.

One of the big focuses at OSI Food Solutions is on environmental responsibility. This commitment to the environment led to this company being honored with the Globe of Honour Award in the United Kingdom. The British Safety Council conducted a year-long audit of OSI Food Solutions to make sure they were environmentally responsible at each step that it takes to process and send food. This award was given to representatives of the company in November 2016. This event was held at Drapers’ Hall which is a prestigious building in London.

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The Chainsmokers formed in the year 2012 with a new band member Andrew Taggart. The duo group used to consists of band members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two of them met in 2012 and started playing shows in 2013 and between 2013 and 2014 they hit their major breakthrough. They released some of their first singles such as “Selfie” in 2013 and then their song “Roses” in 2015. Their songs started to top the charts and more and more people fell in love with their music. In 2016 they released more hits that topped the charts with their songs “Don’t let me down” and “inside out.” In 2016, they also released their hit single “closer” which became their first song to hit number one on the music charts. In 2017, they released another hit called “Paris” which was also on the top of the charts. In early 2018, they released a couple of singles from their new album. Their new music is far different from their old music. Alex and Andrew wanted to take a new spin on things and they created new music that had a darker tone to it. They wanted to expand there crowd.

Alex Pall was the starter of the chainsmokers when he decided that he wanted to make a career out of DJing. He was in the group with another member named, DJ Rhett Bixler, but he eventually left and the chainsmokers needed another member. In 2012, Alex’s manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart, and they started working on some music instantly. Since then the chainsmokers have put out seven albums and have received several awards for their music. They have topped the charts and people around the world have fell in love with their electronic/pop/dance music!

Healthcare startups have a positive influence on the economy. They have already started to show their significance in making the economy robust. For Ara Chackerian, this is not of any surprise. He recognizes that the new innovative players in medicine play a crucial role in driving innovation and increasing value. Nevertheless, many investors are concerned about startups due to their continued nature in overwriting. Some are surprised that these startups haven’t resulted in mergers or initial public offerings. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Years ago, Ara Chackerian realized that innovation in the field of medicine such as robots, digital imaging, AI, would increase chances of survival as well as nurturing medicine economy. He once told investors that innovations in the field of medicine would lead to sustainability of the healthcare sector. For instance, digital recordkeeping, advanced diagnostics, and computing were brought by the innovation of startups. Ara Chackerian believes that the success of healthcare startups can be accelerated by entrepreneurs who can sell the change and make returns to the investors.

According to the New York City Healthcare Business statistics, healthcare startups rose to $703 million in 2017. The report stated that the rise had been contributed by the support from the local and federal government as well as universities. Moreover, companies dealing with healthcare devices such as pharmaceuticals and biotech led to the success.


It is imperative that investors and governments back healthcare startups. Healthcare startups will continue to see money flowing back to the economy, encouragement of innovation, and favorable outcome on the treatment of patients. Ara Chackerian is a successful innovator who plays a crucial role in strengthening the healthcare system in our economy. You can visit to see more.



About Ara Chackerian


Ara Chackerian is an angel investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and co-founder of TMS solutions. He currently serves as director of ASC Capital holdings. He invests in healthcare companies that are dedicated to healthcare innovation.


Ara Chackerian has more than two decades investing in healthcare firms. He has co-founded multiple healthcare companies such as (provider of Telepharmacy services) TMS (behavioral health services) and BMC Diagnostics (a national provider of diagnostic imaging services)



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OSI Group has been expanding its business operations to more places around the world. International expansion has been on high gear in recent years and has seen the company build new production plants in different countries as well as making major acquisitions especially in Europe. Some notable acquisitions in Europe includes Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. The company seems dedicated to improving their service delivery in Europe which forms a high proportion of the food market in the world.

OSI Group is currently continuing with its expansion program even in the local market. Recently it acquired a food production plant that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods which was closing down. OSI Group is clearly a company on the route to reaching every part of the globe. With the recent developments, there is a high likelihood that every part of the globe will be supplied with food products made by the OSI group.

The history of this company is long. It has been in existence for the last one century. Otto Kolschowsky around 1912 originally started it. Since then, it has grown steadily under just a few managers. After the founder passed on, he left the management to his two sons who brought in the current CEO Sheldon Lavin in 1975 to assist them with the management. The two later left the company under different circumstances leaving Sheldon Lavin as the only director in the company. He managed to run the company on his own and until today, he is still doing well. He had come from the banking sector before joining the company.

OSI Group made its big breakthrough when it was hired by McDonald to supply hamburgers. It was then known as Otto & Sons. As McDonald’s became a big enterprise, there was pressure on OSI Group to supply more products. In 1975, they were forced to build a new plant so that they could meet the huge demand that was coming from McDonald’s.

After Sheldon Lavin came into the company, he builds on the progress that had been realized and assisted in opening more plants to meet the huge demand of products especially after McDonald organized its supply chain and picked OSI Group to be among the four suppliers which would do all its supplies.

Sheldon Lavin is assisted in managing the company by President David McDonald. Both of them has led the company on a continuous journey of working to make food available to all people in the world. The company mainly supplies protein foods such as pork, beef, and poultry products among other fast foods.

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