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Mountain biking is a fun sport that seems to be catching on among many people. Although it may appear like a challenging sport, Michael Hagele, an expert, and enthusiast of the game points out that its an easy activity. He says that with the right attitude and equipment, anyone can learn and enjoy the sport after a short while.

According to Michael Hagele, leaners can start by signing up for camps that offer mountain biking lessons. They can also look for friends who are experts in mountain bike riding and acquire the skill from them. He advises beginner riders to start with the necessary levels of skills before advancing to complex skills and levels. Read more about Michael Hagele at

Mountain biking exposes the rider to a wide range of terrain depending on the region they are riding in. The ground can range from smooth paths to rocky terrain. Michael Hagele points out that riders should expect to encounter any terrain and they should be prepared to ride through it. He recommends that new bikers visit mountain biking parks to train and experience the different types of terrain they could encounter while riding. The parks also give them a chance to watch and interact with experienced riders. These parks can be found in most urban areas like Atlanta and Chicago.

Michael Hagele urges people interested in learning mountain biking to invest in high-end equipment. They should consider using bikes that have enhanced features such as wider tires, dual suspension system, and hydraulic disc brakes to ensure they are comfortable while riding. He also reminds novice bikers to wear suitable attire and carry water for re-hydration when riding.

Safety is of uttermost importance, and Hagele insists that leaners should get a helmet and wear it at all times when riding. He also adds that beginner riders should observe some distance and avoid following experienced riders closely. Anyone aspiring to be a mountain biker should consider Hagele’s advice as the attorney has been riding for a long time. It is an activity he enjoys and says it helps keeps him mentally fit to run his business. Hagele is an experienced lawyer who advises tech companies, defense, internet and aerospace firms.

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Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions understands that a one size fits all philosophy is of no use to individuals looking to pursue their financial goals. Blair provides wealth management and retirement planning in the city of Austin, Texas and expresses a desire to aid members of his local community to navigate financially through the many complex milestones of life.

Blair takes what he characterizes as a three-pillar approach when developing comprehensive financial plans for those he advises. The Blair approach allows him to carefully consider a client’s current financial condition and needs for retirement in order to devise a tailor-made plan for them.

First Pillar

The first Pillar of the Blair approach outlines the succession of steps that will serve as the client’s roadmap to financial security. Blair takes the time to identify the goal of his clients, their financial strengths, a client’s tolerance for risk, and all opportunities for growth when devising a plan.

This planning face is designed to provide Blair and the client with the foundation for a long-lasting and productive working relationship by providing him a deep understanding of his client’s concerns and goals and establish clearly for the client what can be expected from Blair’s services.

Second Pillar

The second pillar is focused on the development of an effective strategy that takes into account the client’s specific goals and needs for liquidity. Richard takes a hands-on approach to the shifting and managing of assets to maximize the market performance of investment vehicles during high-times and minimize potential damage by way of downturns.

Third Pillar

Once a clear picture of a client’s client’s financial goal and the steps that will be taken to achieve them have been developed, Richard Dwayne Blair will then work with clients to implement and monitor the progress of these steps which is the third pillar to the Blair approach. Blair implements his own checks and balances system of sorts by constantly comparing the results by continuously tracking and comparing the financial maneuvers that are made to the original goals and objectives of his client.


Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of both MIT and Stanford with complimentary Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in computer science. He is an expert investor, experienced entrepreneur, and top level executive. Many times in his illustrious career he has been at the forefront of digital innovation. From online banking and social media, to in-game asset sales for video games. Currently he is the CIO for OPSkins, one of the largest in-game asset sellers worldwide.

CasSelle has been an investor of some of the biggest innovations to date. He invested early in Facebook, Zynga, and Bitcoin. CasSelle’s interest in Bitcoin is what made OPSkins the largest Bitcoin merchant globally, and now he is taking it even further.

OPSkins and CasSelle have just launched WAX, Worldwide Asset eXchange, and revolutionary player to player network that allows cross game trading and selling. CasSelle is the president and CEO. WAX uses newly minted blockchain technology and tokenization to operate in decentralized markets while avoiding fragmentation and fraud. For once players can get a return of investment on digital coinage and assets by selling them for actual currency. This is done through tokenization which allows any trade medium to virtualized for sale.

Using blockchains to create smart lists, WAX is able to sort buyers and sellers into guilds, allowing transparency in transactions so that every one is legit. Fraudulent operators will gain bad ratings allowing prospective buyers to avoid them. The only games that take advantage of WAX’s platform are the ones in its network. The possibility that WAX creates is staggering considering the effect blockchain technology has already had on cryptocurrency markets.

According to many experts blockchain technology will be the catalyst that virtualizes traditional banking. The rise in tokenization means that anything, including stocks and equity, can be digitized. As gamers represent a huge market, one that has been dealing in cryptocurrency for awhile, the inclusion of cross game sales by big gaming companies could change everything. CasSelle is certain of it, and more to the point he believes that WAX is the tipping point. Only time will tell.


Rodrigo Terpins is a graduate of Saint Hilaire College, where he received training in Business Administration. After earning his degree, Rodrigo went on to gain leadership roles in companies like Lojas Marisa, a women’s retail store that came to be one of the most popular and successful businesses in the country of Brazil. Under his direction, Lojas Marisa saw a lot of expansion and financial growth during his 15 years as its CEO. By 2008, he became the Senior Director of another company called T5 Participacoes, where he is currently employed.


Coming from a family of avid sports fans, Rodrigo Terpins developed a big interest for the sport of rally driving in his younger days, and he and his brother Michel eventually started training to compete in the Sertoes Rally, a multi-state off-road driving contest that takes place in Brazil every year. Since forming their Bull Sertoes team in 2015, the brothers, along with their two other driving partners, have won a number of first place awards in the 7-stage event that features a great deal of rough terrain for all the competitors to try to conquer. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Being one of the sons of Jack Terpins, who was a professional basketball player in their home country in the decade between the 1960s and 1970s, Rodrigo Terpins was already exposed to success in the world of athletics. As a young boy, he became a huge fan of speed racing, and he and his brother began learning about how to repair cars and race with them. This led to them later getting a spot in the Sertoes rally, where they would maneuver through the race aboard an MEM Motorsports designed vehicle nicknamed T-Rex, because of its powerful V8 engine that makes it a little easier for the drivers to get over the mountainous roads involved with the rally. For more details visit Ideamensch.


Rodrigo Terpins and his team have a high number of fans, some of which try to stay connected with them on the social media websites they have profiles on. The business executive and rally driver is known as being one of the Sertoes Rally’s most talented and decorated drivers.


In the year of 2007, Avaaz was established as a United States online site, which contributes to worldwide policies on problems such as, worldwide climate change, dishonesty, individuals rights, deprivation, disagreement, and animal rights. An interesting fact about Avaaz is that in the United Kingdom, there is a paper called The Guardian, and they identify Avaaz as being the world’s biggest and important online active communication system.

There was a world organization of individuals who helped to coordinate Avaaz and they are Res Publica. Res Publica devoted their time and efforts in order to encourage acceptable administration, civil excellence and thoughtful political system. Another group of individuals who helped to coordinate Avaaz was an online site called move on. This online site was a non profit organization and was created in America.

Frequently, Avaaz assists in campaigns that are considered to be modern. For instance, referring the whole world to engage in global climate change. This results in Avaaz assisting in creating a bigger help system worldwide for refugees. An interesting fact about Avaaz is that it has composed and published hundreds of these campaigns annually. Not only do they do campaigns, but they also electronically transmit approximately over a thousand emails, announcements and valuable information relating to the campaigns.

All over the world Avaaz has dedicated their time and effort in order to help people in need. One thing that is great about Avaaz is that they try to accomplish their goals and for the majority of their time they accomplish approximately ninety nine percent. However, not everyone is perfect, but when Avaaz does tend to make a mistake, they are dedicated to correcting their errors and submitting them to their ad campaigns.

In closing, as it is shown above, Avaaz has successfully helped many people worldwide and their dedication and accomplishments show proof to this. All over the world people have relied on Avaaz to help them out with their problems and Avaaz takes the time and effort to help the individuals with the needs at hand.

Louis Chenevert was the CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) between 2008 and 2014. His six years term in office were some of the best for this company. He managed to accomplish what many others before him had not managed to get. He was driven by love for success and made every effort to see that the company succeeded. In just six years, he tripled the share value of the company. Besides that, he left the company in a very good position to make profits for many years to come. He used his time as the CEO to make a mark that will remain for many years to come.


Louis Chenevert always wanted to be a successful business person when he grew up. At a young age, he developed interests in entrepreneurship and business. With the passion that he had for excelling in business, he made decisions which made him a key leader in business. He pursued a degree in production management at HEC Montreal School of Business. Armed with this degree, he was ready to help companies accomplish their targets by ensuring that production was running well.

The first company that Louis Chenevert worked for is General Motors. Here, he learned the most important factors in a production environment. He managed a high production facility. Production at GM was one vehicle in one minute. The process, therefore, needed precision of the highest order to ensure that nothing goes wrong.


After working in the auto industry for some time, Louis Chenevert moved to the aerospace, industry. He wanted to try something else, and this could only be accomplished by working in an industry that was closely related to what he had experience in.


In the aerospace, Louis Chenevert worked with Pratt & Whitney Canada before being moved to Pratt & Whitney in the United States. His performance in Canada was so good, and the company wanted what had happened in Canada replicated in the main company. Pratt & Whitney is a business under UTC. At the height of his role at P&W, he was the president of the company. Again, he was moved to UTC where he had an opportunity of working for ore business and not just P&W.

It’s not atypical to hear a spokesperson ramble on about a company’s beginnings while an audience watches on in faked interest. Well, that’s not to say that Jeunesse’s beginnings are anything to write home about, but they’re certainly more impressive than your average. The story begins with a duo of inveterate entrepreneurs who weren’t satisfied to settle with retirement, so they re-emerged from their shells to do once more what they always did best: enterprise.


That duo was none other than Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. While they’re names that you’ve probably never heard before, they’ll surely be remembered when we mention details like Jeunesse’s birth date landing on September 9, 20099 p.m. on the dot. The obsession with the sacred symbolism of the number 9 doesn’t stop there: They went on to release the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), which features nine anti-aging products that aim to eliminate many of the modern complications of our well-being.


Y.E.S. stands as a testament to what there’s still time for in life while we still have it. It’s an all-natural solution that attacks age-related issues from all angles by addressing what causes them, including:


  • Free radicals
  • Poor diet
  • Poor exercise
  • Excessive exposure to artificially induced radiation
  • Constant emotional stress
  • Toxins in the air, water and food


The unique aspect of Jeunesse and their nine-point system is their humble acknowledgment of nature’s power. Rather than throw pills at the issue and hope that it disappears, Y.E.S. was designed to provide deliberate doses of carefully curated ingredients to arm the body’s natural defenses against these complications. The issue isn’t that the body isn’t aware; it’s that we don’t supplement our systems with all that’s required to prevent these damages from occurring while repairing the damage that’s been done thus far.


The products that are included in Y.E.S. do the following and more:


  1. Wellness

Give your immune system a boost, bounce back from illness and stay well-defended from offending elements in your day-to-day life.


  1. Performance

Give your mind and body a boost, sleep well at night and awaken with a fierce readiness to take on the world ahead.


  1. Beauty

Eliminate simple flaws in your skin and bring back that glow that’s distinctly you.

Founded decades ago, Market America is a revolutionary product brokerage company that uses a cutting edge form of direct selling to get their products in the hands of customers. Based out of North Carolina, Market America provides products through their site, which stops over 35 million items. They’ve expanded across the globe with Market America branches everywhere from Canada to Australia to Europe to Hong Kong.

One of Market America’s recent program launches is the Motives Apprentice Program which can be used by the company’s network of independent salespeople to raise their own profits and boost sales.

Motives Apprentice Program allows salespeople to take on a group of apprentices, usually teens and young people, to teach them how to sell the company’s cosmetic products. The apprentice can give customers their information and make their own profits from the sale while the independent salesperson also benefits from their team of new sellers. The program is absolutely free to sign up for those ages 14 through 18.

While in this program, teens can earn income on their schedule while maintaining commitments to school and extracurricular activities without the demands of a traditional part time job. The teen apprentice gets their own website for sales, and can become a traditional business associate of the salesperson once they become old enough! In addition, they learn valuable sales skills as well as communication and learning about how to properly run a business.

While there are lots of benefits for the teenage apprentice, there are just as many benefits for their mentor salesperson! The salesperson gets additional BV on the apprentice’s customers, which increases with repeat orders. In addition, the salesperson can network with the apprentice’s customers and they’ll be able to sign on the apprentice to become a business associate once they turn 18 years old.

The Motives Apprentice Program is a valuable experience that teenagers can utilize to earn income while learning about running a business and making a sale. The mentor also gets incentives from the deal. This program is a must try for Market America salespeople!

Aloha Construction is a roofing, siding and gutter repairs company whose headquarters are in Lake Zurich, in Illinois state. The company was established in 2008 with the aim of offering high quality and affordable services. It has been able to carry out 20,000 roofing jobs since its inception. The company has a reputation for excellent client service and integrity.

Aloha Construction won the 2017 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. This award is meant to encourage businesses to provide the best services. Nominated companies are assessed by a panel of judges who pick a winner. The president of Better Business Bureau insists that this award is given to companies that appreciate their clients, employees, community and demonstrate high ethics in their operations and Aloha deserved this recognition.

Corporate social responsibility is an essential duty to Aloha Construction. The company is involved in various charitable works, through the David Farbaky Foundation which is its charitable branch like gifting exciting experiences to children with cancer and other health disorders. The roofing firm supports talent in the community through projects like sponsoring the Central Illinois Flying Aces Hockey team. It also sponsors the Roselle Medinah softball and baseball societies.

Aloha Construction has incredible customer service and care. They carry out free roof inspections each year to help their clients detect and repair roofing problems early before massive damage occurs. The firm has a warranty of ten- years on their roofing services which shows how much they value their customer satisfaction. Also, they have partnered with Synchrony Financial to ensure an efficient payment system for clients. The firm was also awarded to celebrate it for achieving its target of completing 20,000 roofing jobs.

Employees at Aloha Construction are a family according to the founder and CEO, Dave Farbaky. Each year, the company gifts the top performing employees with all-expense paid holidays to Hawaii with their families to appreciate their hard work. The employees are assured of stability through long-term jobs, excellent working conditions and good salaries. The Better Business Bureau considered these facts when honoring the roofing company with the Torch Award.

Music is a global language spoken by all individuals. Depending on the interests of the person, different genres have different musical compositions and melodies. In the music industry what matters in attracting a large fan base is the flow and musicality of the lyrics. One of the musical group that has succeeded in attracting a large fan base by developing quality music is The Chainsmokers. In the United States, The Chainsmokers commands a large following despite not being in the industry for many years. The group comprises of American DJ and production guru Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The group has taken the American music industry with a storm. For instance, in 2014 one of the single hit Selfie become a top twenty single in various countries. The group debut album Bouquet was released in 2015 comprising of songs such as Roses was able to reach top 10 on US Billboard Hot 100.


As a result of producing music that is resonating well with the public, The Chainsmokers won the Grammy Award for the category of Best Dance Recording. Besides, their single Closer becomes the first number one on the chart. Moreover, the group has won other awards such as American Music Award and iHeartRadio Music Awards.


Receiving such awards shows the high standards set by the group in coming up with quality music that resonates well with the audience. After their release of the debut album, the band does not seem to slow down, and they have released their second album titled the EP Collage in November 2016. In the second, album some of the singles are Memories Do not open which has received positive attention from the audience. One of the unique aspect that The Chainsmokers have is their humble beginning in the course of launching their music. For instance, the launching of their debut single Selfie was first performed live by the duo at Timeflies at Terminal 5 back in September 2014. After the release, the song received high ratings, and recording label such as Dim Mak Records picked it up and released it afresh. Since then Chainsmokers have become a force to reckon within the musical industry.