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Do not mistake Betsy DeVos’ gentle public persona for weakness. When it comes to education policy, she is a force of nature.


Just prior to the federal government reversing a policy permitting transgendered students to use gender-matched restrooms, DeVos had a meeting with Education Department official representing LGBTQ employees. She gave that person a heads up, letting them know the policy change would take effect.


According to reports, DeVos wasn’t completely on board with the reversal and that message was communicated with the representative. However, she followed suit and ultimately supported the president’s decision. Whatever points she disagreed on, her sense of duty was solid.


DeVos has long been a fierce champion and support of education reform. Whether contributing millions of dollars or chairing the Michigan Republican Part, she is passionate about her beliefs. On the surface, her demeanor is classy and polite. Behind the scenes, she works tirelessly to push for families’ access to school vouchers and access to educational alternatives, such as charter schools. If that meant sizable donations, she did it. If that meant a strong counter-campaign to replace politicians that she found to have weak positions on education, she did that, too.


Although DeVos is a newcomer to national politics, she is a quick study. She knows how to network and can be persuasive, both qualities that many suggest will allow her to hold her own in a sea of old cronies. Many feel that those who immediately dismiss her will come to regret it. DeVos’ Michigan roots are wealthy, but also blue-collar and humble. Working for her father, a self-made businessman that amassed wealth from the ground up, she was never afraid of hard work. That gave her the initial foundation that will make her formidable in D.C.


Although she narrowly passed the Senate’s vote for her to become Secretary of Education, one of DeVos’ initial moves was to try and build a bipartisan bridge. She contacted the heads of the nation’s leading teacher associations in hopes of creating a dialogue and building a bridge toward understanding about education policy. It was no accident. According to associates, DeVos is highly adept at taking adverse views and finding common ground.


In fact, Michigan residents that look favorably on DeVos see a different regard on the national level. Statewide, she is viewed as a tenacious fighter for education reform. However, the nation doesn’t seem sure what to make of her yet. Despite the divergent views, DeVos’ commitment and grit probably won’t change. She will just bring her steadfast approach to Washington and bring the same dedication to the U.S. as a whole.


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There are investors who are always keeping a close eye on the latest trends in the world of technology. This allows them to get in on the ground floor by making investments in those companies that are revolutionizing a certain product or service. One of the tech companies that has attracted many investors over the past few years has been CloudWick. This is a company that is heavily involved in storing data for businesses of all sizes around the world. Their unique technology has enabled them to grab a sizeable market share in a relatively short period of time.

Investors like the business model that CloudWick has been using. They are providing low cost data storage solutions to many startups and small companies that are still trying to get established. This is a very large and lucrative market that many of the other data storage companies have completely ignored and failed to tap into. They have been gaining new clients at a furious pace over the past year. There is no sign that this will slow down any time soon.

One of the other things that investors love about this company is their Data Lake service. It gives companies the ability to have all of their data stored in a single location. This is a huge convenience for businesses that are tired of using data storage companies that have their data spread out over multiple locations. There is no question that investors believe that the Data Lake service has endless potential for the future. There are many investors who feel that CloudWick has not yet scratched the surface of what Data Lake is capable of. It remains to be seen if that is the case.

CloudWick is using the large influx of capital from all of their investors to develop new technology. They have numerous top secret projects in the works. Many of these projects involve improving their existing data storage service and developing brand new services which will keep pushing the data storage industry further into the future. There can be no doubt that the company will keep attracting new investors.

The bull market in US stocks remains intact, although there have been a few times where it seemed as though it may be coming to an end. The current bull market is one of the longest in history and it is beginning to worry some on Wall Street. One economist Ted Bauman, feels that the stock market may continue to climb higher, but that it could just as easily crash. Mr. Bauman spent much of his career living in South Africa. He worked for many years taking on leadership roles in housing projects aimed at helping those in need. When he returned to the United States, he was hired to be an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. One of the topics he loves to write about is low-risk investing strategies. He feels that investors who adopt this unique investment style will make more money in the long-run.

Ted Bauman feels that a potential stock market crash in the US could happen really soon and he provides some scenarios of what could cause a crash.One factor that could cause US stocks to fall is that it is one of the most overvalued stock markets in US history. Ted Bauman favors the CAPE ratio to determine if assets are undervalued or overvalued. The ratio is currently as overvalued as the period in the late 1990’s with the crazy speculation in tech stocks. This was also the most overvalued that US stocks had ever been. Mr. Bauman sees a scenario where more and more the financial experts will all start to come to the same conclusion about stocks. Eventually, investors would all begin to dump shares as fast as possible.

According to Bauman, he also feels that the stock market may crash suddenly and jump right back in a short period of time. This took place in October 1987. The stock market had its largest ever percent decline in a single day. With all the programmed trading that takes place today, investors following the same moving averages and indicators would all act in unison, all selling at once and causing a crash. Mr. Bauman reminds investors that those who did not panic back in 1987 actually made money amidst the market turmoil because it did not take long before the stock market bounced back.

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When Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk revealed his plan to create subterranean tunnels for transportation, many logistics sightseers could not stand but agree that his journey to accomplishing the project will face many challenges. However, a China-based e-commerce market leader recently announced its plan on working on a similar underground passage for parcel delivery to clients.The announcement of the new logistics development was made public at’s 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Summit held in Beijing. The company stated that it plans to create an independent logistics center that will be recognized as Urban Smart Logistics Institute and will be given the mandate to enhance plans for urban logistics hubs, top-notch styling for modern logistics systems and large data and cloud compiling forums for logistic purposes.

The center will be run and managed by a joint number of a reputable business and academic characters from Shangai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, Beijing Wuzi University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Nankai University, The Institute of Comprehensive Transportation at The National Development and Reform Commission, Sinotrans&CSC and the Shanghai Maritime University. The team should be able to accomplish quality standards on the final report with all the technical and human resource at hand.According to Jingdong, on their “to-do list” is a task required to determine if the underground logistics systems can utilize incorporated metropolitan pipe subways and subterranean paths.

The theory might sound scientifically and geographically impossible, but the company believes with enough allocation of resources and research, this might be the answer to satisfying urban models.Creating these underground tunnels will mean that the heavy freight vehicles that contribute to the immense traffic and environmental pollution in urban models will be eliminated. If Jingdong succeeds in creating an effective underground delivery system, the massive urban logistics operations will be more environmentally friendly as well as creating space for other transport systems left in the ground. With the eradication of at least half of the traffic, the new streets will enjoy an aesthetic feeling.China’s growing urbanization will benefit immensely from the project if it is actualized before the rest of the world jumps into the bandwagon.


Business entity exists to make profit. This is one of the primary goals at Stream energy but has other goals such as the social corporate responsibility where it gives back to the community and has deliberately committed to over the years. to be more concise, Stream runs two non-profit organizations; Steam Cares and Stream Cares Foundation which was recently launched.

Houston and its environs where brought into ruins thanks to the Hurricane Harvey. It destroyed almost everything erect on the ground from structures to vegetation and brought that area begging even just to get basic needs; food, shelter and clothing. The Stream Energy Patch came out strong and helped salvage the situation. In collaboration with the Red Cross among other humanitarian organization it helped build up their lives altogether.

Stream Energy Patch contributed to this course through donating its resource, time and offer support to the victims. It just achieved more than just giving back. It is reportedly said, Stream contributed a large chunk of its sales proceeds to the course making its philanthropic track very robust. Nevertheless, this is not the only time, the company has been involved in CSR activities, this just strengthened its relationship with the community it serves.

About Stream Energy

This is a privately held company that offers energy services using the MLM model but also does direct selling. It is based in Dallas, Texas and was founded by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji although Larry Mondry is the present Chief Executive Officer.

Initially, Stream offered gas, oil and electric services but has since enlarged its line products to include Stream wireless and mobile phone services. Today, it does not only serve the Texas market but has a presence in seven other states namely; Washington D.C, Georgia, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York. Stream Energy is a keynote electricity provider in the United States.

Its MLM model is enticing to those who are seeking employment or investment opportunities. Stream Energy Associates who sell its services have a network that helps push to have a large consumer base. The associates get great commissions on their sales and can add more members into the marketing model and earn as much. It offers highly discounted packages to its clients around the world.

If you are in need to grow your private credit, Gareth Henry is the man to approach. He is rich in experience in credit management. He has headed several prominent US-based investment firms including Angelo Gordon and Fortress Investments.

Gareth’s enthusiasm about the alternative asset industry has enabled him give a proactive approach in raising substantial funds for investors in the industry. There are a number of factors that have influenced strong growth in the recent past discussed here below.

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, there have been several the regulatory changes for banks. Henceforth, banks have cut down on their lending to private companies, mostly in the middle market. Thus most of them have become very cautious when advancing loans, never to be caught unawares.

On the other hand, there have been increasing regulations regarding public company disclosure. This has been necessitated by the accounting scandals experienced in most public companies in the recent past. This has increased the amount of disclosure required of a public company.

Quarterly reporting requirements for public companies means that investors are ever on the management’s toes when they fall short of expected results. The quarterly reporting gives investors an angle from which they can hold the management of companies responsible in the short run for non-performance. Thus the management is under pressure to perform both in the short and long runs.

Gareth Henry has been very influential in seeing movements into private credit and striking equity deals among institutional investors. According to Gareth, there is a growing trend whereby large institutions are making individual company investment decisions.

His experience and education as an actuary has been influential in his understanding of the complex nature of private credit. Gareth Henry has built a very successful career in the alternative assets industry over the years. While working at the Fortress, as its head of international investor relations, he created and an incredible sales strategy which addressed the firm’s institutional and fixed product lines i.e hedge fund, credit, fixed income, and private equity.

Before joining Fortress, Gareth Henry had worked with Schroders, a money management company based in London as its Director of Strategic Relations. He has also worked at SEI Investments in Philadelphia and London as their investment manager and at Watson Wyatt as their analyst.Mr. Gareth Henry possesses a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Edinburg.