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Igor Cornelsen studied engineering at the Federal University at the Parana Engineering School. He enrolled in 1965 and after two years, he decided to change his major to Economics instead. He graduated with a degree in Economics in 1970.

When Igor started to work in banking, he was able to get the opportunity to work in Rio de Janeiro. By 1974, Igor Cornelsen has become so good at his job that he was picked up by Multibanco to be a part of their Board of Directors and after two years on the board, Igor became the CEO.

In 1978, Igor Cornelsen went to work at Unibanco, which was at the top of the market in Brazil at the time and he worked there up to 1985. During the time of the drastic increase in the inflation rate, Igor started to work for Libra Bank, a UK-based merchant. He moved to London and worked for Standard Chartered and was a member of the board. He worked at the company until 1995 and then he left to start his own company.

As he began his own business, Igor Cornelsen would survey the culture of the market and wanted to determine what was what and how he could potentially improve it for the coming years. After doing this, Igor then set a vision for the culture following which, he went to work on the strategies he would have to employ to make sure that his vision will be achieved and set in stone.

Additionally, Igor Cornelsen communicates his goals to his staff as well as the customers so they are able to see how much needs to be done in order to have a proper company. Igor Cornelsen is very keen on making his vision come to pass by being involved in investment of assets.

OSI Group is a global food provider which provides premier products and services. It has its headquarters in Aurora Illinois and branches spread across the globe. David McDonald who started as project manager worked his way up to become the company’s president. Under his expert leadership skill, the OSI group has made tremendous steps in growth and success. McDonald has been with the company for over 30 years.


The company recently bought Baho food which is a Dutch company which deals with Deli meat and processing other foods. Additionally, it has established 10 Chinese branches which specialize in poultry. In 2016 OSI food solutions the UK received a prestigious global award from British safety council for environmental risk management. This award is presented to organizations which have shown exemplary services in environmental management. Similarly, the company was given the Globe of Honor award in 2013 and 2015.


OSI main focuse its services in the production of proteins which are packaged and sold in supermarkets and chain restaurants worldwide. Currently, it operates in 17 countries under the leadership of McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin. In 2016, the company purchased Flagship Europe taking over frozen pies and poultry production. By purchasing Baho and Flagship Europe, this company sets itself to acquire new opportunities in Europe. In fact, it has expanded in Spain and Europe. OSI group used the same means to venture into Asia and United States Markets.The group maintains a diverse range of services as it enhances its presence in the local market. As a matter of fact, it purchased a food plant in Illinois managed by Tyson food that was at a blink of closure. Tyson Food purchased at $7.4 million gave OSI more production options. With precise marketing and product development, it has managed to stay at the top of the market even with the unfriendly economic state in the previous decade.


OSI Group is continually undergoing expansion through opening more branches worldwide and standardization of its product a move that guarantees high quality product and food safety. It has proven its commitment to quality by using high technology in the production process and conforming to regulations in all its subsidiaries. More importantly, the company actively participates in charity such as Feeding America and Ronald McDonald House. In a nutshell, the company is set to experience more growth.

Jacob Gottlieb is the founder of Visium Asset management an investment company with global offices in New York, London, and San Francisco. Recently, Gottlieb launched his new firm, Altium, a health care oriented investment firm which is focused on investment opportunities relating to the growth of companies in the healthcare sector. Altium invested its capital in some health industries which include, Oragenics, Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP), and Amarin Corporation (AMRN).

Gottlieb is an alumnus of Brown University and New York University School of Medicine graduating with BA in Economics and MD respectively. In 2010, Gottlieb was appointed as P.R.M by Professional Risk Manager`s International Association, and in the preceding year, he was awarded with Financial Analyst Charter from Investment Management and Research Association.

Gottlieb has always had the vision to bring development in the health sector through building healthcare investments. Before forming his own investments companies, he partnered with other members to form Balyasny Asset Management where he appeared as the top earner, and he gained world popularity for huge portfolio gains. He also worked at Merlin BioMed in New York City as investment portfolio manager gaining plenty of experience. For two years he worked at Sanford C. Bernstein as a buy-side analyst his main focus directed on global health care investment.

Gottlieb has partnered with two leading healthcare firm, Iguana Healthcare Partners and Bay City Capital in sharing Altium`s office space in New York. This move appeared beneficial as Gottlieb previously at Merlin BioMed worked with Stuart Weisbrod, Iguana`s founder, and CIO. The three firms working joining hands to work together opens the floodgates for new opportunities in healthcare investment sector.

Besides a successful career, Gottlieb has shown remarkable efforts in philanthropic events. He has been donating his time and resources to organizations which assists vulnerable and underserved members in the community.

OSI Group has been the leader in providing food to some of the largest brands in the world for decades, and behind this progress is President David McDonald. Mr.McDonalds has been working for OSI Group for years and his expertise leadership and push for innovation have carried the company to new heights. In a sit-down interview, we go in-depth with David McDonald to understand how OSI Group has not only created success but also how it remains at the top of the industry.One of the mission statements for OSI Group is “entrepreneurial passion and a can-do ethic.” We asked David Mcdonald how this mentality and vision has played out for the company?David states that the company because it is private, can afford to be flexible, however, the need for patients and seeing the big picture instead of quick results continues to be one of the cores of their success.

How is OSI Group doing in the Chinese Market?

A mix of long-term partnership deals and flexibility has created great business success for everyone in China, David McDonald says. According to Mr. McDonalds, understanding the market and their culture has been one of the most crucial aspects of succeeding and because OSI Group has had over 20 years of experience thankfully the market gave them a chance.

How are your employees innovating the food industry?

According to David, their customers are the ones who actually push OSI Group to innovate. Often customers want to change something in their menu, whether to cut cost or offer a more authentic menu but OSI Group always works to make that request come true, whether we have the equipment or not the employees and their can-do spirit make it happen. David comments that these risks are always worthwhile, no matter the results there is always something to learn.

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