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The Internet of Things abbreviated as is continually gaining popularity globally. It is because of its ability to allow devices to either connect or the internet with the aim of improving efficiency or performance of a particular task. The Internet of Things tends to impact all individual across the globe. For this reason, Jason Hope has decided to give some brief insight about The Internet of Things in his E-book titled Understanding The Internet Of Things.

But who is Jason Hope? He is a prominent entrepreneur as well as a celebrated researcher and writer. Currently, he is a commentator on matters technology trends that hit the headlines as well as a writer at the Internet of Things. Apart from being a staunch believer of the Internet of Things, Jason Hope also has passion and loves to give back to his community through charity.

In his E-book Jason refers to the Internet of Things as an unstoppable technological wave that will impact all stakeholders ranging from business, consumers, and industries. He says that all these will change the manner in which people contact their day to day operations. According to him, The Internet of Things is going to be the primary determinant of which direction technological waves will sway.

Jason Hope predicts that by 2020, The Internet of Things will be rocking the entire world of technology. He further says that all items that have an on and off button will all be incorporated by The Internet of Things. According to Jason, The Internet of Things is a revolution. A revolution in all aspects of human life. Electronics, kitchen appliances, cars, oil jets, and more will become The Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is indeed a substantial investment that will leave the worlds biggest cooperation’s tumbling to pieces. All sectors of the economy have begun embracing the technological transformation that is being offered by The Internet of Things.

Jason Hope further states that the potential of The Internet of Things can never be underestimated. It has the power to transform how business operations are conducted entirely. It stands to be the most significant technology changer wave that will ever be witnessed in this generation.

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The SEC whistleblower program gives various awards to qualified whistleblowers who collect and provide authentic information that can be used to conduct a successful SEC action enforcement that has a total civil penalty above $1 million. Whistleblowers can receive between 10%t-30% of the monetary sanctions collected. These financial sanctions are as a result of SEC and other related actions brought by law enforcement agencies.

For those individuals seeking to have representation in SEC whistleblower awards, check out the following SEC tips for more information.

Set Up a Material Violation

Most SEC whistleblower lawyers begin the analysis of a claim incorrectly by finding out the award eligibility of a whistleblower. By doing so, the cart will be set before the horse. For a whistleblower to have a successful claim, first, you ought to find out if you can establish a material violation of the securities law. What this means is that, using your tip, you can prove a serious violation that can warrant the utilization of its minimum resources.

Determine Eligibility Fast Enough Since it Can Impact Award Percentage

The next step includes determining eligibility for a successful claim. This step comes after you have found material violation due to various reasons. For instance, many individuals may not be able to present material violation, but almost everyone is eligible for the award, with careful adherence to some steps. Furthermore, external auditors, lawyers, or individuals mentioned in the wrongdoing may comprise the list of those eligible for awards.

Moreover, determining a persons eligibility is complicated. This determination may greatly vary upon the relationship the individual has with the company, and how the information was obtained. For instance, financial auditors can report to the SEC and be eligible for an award if:

  1. Have enough evidence to believe that the disclosure is necessary to avert cases that can lead to possible injury to the financial interest or property related to investors or a business entity.
  2. They believe without a doubt that the business entity is involved in a practice that can impede an audit of the misconduct

Act Fast

You need to act fast to maximize your potential award. Whistleblowers can receive between 10-30 percent of the collected monetary sanctions. The SEC considers the timing of a whistleblowers tip as a crucial factor in determining the amount to be awarded.

For eligibility, the whistleblower needs to provide original information that the SEC does not possess. Do not wait to submit the report as someone else might rush and file before you even have a chance.

Furthermore, when the whistleblower considerably delays the information reporting to SEC, the amount of the award can be reduced. In 2015, about 20% of the awards given were cut due to unreasonable reporting delays.



After being voted one of the Top Workplaces for the past five years by the Houston Chronicle, Talos Energy offers a great place for people to work. They offer excellent employment opportunities along with benefits and a variety of packages to choose from. In addition to their great wages and the things they offer their employes, they also give them the stability that comes from working with one of the top employers out of Houston. There are many things the company has to offer and that allows them to try different things so the can help even more people. The company has a lot of goals for the future and they use their dedication to their employees to help them with each of these goals. It’s important to the business to make sure they’re doing things to help others no matter where they go or what they’ve done in the past.

The company spent a long time learning about all the opportunities they could use in the Gulf of Mexico. Their ability to work in a variety of seismic areas allowed them to reach more natural resources and reach out to areas other people had never been able to explore in the past. It’s important to the company to try different things that might make it easier for their customers to get energy. They also try things that allow them to do more in the natural resources sector. Because of this, the company spends a lot of time helping other people.

Based on the options Talos Energy has for others, they know there are things that might make them a better company. When they acquire new business, when they work with new customers and when they figure out the best cutting-edge technology, they feel they can try things differently. It helps them show people they’re the best and they have a lot to offer since they spent their time learning about the different experiences they can use to give back to everyone who needs it. By doing this, the company is much different from any other business in the industry.

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Matthew Fleeger is a Texas businessman who currently heads up one of the fastest growing and most exciting exploratory oil and gas firms in the energy business. The firm, known as Gulf Coast Western, was originally started by Matthew Fleeger’s father in the early 1970s and what started out as a small regional oil company operating in the oil fields of Texas and Louisiana is now a leader of major joint partnership operations in the exploratory oil and gas field of hard shale and sandstone. These drilling areas were once thought to be economically unfeasible in terms of drilling and extraction, but new technologies that have arisen since the early 2000s have made drilling in these regions a reality.

The techniques of hydraulic fracturing and drilling of a horizontal nature are the two methods developed in the 2000s that have changed the oil drilling game forever in regard to what is known as hard oil. These methods have also had the extra benefit of reducing overall costs from a labor perspective. Matthew Fleeger has led Gulf Coast Western to a point where it has become a leader in exploratory drilling in hard plays and a leader in the area of joint ventures in which exploratory firms pool data and resources for mutual benefit in drilling discoveries.

The massive amount of experience that Matthew Fleeger and the Gulf Coast Western team have in the American oil business has been instrumental in helping the firm to consistently grow over the last decade. Matthew Fleeger spent his youth around the oil industry and then returned to it after some time away where he founded several companies that were non-oil related. During his time as CEO, Gulf Coast Western has brought its investors some impressive returns and due to the fact that the boom in shale drilling is expected to continue for some time, the future looks great for Matthew Fleeger and his Gulf Coast Western operation.