Academy of Art University: San Francisco’s Top School of Fashion Design

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The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion Design is amongst some of the top fashion design schools in the country. This higher-learning facility has made its presence known at numerous high-profile events such as New York Fashion Week. The school participates in this grand event on a regular basis, and it has made it all the way up to its 21st appearance. Academy of Art University is the school of choice if you want to explore your creative side. Its campus is located on New Montgomery Street in San Francisco, California.

New York’s Skylight Clarkson Center was ground zero for many of New York Fashion Week’s main attractions. The Academy of Art University well-represented itself in 2017 with a stacked lineup. Many of the school’s MFA and BFA graduates put on an exquisite show. Two menswear lines, two collaborations and five womenswear lines were displayed amongst a packed house. Ms. J. Alexander, from “America’s Next Top Model,” was spotted in the crowd. In addition to that, Skylight Clarkson Center was packed with industry insiders, prominent celebrities and the general public. Eden Slezin and Dina Marie were two of the school’s past graduates that presented their eclectic fashion lines.

As it has always been, the event was a hit and the Academy of Art University left with another notch in its belt. This for-profit school has been conducting business since 1929. Throughout the decades, the school has gained plenty of publicity, which has caused it to grow at a fast rate. There are nearly 13,000 students here. In addition to the students, there are more than 282 full-time teachers. Preparing its student-base in the fields of communication, liberal arts and design is its main objective. The Academy of Art University is definitely something special, and it’s on the verge of something even greater thanks to its diverse mix of students.