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Healthcare startups have a positive influence on the economy. They have already started to show their significance in making the economy robust. For Ara Chackerian, this is not of any surprise. He recognizes that the new innovative players in medicine play a crucial role in driving innovation and increasing value. Nevertheless, many investors are concerned about startups due to their continued nature in overwriting. Some are surprised that these startups haven’t resulted in mergers or initial public offerings. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Years ago, Ara Chackerian realized that innovation in the field of medicine such as robots, digital imaging, AI, would increase chances of survival as well as nurturing medicine economy. He once told investors that innovations in the field of medicine would lead to sustainability of the healthcare sector. For instance, digital recordkeeping, advanced diagnostics, and computing were brought by the innovation of startups. Ara Chackerian believes that the success of healthcare startups can be accelerated by entrepreneurs who can sell the change and make returns to the investors.

According to the New York City Healthcare Business statistics, healthcare startups rose to $703 million in 2017. The report stated that the rise had been contributed by the support from the local and federal government as well as universities. Moreover, companies dealing with healthcare devices such as pharmaceuticals and biotech led to the success.


It is imperative that investors and governments back healthcare startups. Healthcare startups will continue to see money flowing back to the economy, encouragement of innovation, and favorable outcome on the treatment of patients. Ara Chackerian is a successful innovator who plays a crucial role in strengthening the healthcare system in our economy. You can visit to see more.



About Ara Chackerian


Ara Chackerian is an angel investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and co-founder of TMS solutions. He currently serves as director of ASC Capital holdings. He invests in healthcare companies that are dedicated to healthcare innovation.


Ara Chackerian has more than two decades investing in healthcare firms. He has co-founded multiple healthcare companies such as (provider of Telepharmacy services) TMS (behavioral health services) and BMC Diagnostics (a national provider of diagnostic imaging services)



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