Ara Chackerian Attempts to Help The Environment Through His Businesses

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Ara Chackerian lives in San Franscisco, California and is a fan of healthcare, the environment and sustainability. He has interest in fitness and technology. Ara Chackerian got a B.S. in marketing from Florida State.

Chackerian is an angel investor, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is ASC Capital Holdings managing director. He invests in healthcare companies in the early stages that want to reinvent the healthcare system in the United States. He ash cofounded several companies including Pipeline RX, BMC Diagnostics and TMS Health Solutions. Each of these companies makes a contribution to the healthcare industry.

Ara Chackerian’s experience as an executive includes Pipeline RX and TMS Health Solutions’ Executive Chairman. He was also the PSS/World Medical executive vice president. PSS distributions medical products internationally. He has over twenty years of experience in the building of companies for healthcare.

The Chackerian’s are committed deeply to giving back. The have supported and founded a number of non-profits that focus on the education and development of youth for a decade. Their efforts are now in the United States, Nicaragua and Armenia.

Ara Chackerian is passionate about the sustainable farming of teak while helping with the prevention of deforestation. They want the production of teak to be done in a way that is environmentally friendly and sustainable for the long term. Aram Terry and Ara Chackerian lead Limonapa and are both committed to developing the programs growth over the long term and producing the highest standards of teak. For more details visit his page.

The Finca de Limonapa farm is about a thousand acres Nicaragua’s Chinandega region. It was mainly used as grazing land for cattle before it was bought in 2015. The farm is just part of the challenge of global deforestation because the years of cattle grazing took its toll on the land. The company hopes that they can provide employment that is consistent for the farmers so they aren’t in need for as much open psture land to help suppor the cattle.

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