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It was recently reported by industry insiders that Jay-Z, with his groundbreaking deal with Live Nation coming to an end, has been reaching out to many of the music industry’s most powerful people in an effort to secure a new deal. In Jay-Z’s original deal with Samsung, which was reported to be for 10 years, bringing in $150 million for the mogul, a clause was included that would allow for either party to purchase the other’s stake in the company. While Live Nation has been open about their intention to end their deal with Jay-Z in regards to the Roc Nation recorded music catalog, due to the lucrative nature of their touring deal, the fully intend to renew it. According to insiders at Live Nation, the reason for not continuing their recorded music deal with Jay-Z and Roc Nation is due to the fact that they are no longer interested in purchasing stakes in recorded music in general. Outside the Santa Monica, CA, offices of Universal Music Group Chief Executive Officer Sir Lucien Grainge, Jay-Z, alongside his longtime associate, Desiree “Dez” Perez, was spotted. This new development has sparked increased speculation that Jay-Z and Universal Music Group are in the process of working out a deal, particularly because UMG is already partially invested in Roc Nation, albeit in a rather minute capacity. The Roc Nation roster consists of superstars such as Rihanna, Meek Mill, Shakira, and Fat Joe.

Desiree “Dez” Perez is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation, helping to oversee many of the company’s most important sectors, including management, labeling, and publishing operations. Desiree Perez has been one of Jay-Z’s closest business associates for over 20 years, helping to guide the trajectory of his career, as well as the artists who call Roc Nation home. While she is one of Roc Nation’s top executives, she is well known throughout the industry for her formidable negotiation skills, recently helping Rihanna to secure a deal with Samsung.

Logan Stout is the CEO and founder of a company called IDLife. He is also an author as well as a motivational speaker.Logan Stout’s passion is being able to get the most out of people that he can. With a passion for this, it is no wonder that IDLife and Logan Stout himself have become the successes that they are. He is also a well-known philanthropist too.

IDLife is the brainchild of Logan Stout. He has designed his company to work with the consumer and not against the customer. His company provides information that the consumer can use in order to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. How is this company and Logan Stout changing the way that people view personal nutrition? Here are four things to consider.

The first thing that Logan Stout and IDLife have done is change the way people view the supplement market. This is because each plan that is formed is used specifically for that consumer and only that consumer. Targeting the individual plan helps the customer live a full and active life. The second thing to consider is the motivation of the executives for the customer to succeed. This what Logan Stout and IDLife were created for. The company is only as motivated as the leader who runs the operation and you won’t find anyone more motivated for people to succeed than Logan Stout. The third factor that one can take into account is the fact that only the highest quality ingredients are used for the products. Logan Stout believes that supplements are only as good as the ingredients in them. IDLife and Logan Stout make sure that the highest quality ingredients are used and sourced responsibly for their customers. It is the only way that Logan Stout would put his name on a product for the masses. The final reason is that clinical studies and scientific data back the claims of IDLIFE and the products they sell. Many journals, peer reviews, and consumer feedback have contributed immensely to the success of Logan Sout and IDLife.

Logan Stout is a firm believer in helping people any way he can. By creating IDLife, Logan Stout has single-handedly redefined the world of personal wellness and made it a tool for the mass audience. For him seeing people succeed in the arena of personal nutrition is the best thing that he can hope for, step by step.

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Troy Mcquagge is the Chief Executive Officer of the US Health Group. Troy was born in the city of Panama in Florida. Troy graduated from the university in the central Florida in the year 1983.He studied Business administration at the institution and he had high hopes of securing a job after his graduation. Troy was optimistic that he would prosper in his life thanks to his good career.

Mcquagge was able to secure a job the same year at an insurance company namely the Allstate insurance company. Troy joined the department of students in the year 1995 after being a member of the United Insurance Companies. Troy demonstrated an excellent performance and leadership style while at the department.

Troy was named the president of the insurance agency two years after being exemplary in his leadership. While at the United Insurance Company, Troy equally demonstrated good skills as he executed duties that his bosses did not think he could handle. Troy worked at the insurance company until it was purchased by private owners in the year 2006.

The private investors retained Troy due to the experience he had acquired in leadership management at the company. Troy was appointed as the sales manager overseeing efforts that were being placed in the development projects. He was tasked with managing the new company’s ideas. The company was nicknamed the Health Market’s Group.

The premium sales increased during his reign to 1 billion dollars in the year. The insurance agency won an award under his stewardship due to the financial muscle which had been placed in the company’s hard work. Troy joined the US Health group company in the year 2010 where he was appointed as the company’s president and chief executive officer.

Troy also served as the company’s vice chairman and the marketing officer. Troy has been instrumental as the company has been instrumental in attaining high profits. Troy has gained over 34 years of experience in the marketing, health insurance among other fields over the years. The entrepreneur has been recognized by various organizations for his tremendous work that he has undertaken while at the company. Troy received the CEO World Award while at the USHealth Group. The award is normally awarded to the best world leading company where the executive has been innovative.Check more:


How to Choose the Right Freedom Life Insurance

Most people understand the benefits of life insurance. But choosing the right kind of life policy can be confusing. Below are some tips that can help you make this significant decision:

When to Buy Term Life Insurance

If you wish to buy life insurance for a specific duration of time, go for term life insurance. This policy lets you match its length to the length of your need. You can, for example, opt into a 20-month plan to fund your son’s college tuition. Another example is when you want to clear a term loan by a specified future date. Here, you can arrange to buy some term life insurance that matures when you need to pay off the obligation. Many companies sell this type of insurance. Visit Freedom Life Insurance or any other company that you like for more advice.

If your budget is tight, and you still want to buy a substantial amount of life insurance, buy term life insurance. The policy pays when the policyholder dies during the term of the plan. It expires when the period comes to an end. At this point, the person has to either renew the policy or buy a new one altogether.

When to Buy a “Convertible” Term Policy

Will your needs change along the way? Buy a convertible term policy. The policy allows the option of switching to a permanent plan. But you will have to pay higher premiums.

When to Buy Permanent Life Insurance

If you prefer a cover that continues for the rest of your life, buy a permanent policy. The policy pays benefits whether you die tomorrow or after one hundred years.

If you want to build savings on a tax-deferred basis, consider buying permanent life insurance. It allows you to have both a savings element and life insurance. Your savings may be used to pay the policy premiums when you cannot. Furthermore, you can borrow against your savings. Your credit does not have to be excellent for you to qualify for such a loan. You do not need collateral either. If you die before loan settlement, the company deducts its dues and pays your beneficiary the balance.

With these tips, confusion around life insurance vanishes. Do you need to buy some life insurance? Call a reliable company such as Freedom Life insurance and buy the policy you prefer. Good companies like Freedom Life Insurance will patiently explain everything to ensure you make informed purchase decisions. Learn more:

Betsy DeVos is an American reformer. During the time she studied at the Calvin college, the young prince of Elisabeth commenced her vocation which led her to be involved with university politics. This was how her political career started and had never looked back since then. For a period that exceeds 30 years, Betsy has been in the forefront, running a variety of campaigns; she has also been a part of political action committees which is evident with the six years she spent chairing the Republican party of Michigan. The reforming affinity has always been part of her family. Back in 2006, Betsy’s husband Dick DeVos was nominated to be the Republican governor of the state of Michigan.


Whether in politics or business, Betsy has always attempted to find innovative solutions aimed at fixing social problems. In 1989, Betsy DeVos alongside her husband established the Windquest group which is a privately owned company. This company has been making significant investments in technology, clean energy, and the manufacturing industry. As of now Betsy is the chairman of the Windquest group


Betsy DeVos has been leading numerous reform efforts in various nonprofit positions. She is the current chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos’ family foundation, where her charity efforts range expansively. Betsy is a member of many of American nation and even local boards. For instance, Betsy serves in the membership position at the Kennedy Center and is on the board of DeVos Institute of art management.


Across America, Betsy DeVos has been recognized as the leading advocate when it comes to the educational choice movement. This is the reason Betsy was elected to the chairman position of the American Federation for Children while at the same time being the current chairman of the alliance for school choice.


In a recent interview, Betsy stated that one of her biggest successes was in the state of Florida. Under the reformed Tax credit scholarship program, Florida has been able to enjoy some of Americas most prolonged period of extensive educational choice availed to students. What most people don’t know about Betsy is that she has also been supporting homeschooling as another perfect educational option.


Betsy’s Spouse, Dick DeVos is an American entrepreneur, author and renowned businessman from the state of Michigan. Dick DeVos vied for governor of Michigan in 2006 but lost to his Democratic opponent. Currently, aside from running his business empire, Dick has dedicated his efforts to philanthropy just like Betsy with the objective of empowering American lives.


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An individual familiar with the situation told Reuters that the Kerrisdale Capital Management had raised about $100 million against a single stock from its investors. It now seems like the present Kerrisdale “co-investment” fund would be the first of its kind given that Hedge fund Managers raised money that would be directed on a specific investment thesis, such as the recovery of the distressed residential mortgage-backed securities and energy firms.

Additionally, the relatively small New York company was planning to channel the money to stock another firm that was yet to be named soon. The targeted company had been planned to be unveiled in Mid-May as indicated by someone who spoke on condition of anonymity since the information was not intended to reach the public at the time. The firm had already started establishing its position in the company that was yet to be named.

Within a short period, the firm raised a meaningful amount of capital according to an email written by Adrangi that had been leaked and reviewed by Reuters. An analyst at Kerrisdale who focused in the upcoming campaigns called Shane Wilson and SahmAdrangi are working collaboratively in the creation of videos, reports, a website among others that they would use to relay their information and convince others about their thesis. The duo had struck a chord within the alternative community, and as indicated in the email, they had raised the firm’s assets to about $10 billion, and they had successfully gotten everyone to understand different insights they possessed about it.

Sahm attended Yale University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Besides, he is an eloquent speaker who is recognized internationally. As a speaker, he has been invited to deliver talks at the following conferences, Sohn Conference, the Value Investing Conference, Traders 4 a Cause, the Activities Investor as well as the Distressed Debt Investing Conference. Furthermore, SahmAdrangi is a public figure and has featured in various publications such as the Washington Post, the BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, Business Daily, New York Times among others. Also, he appeared in interviews at CNBC and Bloomberg.



Equities First Holdings have offices around the world that stretch from the UK to Australia, and they have put in a lot of time trying to give people the loans that they need. They want to be the boutique office that everyone comes to for the loans they want, and the company makes sure that everyone gets a loan that is specific to them. The loans are a lot easier to get because the company does not ask for the reason why the loan is needed, and they also make sure that they give good customer service after the loan.

They are expanding often, and they like to tell their clients that they are an LLC that will help people get service much better than the largest banks in the world. The offices they keep around the world all offer the same service, and they loan to anyone from a private investor to a big company.

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Recently, Jason Hope pledged to give $500, 000 to the SENS foundation. This foundation under the leadership of Dr. Aubrey DeGrey is at the forefront of doing research to combat diseases that can be categorized as the side effects of aging. Some of the more common ones are diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and atherosclerosis. Jason believes that not only is this type of work important for obvious reasons, but it is ultimately the future. Mike Kope, the CEO of SENS foundation feels that the time is now ripe for a biotech company to do research in this largely neglected field. Therefore, he believes that Jason’s contribution is a much-needed shot in the arm for this type of research.

The donation that Jason made to the SENS foundation is actually in tune with his attitude towards business and life. He considers himself to be a futurist of sorts and has dabbled in many start-ups that can be described as futuristic. When it comes to technology Jason Hope has a good understanding as to how it works, and how it can be applied in future applications. This is how he is able to make predictions on the direction technology is headed, and invest accordingly.

It’s not only large foundations involved in big research that Jason helps out with. Through his website, he encourages young entrepreneurs to come up with ideas. He then takes a look at them and decides which ones would be interesting and helps them get started. He does this because he believes that it has become too expensive for young people to start a business, therefore helping them out can also put him in the driver’s seat of future ideas. However, he is also a big advocate of staying focused on one project at a time. He believes that going from one project to another without completing it is counterproductive. He is a firm believer that IoT, the Internet of things is here to stay and be a big part of peoples future.

Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. He completed his undergrad degree in finance at Arizona State University and went on to get his MBA from there as well. Today, he lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is passionate about supporting various causes. These can include but not limited to, education and research. Some of the foundations he has worked for include, the Andre Agassi Foundation, Tony Hawk Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Phoenix and Family Health International to name a few.

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As the senior vice president of Legendary Investments as well as the President of TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar has emerged to be one of the best entrepreneurs globally. He is a businessman who also spares his time to participate in humanitarian work thus making the society develop. He is a businessman who deals with real estate and finance. As a philanthropist, Lubar is dedicated to building homes to help those who can’t afford them. In his higher education, he got a B.A in speech communication from Syracuse University.

Before being so successful, Todd Lubar first worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan starter. At this company, he got the chance to associate with important business individuals. Some of these prominent names are; real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial organizers. Furthermore, he was well exposed to mortgage banking.

His next company that he linked with was Legacy Financial Group; given his excellent skills, the firm acquired $100 million in terms of the loan. Todd Lubar then decided to take a leap of faith and started his first organization which he named Legendary Properties LLC. This company has so much developed. It has been able to close over 200 contracts. One of the aims of the company is to advertise thus helping a number of real estate properties. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Lubar’s hard work in his career and acquiring so many skills opened a door for him to partner with some business associates and as a result, the completed a number of business deals which summed up to $20 million. He then began the firm’s branch and named it First Magnus Financial Corporation. Visit Patreon for more details.

Todd Lubar’s company provides excellent services and the staff members put in more effort to achieve their objectives. The unceasing hard work of the people of the firm has declared the company to be inclusive of the best organizations in the United States. After seeing what the company has accomplished, Lubar opened the next fir called Legendary Financial LLC. The fir does their work as well as offering loans to upcoming businessmen to do well in their enterprises.

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Jason Hope is an incredible entrepreneur based in Arizona who is passionate about mobile communication technology business. Moreover, Mr. Hope is a philanthropist and a healthcare technology investor. Jason is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he graduated with a Finance degree. Later, from Carey School of Business, he attained an MBA. Jason is usually excited about the internet of Things (IoT) Trend. This trend is a type of technology where different devices can sync with each other making work more comfortable such as kitchen appliances, street lights, electronic and car devices and many others. Moreover, it offers mechanisms that can adjust and monitor the temperature and lighting of a room. According to Jason Hope, IoT will make a significant difference in the way society runs processes.

Jason Hope’s career involves investing in technology companies by providing advanced marketing services. Some marketing services include Digital Media Solutions and Interactive Software Search Engine Optimization Computer and Business Information Systems among others. As a start, Jason created Jawa mobile communications which earned him partnerships from many technology companies.

To market the company’s products, Jason uses strategies like social media and referrals to win potential clients and essential business networks. Jason believes networking is the vital function of improving business. Therefore, Mr. Hope keeps a firmly based relationship with all market contact and references. Jason advises entrepreneurs to always focus on a particular project at a time for efficiency and market trust.

Also, Jason believes to succeed ideas should be simple and easy to implement not too complicated for the market. When he has an idea, he usually explains it to the people around him, because they are the first customers, who then help him implement it or change if it is a common marketing strategy. According to Jason Hope, currently, businesses in high demand and with high profitability, are social media related jobs, internet marketing, and SEO.

Moreover, Jason is a humanitarian and has contributed to a large number of organizations. Jason donated $ 500,000 to SENS Foundation to support research on Rejuvenation Biotechnologies with an objective of fighting age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. He has helped many other organizations around the US.

As a mentor, Jason Hope travels around Scottsdale speaking to high school students on different topics such as developing programs for entrepreneurs. He has mentored many students who are positive for a bright future. Jason Hope is passionate on how technology has advanced, and he hopes entrepreneurs will keep embracing it.

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