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In the year of 2007, Avaaz was established as a United States online site, which contributes to worldwide policies on problems such as, worldwide climate change, dishonesty, individuals rights, deprivation, disagreement, and animal rights. An interesting fact about Avaaz is that in the United Kingdom, there is a paper called The Guardian, and they identify Avaaz as being the world’s biggest and important online active communication system.

There was a world organization of individuals who helped to coordinate Avaaz and they are Res Publica. Res Publica devoted their time and efforts in order to encourage acceptable administration, civil excellence and thoughtful political system. Another group of individuals who helped to coordinate Avaaz was an online site called move on. This online site was a non profit organization and was created in America.

Frequently, Avaaz assists in campaigns that are considered to be modern. For instance, referring the whole world to engage in global climate change. This results in Avaaz assisting in creating a bigger help system worldwide for refugees. An interesting fact about Avaaz is that it has composed and published hundreds of these campaigns annually. Not only do they do campaigns, but they also electronically transmit approximately over a thousand emails, announcements and valuable information relating to the campaigns.

All over the world Avaaz has dedicated their time and effort in order to help people in need. One thing that is great about Avaaz is that they try to accomplish their goals and for the majority of their time they accomplish approximately ninety nine percent. However, not everyone is perfect, but when Avaaz does tend to make a mistake, they are dedicated to correcting their errors and submitting them to their ad campaigns.

In closing, as it is shown above, Avaaz has successfully helped many people worldwide and their dedication and accomplishments show proof to this. All over the world people have relied on Avaaz to help them out with their problems and Avaaz takes the time and effort to help the individuals with the needs at hand.