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Ubuntu Education Fund was founded in the year 1999 by Malizole Gwaxula ‘Banks’ and Jacob Lief, who also acts as the CEO. The fund is aimed at helping the needy children at Port Elizabeth located in South Africa from when they are young to the point they are ready to take responsibilities.

It does this by providing them with educational facilities and as far as issues such as hunger, HIV/AIDs, children’s life at home among others.

The fund also gathers for the children’s medical needs besides the education.

Through the help of the world-renown Andrew Rolfe, who is also the fund’s chairman, the fund has achieved a lot of successes since its launch in the year 1999.

Recently during the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner, the Fund raised $972960 which was used further their objectives at a campus based in Port Elizabeth South Africa which includes a pediatric clinic.

The Fund also aims at admitting more needy children around the area to benefit with its projects and bettering their lives.

At the event, guests enjoyed delicacies along with Xhosa music and various motivating speeches by the guests. And among the guests were the beneficiaries of the Fund.

The story of Sinesipho

Sinesipho, a determined and hardworking girl, is among the many poor kids who have benefitted with the Ubuntu Fund. She was rescued from her abusive home. Her father was an alcoholic which deprived her peace while at home which eventually affected her education.

When she joined the Fund through scholarship, Sinesipho also received psychological counseling, and she’s now admitted to a Law School.

At the event, goods worth $38667 were auctioned; spearheaded by Charlie Ross, a British Auctioneer.

In her speech, Bank the CEO of the Fund mentioned that over 2000 children around Port Elizabeth area have benefitted from the Fund. He also added that the program offers mentorships to the children and vocational training opportunities.

About Andrew Rolfe

Mr. Rolfe is currently working at Ubuntu Education Fund as its chairman. The Fund is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing services to poor parts of Africa which include educational scholarships, health education, and services, among other social services.

Andrew also works at TowerBook Capital. Andrew is an alumnus of Harvard Business School with a degree in Business Economics and arts degree from the University of Oxford.