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Knowing that the number nine represents longevity, the founders of Jeunesse launched their company at 9.00AM September 2009. They would sell a package that consists of 9 products. each of these products would play a part in maintaining their client’s youthfulness. The products address different aspects of life from memory to beauty. Here are the products they offer:

Memory improvement

Jeunesse came up with two products clinicaly proven to improve memory and concentration. Mind and Cera-Q are inspired by eastern medication. They contain proteins derived from silk-worm cocoons.

Skin care

Luminesce is a product designed to restore the youthfulness of the skin. It reduces the visibility of lines and wrinkles. It also restores the skin’s natural radiance.


To help its customers have enough energy to go around, Jeunesse offers Nevo. Nevo is an energy drink that has real fruit juices and only 50 calories per can. It has no sweeteners or sugar.

Diet supplement

To ensure the body gets all the nutrients needed, Jeunesse developed one of the most advanced supplements in the market. FINITI contains a unique combination of fruits and vegetables which offer the body the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Defence against radical damage

As the body ages, some cells start damaging themselves. RESERVE helps the body defend itself against radical damage. It contains a powerful blend of superfruits which supplements the body with much needed antioxidants.


To help the body slow down the process of aging, Jeunesse offers AM Essentials and PM Essentials. Together, these two provide the body key vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They help the body fight against premature aging and prepare the body for restful sleep.


The point behind eating healthy and exercising is burning fat and building muscles. ZEN BODI helps strike a balance between these two. It curbs appetite, help the body to burn fat and help in building up muscles.

A quick fix

In just two minutes, Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless reduces the visibility of eye-bags, wrinkles and pores. This is perfect for those looking for a quick fix.

Beauty kit

NV is a beauty kit that has special skin nourishing primer, foundation and bronzer. This will help give you that perfect finish.

It is no secret that different products are needed for different hair types. For a brand to offer formulas that help everyone, there needs to be a wide range a blends that suit everything from straight, thin hair to thick, curly hair. Wen by Chaz [] has a line of cleansing conditioners that do just that. While many remain skeptical about changing their shampoo, the natural ingredients in Wen’s products will make any hair type feel amazing.

One person in particular who decided to see if Wen really works was a writer for’s fashion and beauty section, Emily McClure. She submitted an article about the effect of Wen’s cleansing conditioner on her normally fine, limp hair. She documented her week long trial with daily entries as well as photographs. In the pictures, there is no doubt that Wen added body and shine to her hair. There also appeared to be a good amount of touchable softness that was not there before. Overall, the cleansing conditioner seemed to be a good experience for McClure, as it has been for many others.
What separates Wen by Chaz from other hair care brands is the innovation behind it. Instead of forcing customers to purchase five or more different products on Amazon, this company has combined everything in one bottle. This not only saves time, but turns out to be much less expensive as well. The unique blend of herbs, essential oils and botanicals gives the cleansing conditioner everything hair needs to get the shiny healthy look that people crave.
By choosing to test Wen by Chaz, Emily McClure showed her readers that the only way to truly know if something works is to try it. While many sit and wonder, those who go out and experience it for themselves will be pleasantly surprised. It just goes to show that for gorgeous and healthy hair, all you have to do is say Wen. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more information.