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Sam Tabar is an investment manager from New York City. Tabar is a member of the Full Cycle Energy Fund’s leadership team. He is knowledgeable in fields of venture capital, commercial litigation, business, and strategy development. Tabar has skills in financial analysis, hedge fund management, and executive management.

Sam Tabar’s educational background and interests

In 1997, Tabar enrolled at the University of Oxford in England and graduated four years later with a bachelor’s degree in law. During his college days, Tabar was involved in activities such as bowling and ballroom dancing. In 2001, he earned his master’s degree in law from the Columbia University. Tabar is a certified lawyer, and he is registered with the New York Bar Association. Tabar is bilingual with proficiency in the English and French languages. Additionally, he also speaks a bit of Japanese.

Sam Tabar’s work experience

After finishing his master’s degree, Tabar became an attorney at Skadden, LLP & Affiliates. At this law firm, he attended to clients with capital and fund-related matters such as hedge funds. In 2007, Tabar ventured into the capital investment business by taking a job at Sparx Group/PMA. Tabar acted as the managing director of the company and assisted the firm to increase its revenue. Tabar also worked at PMA Investment Advisors Ltd and was in charge of raising capital and managing assets. In 2011, he joined Hong Kong-based Merrill Lynch as the head of the equity strategy.

In 2014, Tabar was appointed managing partner of FullCycle Fund, a company dedicated to environmental sustainability. FullCycle Energy Fund was established by Ibrahim AlHussein, a venture capitalist. Tabar’s role at this firm is to raise the money required for the development of technology to be used in waste management.

Tabar also serves as the chief financial officer of Awearable Apparel, a company that specializes in consumer electronics and wearable technology. SheThinx is one of the organizations he has established and has invested his hard-earned money. SheThinx serves as a platform for women empowerment. The organization also provides period proof panties to women at affordable costs. SheThinx focuses on designing outfits that meet the fashion preferences of women.

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