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Tammy Mazzocco is in love with her real estate business because she controls it lock, stock, and barrel. She is a highly successful real estate agent who sells residential homes in four counties in Central Ohio. To Tammy, the real estate business is a people business where she can help solve the people problems, and the real estate takes care of itself.

Tammy got started in real estate by taking a secretarial job with a commercial real estate firm. After that, she worked as manager of a large condominium development for seven years. Her boss at that company encouraged her to obtain her real estate license to help him in some of his real estate projects. That was in 1995.

Tammy Mazzocco saw the light when she worked as a licensed assistant to a very large RE/MAX broker, and she got to experience how a large, successful real estate office worked. More importantly, she observed what the opportunity was as far as earning potential.

Tammy learned a lot from all the people with whom she had been associated, and there were several mentors who were instrumental in her overall development of knowledge and tactics. For example, one of Tammy’s favorite things to do is to set goals. Then she will break the goal down into actionable tasks that can easily be accomplished one-by-one.

Tammy was asked what activity or strategy would she advise anyone to do when working in a people business like real estate. Her answer was, “Treat the clients’ time and investment as if it were your own. Focus on the client’s needs and concern and get your mind off of your commission at the end of the deal. Stay in the moment and solve the client’s concerns at all times.” Tammy Mazzocco has the track record to back that up, because of the comments that home buyers give in recommending Tammy because of her knowledge and helpfulness.

A wedding should be one of the most important things you plan in your lifetime. Don’t mess it up by forgetting to have someone record it. George Street Photo and Video can help you capture your wedding in great detail with professional photographers. They have too many locations to list but here are a couple.


Charleston South Carolina


You’ll find age old oak trees at the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, and beautiful decor at the Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel.If you’re feeling adventurous you can bring up to one hundred and fifty of your guests and get married on the Carolina Girl Yacht.


Charlotte North Carolina


First up is the NOAH’S Event Venue in Charlotte. The Veiled ceiling is lighted while the center state in the room is as well. You can find a winter feel at the Founders Hall or a modern feel at the elusive Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel.

One of the most traditional aspects of the medial profession is the hospital. In many ways, the hospital is a look into the heart of the medical profession. Almost anyone who is a medical professional has at one time or another worked inside a hospital. When people think about the hospital, several things usually come to mind. One of the things is the smell of the hospital that is consistent from hospital to hospital but also the design of the hospital.

The hospital has basically remained the same while changing at the same time. One of the reasons why hospitals are moving forward in progress but still remaining still with tradition is the type of leadership that many hospitals maintain. In keeping with tradition, many hospitals are ran by medical professionals such as doctors.

As medical professionals, there are certain things that most medical professionals believe in regarding running a hospital. These beliefs have been passed from one generation to the next. Therefore, the way hospitals are ran has remained basically the same from generation to generation.

However, there has been a move in recent years to use more administrators who are outside the traditional medical background. More hospitals are looking to bring in hospital administrators who have a business background. This change has had an impact on how many of these hospital are ran. The primary reason being that the administrators with a business background have a different thought process regarding the management of hospitals.

The Copa Star is a hospital in Brazil that is ran primarily by administrators who have a business background. The Copa Star is a hospital that many people have talked about because it is much different than the traditional hospitals built over the past decades. The Copa Star looks more like a luxury five star hotel than a traditional hospital. The Copa Star has a look that is far different than what most people recognize as a hospital.

The Copa Star from its name and everything about it stresses luxury. People see luxury in every aspect of the Copa Star. The hospital has a unique environment that makes people feel special. This is the plan of the Copa Star owners who want the hospital to become the best hospital in Brazil. Visit their facebook page.

The Copa Star in many ways is what many business people see as the next wave of hospitals. The Copa Star was built with the understanding that patients are customers. Therefore, every aspect of the Copa Star reaches out to please the customer. The look of the Copa Star creates a great environment that provides patients with a feeling of first class treatment. The medical facilities are top of the line along with the medical equipment and technology. In addition, the hospital is filled with some of the best medical staff that Brazil has to offer. View more of the hospital at

In recent years, among the principal causes of concern in the realty market is title defects, which lead to wrongful foreclosures for some, while others cause stagnation in the transition of assets within the secondary market. According to the executives of the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) property records are significant in facilitating a smooth title conveyance as well as lessening the buyback risk or inability to foreclose. NTC is among the few leading research and document-processing service provider for the financial and mortgage industry. NTC has rolled out a strategy to ensure it simplifies the process of securing property reports thru launching an updated website to ensure property rights are available online.

Commonly, title defects occur when an entity or a person claims a property, which is evidently owned by another individual. There are some other factors, which may render a title invalid as outlined by the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Simple issues regarding wording in the document, which is not in line with the real estate standards for the designated area may make a title invalid. Additionally, a title may be invalid due to the failure to engrave the signature of the relevant parties, which are necessary to the transaction.

Previous liens, as well as other encumbrances failing to be removed, may render a title invalid. The failure to follow filing or recording procedures when recording realty documents may also render a title invalid. According to John Hillman, the CEO of the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., adequately addressing title defects before the transfer or sale of a property is critical. In an effort to positively impact the evolving mortgage sector, the NTC has ensured such property reports as Tax Status Report, Tax Status (Plus) Report, Assignment Verification Report Services, as well as Current Owner Report, are available thru online ordering.

The Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is instituted in Palm Harbor, Florida and was established in 1991. NTC is a private entity, which is a leader in the provision of research and document-processing services to the residential mortgage sector. NTC is reputed for its ability to deliver the highest possible level of accuracy in both research services and quality processing of documents, which acts as the industrial standard while being protective of homeowners, preserving the country’s records as well as aiding the mortgage banking industry. The company’s land documents and records experts are able to track and meet the county document requirements in its entire recording jurisdiction countrywide.

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Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina is making a big difference in the world of communication. As Founder and CEO, he created video communication products to help small business owners get their name out there and help bring in more customer traffic. Bob strives to help out as many people as he can, which is why he created these user-friendly products. He wants to see your dreams and aspirations come true by watching your business grow and soar like it never has before.

Bob makes it his mission to give back, whether to family and friends, communities, and even animals shelters. He is not shy when it comes to giving back. In fact, he is one of the most dedicated people at Talk Fusion. He continuously finds ways to incorporate giving back into Talk Fusion’s DNA. Recently, he announced the launch of a new program that allows Talk Fusion Associates to donate one free charity account to the charity of their choice. That charity will then have full access to all of the wonderful video products Talk Fusion has to offer.

Talk Fusion is the first all-in-one video marketing solution. Their products include Video Newsletters, Video Email, Video Chat, and Live Meetings. All of these products will be able to work on all mobile devices, which is great because you can reach more customers that way. Using these communication products is a breeze as all you need to do is record a video and then upload it to your Talk Fusion account before sending that video off around the world. Video communication is taking the world by storm as it is a much quicker and more effective way to communicate with others. People are able to see you face-to-face on the video and can re-watch it over and over again. You can easily connect with others anytime and anywhere. You can use these video products to promote upcoming sales, charity events, animal adoptions, new products, and much more. Every once in a while you can check out the 30-day free trial, where users will have full access to all of the wonderful things Talk Fusion has to offer.

So many times, we work so hard in life and we wonder if anyone notices it. We might miss family functions and miss out on important events in our friends lives. However, it is for a purpose and that purpose is to better ourselves and become stronger and better for the future. The harder you work, the farther you will get in life, no question. That has been the motto and the way that Sam Tabar has operated since he went to school at Oxford and Columbia Law School. After all, he graduated Oxford University with honors. That means you really have to pound the books, put in the extra hours, and focus solely on studies. So many college kids get distracted by college and just want to party. That is not Sam Tabar, though. He always focused on what was important, which was college and getting his degree.

It was one of the proudest days of his life when he received his degrees from both universities. As far as work life, he has worked for such companies as Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. The thing that sticks out with Sam Tabar is that everywhere he has gone, the company was in a better position than when he started. What this tells me is that he made an impact on these companies. He wasn’t just another employee or another person working there. He dedicated time, commitment, and dedication to helping them grow.

His stamp was left on those companies and all of those companies grew to great heights and made a great profit. They knew with Sam Tabar, he wasn’t someone you had to worry about or someone you had to keep a close eye on, as he always worked hard and always put his all into the job. It is not just a cliche with Sam, as it is a way of life. In fact, when reading this article, you can see that Tabar has a resume that most people would love to have.

As a company with a mission to not only provide high-quality online video products and services, but also to help people better their lives, Talk Fusion is proud to help various charitable efforts from all around the world. Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO, believes that a successful company should be socially responsible and take action to help people build their futures by giving back to communities.

Bob Reina’s leadership style has always been one of leading by example. His philanthropic efforts are numerous and well-documented. He has made generous donations to an orphanage in Indonesia, has given $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and has also directly helped alleviate the suffering of many animals who were sick or injured by ensuring they receive the veterinary care they need. Reina hopes that his generosity and dedication to helping make the world a better place will inspire others in his company to follow in his path, including the independent associates who promote Talk Fusion products in more than 140 countries around the globe.

Recently, Bob Reina has put together yet another initiative to help those in need. Talk Fusion has launched a program that lets each of their associates donate a free account to any charity they choose. This gives the charity free access to all of their marketing products, as well as full branding and customization. That way, charities and non-profit organizations around the world can spread their message without using donation money to pay for communications and marketing expenses.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing innovative and powerful online video marketing products and services. They aim to be the all-in-one video marketing solutions for businesses, with products like video email, newsletters, live meetings and their famous Video Chat software. Their products are marketed and sold by independent associates from all over the world, who showcase them to companies that could benefit the most from high-quality and affordable online video marketing solutions. Talk Fusion’s product lineup is constantly being perfected and the company has received several awards for innovation and ingenuity in the technology industry.


Eric Pulier is among few professionals in the business world who have gone the extra mile to establish a culture that is inspired by the need to achieve growth and stability. He has pioneered the creation of several venture capitals like Virtual Desktops (Desktone), US Interactive and Media Platform.

He is also rich in literary skills and he has authored several books that have helped young entrepreneurs to understand the industry better. His skills at public speaking have helped him to effectively host several forums and he was selected to work as the Enterprise Leadership Council’s Executive Director.

At a tender age while in Teaneck High school, Eric Pulier joined classes to learn programming computers, something that allowed him to launch a database company while still in high school. When he joined the Harvard University in 1984, he had his passion for computing advanced. In this period, he also studied English and American Literature. He later started contributing to The Harvard Crimson through his column, Pulier Leg. He discussed business and entrepreneurship and advised based on current news.

Pulier is also interested in supporting courses that touch on humanity. This spirit began way back while he was in high school. He is responsible for the establishment of several programs that are meant for children with chronic illness. Notable among his effort is his contribution at Starlight Foundation, which earned him international acclaim because he is the person behind the design and implementation of the program.

Starbright World supports more than 75 hospitals across the United States and offers a video conferencing network, which offers a real-time virtual environment. Through the project, many children with chronic illness have been able to embrace medication and receive useful support.

Additionally, Eric works with the Painted Turtle, a charitable organization that was established by Lou Adler and Paul Newman. The organization focuses on helping children suffering from chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier invests both his time and money into the foundation and has been offering technical support. His ideas and plans have helped to introduce useful technology that is improving the lives of these children.

When you have accomplished as much as James Dondero has, you are always on the lookout for new ways to expand, grow, and become better at what you do. You are never satisfied and you never stay content. You know that the minute you become content, that is when trouble sets in, as you have to stay hungry and passionate. He, of course, is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P. Now, he is working alongside Linda Owen, Dallas civic leader and former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The goal of their group effort is simple: find ways to give back thanks to Highland.

To me, it takes a strong person to reach out and ask for a little assistance. It doesn’t make you weak and it doesn’t make you less of a person. It means you are honest and you are looking to learn something that maybe you don’t know. There is no shame in that. There is always something out there to learn from someone if you listen and get right down to it. As far as Linda Owen, she is being put in charge as the firm’s charitable giving manager. This is a job she takes incredibly seriously and she has the experience to back it up.

That is why he knew it was a great idea for them to work together because he knew they could do wonderful things for charities. After all, there are always people out there that need a little help and a little assistance. If they can find ways to reach even more people and help even more people, that is all for the better. I have a great feeling this is going to be a partnership made in heaven and the possibilities are endless for what the future holds. They are just getting started and when you put two great minds like this together, anything is truly possible. The fact that James Dondero went out of his way to start this speaks volumes for the type of person he is and how much he wants to help others.


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A Wikipedia page is a specialized content page that is designed for anyone to access at any time. It was started to make sure that people could have just one place online to go to get their information, but writing an article for the site is not easy. It takes a special kind of writer to get the work done, and there is information at about commissioning a page for an individual. The pages that are written for people with an online presence are usually done by professionals, and that is why contacting Get Your Wiki is so important.

Everyone who wants to see their page published in light at Wikipedia should ask the Wikipedia editors for hire at Get Your Wiki to start writing the page, and the Get Your Wiki writers will follow a protocol that produces the best pages on the site. The writers know how to get a page to pass muster, and they write in the style that the client wants. An individual probably has some idea of how they want to create a Wikipedia page, but that does not mean that they can write it alone. They can get Get Your Wiki to ghost write the page, and then the information will be ready for anyone to search.

Wikipedia has become one of the most important places for people to find information in the world, and that encyclopedia has to be filled with good content. Someone who wants to repair their public image can get a professional to help them make a Wikipedia page, and then the page is sure to be approved by the Wikipedia staff when it is submitted. The page can be checked by a writer any time it appears to have been changed, and the client can ask to have it updated any time they want. That is the advantage of working with a Wikipedia writing service like Get Your Wiki.