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Seattle Genetics has put its primary focus on the study, manipulation, and packaging into drugs of the human antibodies. The firm has been concentrating on this since it was founded in 1998. The power that is in the antibodies from the company lies in their ability to connect to something else. These antibodies are capable of destroying the cancer cells from the inside by delivering a toxic payload. This strategy could make Seattle Genetics become one of the big league companies. It could become big enough to be the firm that the biotech community of Seattle has been striving to anchor.

Seattle Genetics is already the biggest biotech company in Washington, with a market value of almost 10 billion dollars. The firm mostly invests in the research and marketing sectors. In 2017, they were able to add in 200 more workers. Clay Siegall, the CEO, president, chairman, and co-founder of the firm, claims that they are coming up with a global multiproduct. Clay Siegall has the ambition and desire to move past the typical drug development of most biotech firms. He hopes to come up with a great company instead of having to sell to a larger company, which is the trend of most biotech firms.

The company is now changing the trend of what they did in its early years of development when they sold part of their shared to Takeda Oncology. The partnership of Seattle Genetics with Takeda has helped it to learn about global markets. This has led to the recent opening of an office in Switzerland by Clay Siegall so that it can do its international marketing. Seattle Genetics has 11 drugs in their pipeline. However, Clay Siegall says that four of those are the ones with the higher potential for immediate sales. These drugs include; Adcetrics, 33A, 22ME, and LIV1.

Clay Siegall was a co-founder of Seattle Genetics in 1998. He is the Chief Executive Officer, President and member of the Board of Directors of the firm. This firm is coming up with new clinical and preclinical products candidates. Their primary target is in various cancer and autoimmune indications. Dr Siegall has guided the firm in its activities of raising capital. He oversaw Seattle Genetics in the first public offering in the year 2001. Clay has also helped the company to enter into various strategic collaborations. Some of these collaboration agreements are with Genentech, MedImmune, Bayer and Progenics, and MedImmune. These ADC collaborations have helped in generating over 65 million dollars since 2001.