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Marc Sparks is a great testimony to people who think that their odds of being successful is limited due to their backgrounds. Many of these people think their lot in life is to have a mediocre job at best, due to a mediocre start in life. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and Mark Sparks is a prime example.

Marc Sparks started out as a C average student with only a high school education. He hasn’t had any formal training for the position he has today. He had attempted some business ventures that were epic fails. And surely, some of his family and friends must have shook their heads at him, and possibly were thinking that he wouldn’t amount to nearly as much as he is today. Nevertheless, these same people have to be in total amazement of his grandiose success.

His Attributes

Sparks is a serial entrepreneur. As mentioned above, he did have some flops with some business ventures, but he also has some astronomical success in other ones. And he is now putting all his nuggets of wisdom and the journey explored over 34 years into a book that would help others attain their entrepreneurial dreams. The book is called “They Can’t Eat You” by Marc Sparks.

Sparks lives in Dallas, TX, and he has a private equity firm which is called Timber Creek Capital LP. The website is He is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and venture capitalist. He is also extremely involved in telecommunications by being involved in Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless, and Splash Media. Additionally, he worked in business solutions and real estate.

Philanthropic Efforts

When it comes to giving back, he work with different organizations. For one, he help others constantly at a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn which is located in Texas. He has been a devoted participant with this program since the late 80s. Secondly, he participates in the American Can! Academy which is a network of magnet high schools. He supports this program with his “Sparky’s Kids” foundation in which over a 1000 new computers are given to at-risk kids. Another great philanthropic effort of his is the participation with Habitat for Humanity. He participated in building homes in this program.


From a C average student with only a high school education to a entrepreneur and business mogul, Marc Sparks is a great inspiration. He had attempted some business ventures that were epic fails, but he has also gain great success in other business ventures. With the many challenges he faced in his journey, many would have given up. But he kept his faith and tenacity.

And even though he has great success, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from- he always give back to the community, and he just doesn’t do something and stop just to be seen. He really gives from his heart, because he has constantly given back for several decades, and in various ways.