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The customers of financial services in Australia will forever remain grateful to Graeme Holm for the transformation that he has brought to the industry through the formation of Infinity Group Australia. He formed this organization in 2013 in collaboration with Rebecca Walker, who happens to be his wife. This was after a long service in the Australian banking system for more than seventeen years, where he worked for four of the largest banking institutions in Australia. The experiences of the customers in the banks was not as perfect as Graeme Holm would have wished to give to the customers. On the other hand, the kind of deals that the customers got were unfair, but the banks pushed them through the customers’ throats due to the desperate situations in which the customers found themselves while seeking the financial assistance.


This was not the only thing that angered Graeme Holm. He also observed that the customers of the credit services often found themselves in financial crises whenever they took loans from the financial institutions. This was due to the lack of adequate information relating to the contracts into which they entered with the financial lenders. After a long observation of the trend in the customer service in these institutions, Graeme Holm decided that the best way to solve those challenges was by forming a parallel institution that could offer similar services to those of the financial institutions but in a more decent manner. That’s when he founded Infinity Group Australia.


The formation of this organization was a great turning point for the services in the financial sector. Credit customers started receiving training from the company on the brilliant ways of financial management. The company also trained the customers in the budgeting techniques which enabled them to manage their income so that it could suffice their family needs as well as meeting their debt obligations. This was the reason the Infinity Group Australia was nominated the best customer-oriented financial institution in the industry.


Apart from being the principal of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm is also an entrepreneurial coach who trains young individuals in the easiest and most efficient ways to become successful entrepreneurs. In the advice that he gives to the trainees, Graeme Holm highlights to the young people the importance of offering their services to those who need it, even for free. He emphasizes that this is important because that’s how their value would get to be recognized and they would end up getting paid for their services. Graeme also indicates that there is no need for young people to purport to search for their talents. He explains that all they need to do is keep doing whatever they are passionate about and they would end up figuring out their talents, mostly in circumstances which they could never have anticipated.


Graeme Holm and Rebecca have made Infinity Group Australia become the dream company that every customer wishes to visit to get their financial assistance. This is through the excellent customer service that is offered by the institution to its customers whenever they seek their assistance. Learn more :