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Gregory James Aziz exudes confidence. The first thing you notice are the eyes, taking the measure of everyone he meets. If he has any self-doubts, they are not apparent. He gives the appearance of a great cat – silky smooth – ready to pounce. Clearly, this is a man who understands himself and is confident in his own abilities – a leader of men.

Initially from London, Ontario, he attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a degree in economics before joining the family wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. Aziz applied his knowledge and abilities at Affiliated Foods to help the business grow to the point where they had established distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada and were taking in fresh foods from throughout the Americas even from Europe.

When Gregory James Aziz parlayed his understanding of accounting to secure positions in investment banking, one of the transactions he directed was the purchase of a manufacturer of rail cars, called National Steel Car (NSC) from the giant steel company, ArcelorMittal Dofasco.


From its founding in 1912, NSC had long been a powerhouse of manufacturing, but Aziz believed it could do better. Using his knowledge and connections in the banking community, he organized the funding necessary to expand the company’s capacity across the board, from engineering research and development to the nuts and bolts of the manufacturing process. Within five years, employment grew from less than 600 to well over 3,000, and production increased from 3,500 cars a year to over 12,500.


In addition to production capacity, Gregory James Aziz stresses innovation and quality. For him, innovation means anticipating the future of the constantly changing world of railroads. His devotion to quality is evidenced by the fact that NSC is the only rail car manufacturer to be awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for 18 straight years.


The devotion that National Steel Car employees have for Aziz is legendary. Aziz himself insists that they are not just workers, but “team members,” and credits their pride and dedication for the company’s success. See This Page for more information.


Aziz believes in being a good neighbor and encourages his people to support the local community and local charities whenever possible. Every Christmas, thousands of employees, past and present, and their families gather for the company Christmas party and to contribute to the annual food drive for the needy. Aziz, along with his wife Irene and daughters Karina and Natalie, sponsors Canada’s major agricultural event, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Adam Milstein has been involved in helping Jewish people and the nation of Israel for a long time. Born in Haifa, Adam served his country and then studied Business and Economics at Technion, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. Later on, he went to the University of Southern California where he received his MBA.

After marrying his wife Gila, they had two daughters and move to the United States in 1981. He then started a career as a sales agent in the real estate industry. Today he is a managing partner, with Hager Pacific Properties; he supervises the company’s finances.

However, some of Adam’s greatest work is with the numerous charities and organizations he pours time, energy and funds into, so they can continue to operate. Founded in the year 2000, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is an umbrella for groups of programs supporting the education, information and history of Israel.

Their projects include:

NCSY – Helps Jewish teens develop a positive identity with their culture, through casual retreats and recreational fun, while empowering them to become leaders of their communities. Merona Campus Leadership Foundation – This foundation helps support Jewish college students throughout the U.S. to leadership roles resulting in being pro-active about Israel. They gather for brainstorming, speaking at networking events.

Middle Eastern Forum – This organization protects and promotes America’s interest in the Middle East, as well as support the United States fight against Radical Islam and other obstructions occurring in that area of the world. American Society for Yad Vashem, Inc. – Established in 1981, this is the American version of commemorating The Jewish Holocaust. In an attempt to support Yad Vashem,

Eli Zborowski z”l created this society. It started out with just a handful of survivors, but now has grown tremendously with the second and third generation of Holocaust survivors participating. The overall purpose is to make sure the world never forget. As you can see, Mr. Adam Milstein has a huge interest in trying to make the world a better place through information and education. He takes pride in his culture and he want to make sure the future Jewish generation know their roots began in Israel.


Anthony Petrello is the administrative and chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Nabors Industries limited. Petrello is among the most highly paid CEO`s in the United States of America and has an extended period of experience in the field of entrepreneurship. Through the Nabors Company, Anthony Petrello has profoundly contributed to the crafting of the American way of life which has, in turn, changed the culture of many individuals in the United States. His contributions to the Nabors Company, which is a leading drilling & gas production firm, has served as an inspiration to many individuals in the country.

Petrello has over the past years proved to be an excellent manager and has exercised his business strategies to maximize the level of production of Nabors Company. His concern and strategic plans in his operations have led to the creation of many job opportunities in the United States, and this has seen many individuals improve their living standards through the income they earn from the company.

The successful CEO was raised in the humble background of the Italian neighborhoods, Newark. He was a firm believer in success and worked towards achieving his goals. At a young age, Anthony Petrello learned to read and write and mastered numerous mathematical solving strategies as well as calculus. The rich business man later acquired a scholarship at Yale University where he would pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics. He worked together with lang, a determined theorist to solve numerous mathematical problems that most individuals did not understand.

After completing his college education, Petrello collaborated in some companies before settling for Nabors Company. Through his hard work and passion, the entrepreneur climbed through the ladders faster and became the chief executive officer of the enterprise. He is a man of a good heart, and together with his wife, Petrello contributes significant amounts of money to charity projects each year. He has also contributed towards developing his community and thus amended by many people. He believes that entrepreneurs can solve the problems experienced in their ventures through endurance and intelligence when it comes to decision making.
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Todd Lubar is a real estate entrepreneur with over twenty years’ experience. Apart from the real estate industry, he has worked in other industries such as mortgage banking, construction and entertainment (night club). Todd lives in Bethesda Maryland but loves to visit Orange County in California.

Todd’s Daily Schedule at TDL Global Ventures

Todd is a family man who starts his day with having breakfast with his two beautiful children. He also does daily workouts, checks his Google emails and the latest news updates on Facebook before heading to work. At TDL Global Ventures, Mr. Lubar holds the prestigious President title. He likes being up to date with the real estate industry news because it helps him prioritize his day. Mr. Lubar is very organized and keep up with all the departments in his business to make informed decisions.

Todd’s Opinion on Technology

Todd is fascinated by technology because it assists him in the development of his home. He can control his lighting and air conditioning by the touch of a button. Also,he mostly uses his phone to monitor the security cameras installed in his house. Todd custom builds his software devices because he wants his systems to function in a specific way.

Todd’s Perspective on Life

Todd advises people to surround themselves with people who influence and challenge you to grow. Todd’s favorite book is by David Schwartz title “The Magic of Thinking Big ” that challenges individuals to set high expectations and think big in terms of investments.

Todd’s Career Background

Todd Lubar’s career in real estate commenced in1995. Todd holds a Bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Syracuse University.

Apart from being TDL’s President, Todd also serves as Legendary Investments’ Senior Vice President, He previously worked at Legacy Financial group as well as Crestar Mortgage Corporation. At Legacy Financial he assisted it to grow to a production unit of approximately one hundred million dollars per year.

Todd has years of experience in several industries which has assisted him to excel and run his real estate business. Todd established good business relationships with financial planners, insurance and real estate agents to learn more about the real estate industry.

History is filled with groups of people that have been beaten down and marginalized. While some groups came out of it okay, there are other groups that are still struggling from the fall out. The Jews are one of the groups that came out of it okay. They are staying together and making successful lives for themselves. This is where it begs the question as to what is needed in order for a people to overcome.

One thing that a group of people need to overcome their struggles on leadership. There needs to be strong leaders in the group that will actually take action. They will figure out what is needed to be done and then they will take the time to do the necessary work. One other thing that is needed are some foundations that are set up to help the members of the group so that they will be able to find their way and rise up from their trials.

You can also find Adam on youtube.The Jewish people have a lot of strong leaders. This is the reason they were able to overcome their struggles. Among the active leaders in their community is Adam Milstein. He is someone who is very successful. He is also someone who is very active in helping out the Jewish people in Israel and other countries. He has set up a foundation that will provide Jews with the resources they need in order to achieve success in their lives.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation has made a lot of efforts and progress in making sure that the Jewish people have something to go towards when it comes to strength and prosperity.Adam Milstein and the Jewish people are examples of a group of people who have pull through their struggles and been very productive about their activities.


With experience and expertise of 40 years, Mr. Christopher Burch is not your average entrepreneur or investor. Mr. Christopher Burch has mastered the art of investing and entrepreneurship. Some of his great accomplishments include owning his company called Burch Creative Capital, helping to the success of Ellen DeGeneres and also being an investor in Eagles Apparel, a company that started with a capital of two thousand dollars to now being worth more than 165 million dollars.
These are just but a tip of the iceberg concerning the accomplishments of Mr. Burch. Chris Burch’s entrepreneurial skills and success started in 1976 when he was still a student at Ithaca College in an undergraduate degree program. At that time, he began Eagles Apparel with his brother. Later, he sold it to the Swire group at 165 million dollars.
As you can see his entrepreneurial thirst started at a very tender age. He was super interested in fashion and how technology could be integrated into fashion hence him starting Eagles Apparel. For a very long time fashion and technology seemed two parallel entities that could never meet at a common point but with advancements in both sectors especially the technological sector, this is no longer the case.
Currently, in catwalks, Google glasses are being accepted which is against the norm that used to exist. Diane Von Furstenberg, a top fashion designer, has been championing for this adoption. Some technological gadgets have also become fashionable and attractive, for instance, the Beats Pill or the Beats by Dre headphones are being adopted by the fashion industry. The Beats Pill, Beats by Dre headphones, iPhone 7, iPod or the SwegBoard were both made after the consultation of a fashionista or a designer.
They used the creativity of a fashion designer and the intellect of an engineer to make such magnificent devices. All these devices show that the parallelism that existed between fashion and technology is no longer there. Mr., Burch is concerned and interested in this relationship. According to Mr. Burch, this is just the start of this relationship between fashion and technology. As years’ pass, this relationship will grow into until they become inseparable. Another instance of the interaction between technology and fashion is in the making of Pseudomorphs and DareDroids.
One recent innovation between fashion and technology is in the making of helmets for cyclists with airbags fitted into the helmets.