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Founded decades ago, Market America is a revolutionary product brokerage company that uses a cutting edge form of direct selling to get their products in the hands of customers. Based out of North Carolina, Market America provides products through their site, which stops over 35 million items. They’ve expanded across the globe with Market America branches everywhere from Canada to Australia to Europe to Hong Kong.

One of Market America’s recent program launches is the Motives Apprentice Program which can be used by the company’s network of independent salespeople to raise their own profits and boost sales.

Motives Apprentice Program allows salespeople to take on a group of apprentices, usually teens and young people, to teach them how to sell the company’s cosmetic products. The apprentice can give customers their information and make their own profits from the sale while the independent salesperson also benefits from their team of new sellers. The program is absolutely free to sign up for those ages 14 through 18.

While in this program, teens can earn income on their schedule while maintaining commitments to school and extracurricular activities without the demands of a traditional part time job. The teen apprentice gets their own website for sales, and can become a traditional business associate of the salesperson once they become old enough! In addition, they learn valuable sales skills as well as communication and learning about how to properly run a business.

While there are lots of benefits for the teenage apprentice, there are just as many benefits for their mentor salesperson! The salesperson gets additional BV on the apprentice’s customers, which increases with repeat orders. In addition, the salesperson can network with the apprentice’s customers and they’ll be able to sign on the apprentice to become a business associate once they turn 18 years old.

The Motives Apprentice Program is a valuable experience that teenagers can utilize to earn income while learning about running a business and making a sale. The mentor also gets incentives from the deal. This program is a must try for Market America salespeople!

Peter Briger has managed to become one of the leading experts in the financial industry when it comes to good investments. Today, he is the current president and board of directors co-chairman for Fortress Financial. He and two others started up Fortress Investment Group back in 2002 following Peter’s leave from Goldman Sachs. Peter worked at Goldman for more than a decade, helping the company grow and become more successful. Peter also gained all the skills and experience he needed at Goldman to create his own company.Peter Briger earned his degree in business from Princeton University, later attending Pennsylvania Unversity to complete his MBA. This level of education opened many doors for Peter, which is how he got into Goldman Sach’s in the first place right out of college.

Peter spent years working up the ranks at Goldman Sachs and he was good at his job. He was able to quickly reach management positions at the company before he ended up leaving to take on a different business path.Throughout the years, Peter Briger has been featured for his many accomplishments and is widely regarded as one of the leading investors in the country at Fortress Investment. Over the years, Peter has been an active philanthropist as well, donated millions of dollars to worthwhile causes, including the conservation of New York’s Central Park. On top of this, Peter has provided aid to the education system and organizations fighting poverty throughout the country, especially for children.

As a successful investor, Peter is happy that he is capable of providing support to various different communities and groups. Peter Briger has also started up a program for Princeton in which students can receive aid for their business and investments ideas, such as creating a start-up. With a possible 100 thousand dollars in funds to be given, all prospective entrepreneurs can bring in their ideas and potentially turn them into a reality. The main purpose of this program is not only to provide students with their own startups but to promote innovation and creativity among students.

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Online trading has become quite popular because of the many convenience and benefits that it has to offer. But, with so many different online trading platforms, it becomes difficult to pick the best one among them. One of the top trading platforms is the AvaTrade. It offers more than 250 instruments for its users to trade and also has more than 59 currency pairs that are quite beneficial for the users. The trading platform used by them is the MT4 forex trading that is among the best in the market. The platform can be downloaded to a Mac or Windows device and also an Android or iOS mobile device. It allows users to trade while on the move.


AvaTrade allows users to create account depending on their trading needs. The minimum trading requirement varies depending on the type of account and also the instrument that is selected by the users. Since the platform has lower fees on its trades, it offers maximum benefits to its users who want to trade in high volumes. Since AvaTrade is available in multiple countries, it also has extensive customer support that answers all queries that its users might have. The customer support is available in many different languages so that their users do not have any issue communicating their problems. The users can get in touch with the customer service representative through, email, phone and even live chat system on their platform.


AvaTrade customer review is regulated and has the necessary licenses in every country that it operates in. It is one of the reasons why its users have full trust in the platform. Every user who has to create an account needs to provide their personal details. The entire accounting creating process takes little less than ten minutes. All one needs is their ID, address proof, and bank details to create an account with them.


AvaTrade was established back in 2006, and since then it has added many new features to their platform depending on the changing trading market. The company has always been on the top of the technology and aims to offer the best service to its users.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a successful entrepreneur. After graduating from college, he founded his own independent firm, Wealth Solutions. His aim was to provide objectives and unbiased advice to his clients without any conflict of interest. Richard Blair has vast experience in retirement planning, and he helps clients bridge the gap between planning for a living and retiring. He is an expert on matters involving tax and planning, securities, integrated financial planning, asset protection, employee benefits and insurance.

His company, Wealth Solutions, is located in Austin, Texas. The company mainly offers business consultations, research, financial planning, accounting, information on funds, and management services. The company is estimated to generate $401,861 in annual revenues and employs four people at a single location. Richard Blair has over $55 million in assets under management.

Renting part of your house or the entire house on Airbnb sounds like an easy way to make money. Many people rent houses to host their relatives or friends who have traveled from far. Even though renting your home might seem like a good idea, costly and unfortunate events might occur in your house. The temporary renters may damage your house, and insurance may not be able to cover. Some of the damages may end up costing more in repair than the initial cost of renting the house.

When planning to rent your house through Airbnb, you should consider some factors. One of the major factors to consider is risks. You should understand that there are risks involved when you are planning to rent you house. It is wise to remember that you will be potentially liable for injuries to your guests, damages to you or your neighbor’s property, illegal activities, lawsuits filed against them, or even theft. Another risk is the refusal of the tenant to pay.

The second factor is insurance coverage. As the owner, you should know that short-term rentals are not included in most homeowners’ insurance policies. Therefore, you will be personally responsible for any expenses incurred by your guests. The last factor is protection. Secondary coverage is the type of protection issued by Airbnb and many others similar services.

After considering those factors, and still decide on renting your house, you are recommended to consult a wealth and investment specialist or an insurance professional. Richard Dwayne Blair takes people through their options. He and his company also offers advice depending on your situation.

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Wealth Solutions is firm that offers investment advisory services to individuals seeking retirement. The company is based in Austin, Texas and was founded by Richard Blair in the year 1994. The firm dedicates its time to offer financial services and pieces of advice to families and individuals seeking to retire and make wise use of their money when retirement takes effect.

The firm works with families and people in particular towns such as Marble Falls, Houston, Bastrop, Georgetown and New Braunfels. The solutions offered by Wealth Solutions are efficient and very beneficial. The retirement investment solutions provided by Wealth Solutions help individuals escape the numerous challenges and difficulties that come with retirement.

The firm takes into account the conservative nature of retirees and as such the solutions are tailored to meet the tastes and preferences of its clients. The strategies offered by Wealth Solutions ensure that its customers can have income and money to sustain them all through.

The company has vast experience in financial planning and coming up with sound investment solutions. Client confidentiality is one of the main pillars of Wealth Solutions. There is customers’ privacy with regards to their wealth status and information that they supply to Wealth Solutions. The clients’ information are collected and kept by specific individuals in the firm.

Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions, has vast experience in the financial services world. He is passionate about education and openly advocates for the promotion of education and the need for each child to attend school and learn. Richard Blair decided to help families and individuals in their investment plans. He joined the financial world in the year 1993 and has now carved out a name for himself in the industry. His knowledge and experience have enabled him to offer the best strategies when it comes to retirement. He works closely with his clients to ensure that they get what they want and live comfortably during retirement. His 20 years’ experience has been instrumental in the smooth operation and running of his firm, Wealth Solutions.

Richard attributes his desire to see that people educated and love for education to his grandmother and mother who were once school teachers and his wife who is also a teacher. Richard Blair offers much-unbiased investment advice and financial strategies. He successfully built a vast and influential client base that has made him be sought after when it comes to providing retirement solutions and planning.