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Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions understands that a one size fits all philosophy is of no use to individuals looking to pursue their financial goals. Blair provides wealth management and retirement planning in the city of Austin, Texas and expresses a desire to aid members of his local community to navigate financially through the many complex milestones of life.

Blair takes what he characterizes as a three-pillar approach when developing comprehensive financial plans for those he advises. The Blair approach allows him to carefully consider a client’s current financial condition and needs for retirement in order to devise a tailor-made plan for them.

First Pillar

The first Pillar of the Blair approach outlines the succession of steps that will serve as the client’s roadmap to financial security. Blair takes the time to identify the goal of his clients, their financial strengths, a client’s tolerance for risk, and all opportunities for growth when devising a plan.

This planning face is designed to provide Blair and the client with the foundation for a long-lasting and productive working relationship by providing him a deep understanding of his client’s concerns and goals and establish clearly for the client what can be expected from Blair’s services.

Second Pillar

The second pillar is focused on the development of an effective strategy that takes into account the client’s specific goals and needs for liquidity. Richard takes a hands-on approach to the shifting and managing of assets to maximize the market performance of investment vehicles during high-times and minimize potential damage by way of downturns.

Third Pillar

Once a clear picture of a client’s client’s financial goal and the steps that will be taken to achieve them have been developed, Richard Dwayne Blair will then work with clients to implement and monitor the progress of these steps which is the third pillar to the Blair approach. Blair implements his own checks and balances system of sorts by constantly comparing the results by continuously tracking and comparing the financial maneuvers that are made to the original goals and objectives of his client.


Peter Briger has managed to become one of the leading experts in the financial industry when it comes to good investments. Today, he is the current president and board of directors co-chairman for Fortress Financial. He and two others started up Fortress Investment Group back in 2002 following Peter’s leave from Goldman Sachs. Peter worked at Goldman for more than a decade, helping the company grow and become more successful. Peter also gained all the skills and experience he needed at Goldman to create his own company.Peter Briger earned his degree in business from Princeton University, later attending Pennsylvania Unversity to complete his MBA. This level of education opened many doors for Peter, which is how he got into Goldman Sach’s in the first place right out of college.

Peter spent years working up the ranks at Goldman Sachs and he was good at his job. He was able to quickly reach management positions at the company before he ended up leaving to take on a different business path.Throughout the years, Peter Briger has been featured for his many accomplishments and is widely regarded as one of the leading investors in the country at Fortress Investment. Over the years, Peter has been an active philanthropist as well, donated millions of dollars to worthwhile causes, including the conservation of New York’s Central Park. On top of this, Peter has provided aid to the education system and organizations fighting poverty throughout the country, especially for children.

As a successful investor, Peter is happy that he is capable of providing support to various different communities and groups. Peter Briger has also started up a program for Princeton in which students can receive aid for their business and investments ideas, such as creating a start-up. With a possible 100 thousand dollars in funds to be given, all prospective entrepreneurs can bring in their ideas and potentially turn them into a reality. The main purpose of this program is not only to provide students with their own startups but to promote innovation and creativity among students.

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Online trading has become quite popular because of the many convenience and benefits that it has to offer. But, with so many different online trading platforms, it becomes difficult to pick the best one among them. One of the top trading platforms is the AvaTrade. It offers more than 250 instruments for its users to trade and also has more than 59 currency pairs that are quite beneficial for the users. The trading platform used by them is the MT4 forex trading that is among the best in the market. The platform can be downloaded to a Mac or Windows device and also an Android or iOS mobile device. It allows users to trade while on the move.


AvaTrade allows users to create account depending on their trading needs. The minimum trading requirement varies depending on the type of account and also the instrument that is selected by the users. Since the platform has lower fees on its trades, it offers maximum benefits to its users who want to trade in high volumes. Since AvaTrade is available in multiple countries, it also has extensive customer support that answers all queries that its users might have. The customer support is available in many different languages so that their users do not have any issue communicating their problems. The users can get in touch with the customer service representative through, email, phone and even live chat system on their platform.


AvaTrade customer review is regulated and has the necessary licenses in every country that it operates in. It is one of the reasons why its users have full trust in the platform. Every user who has to create an account needs to provide their personal details. The entire accounting creating process takes little less than ten minutes. All one needs is their ID, address proof, and bank details to create an account with them.


AvaTrade was established back in 2006, and since then it has added many new features to their platform depending on the changing trading market. The company has always been on the top of the technology and aims to offer the best service to its users.

As the senior vice president of Legendary Investments as well as the President of TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar has emerged to be one of the best entrepreneurs globally. He is a businessman who also spares his time to participate in humanitarian work thus making the society develop. He is a businessman who deals with real estate and finance. As a philanthropist, Lubar is dedicated to building homes to help those who can’t afford them. In his higher education, he got a B.A in speech communication from Syracuse University.

Before being so successful, Todd Lubar first worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan starter. At this company, he got the chance to associate with important business individuals. Some of these prominent names are; real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial organizers. Furthermore, he was well exposed to mortgage banking.

His next company that he linked with was Legacy Financial Group; given his excellent skills, the firm acquired $100 million in terms of the loan. Todd Lubar then decided to take a leap of faith and started his first organization which he named Legendary Properties LLC. This company has so much developed. It has been able to close over 200 contracts. One of the aims of the company is to advertise thus helping a number of real estate properties. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Lubar’s hard work in his career and acquiring so many skills opened a door for him to partner with some business associates and as a result, the completed a number of business deals which summed up to $20 million. He then began the firm’s branch and named it First Magnus Financial Corporation. Visit Patreon for more details.

Todd Lubar’s company provides excellent services and the staff members put in more effort to achieve their objectives. The unceasing hard work of the people of the firm has declared the company to be inclusive of the best organizations in the United States. After seeing what the company has accomplished, Lubar opened the next fir called Legendary Financial LLC. The fir does their work as well as offering loans to upcoming businessmen to do well in their enterprises.

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Everyone has a specific subject that he/she is so passionate about and desires to pursue. When it is a lofty goal, you are bound to come across people and even relatives who will tell you that what you are trying to do is impossible. If you are very passionate about the subject, it is upon you to beat the odds, and you will make it. Nevertheless, you can also listen to other people’s opinions and give up on your dreams.

This is what most people do. They simply give up on something that they have always dreamt of and spend the rest of their lives regretting. If you stop listening to the pessimists, you can get top where you always want to be. All you need is a plan.

Be a positive thinker and be in a company of positive people. For instance, starting a business is a good idea. However, it will cost you time and money. Seek for positive ideas on how to start and run a successful business from the library or online. Teach yourself how to avoid unnecessary risks and learn how to have a good cash flow. Most people never bother to find out some clues to that can assist them to run their businesses.

The 1980 winter Olympics was held in Lake Placid, New York. Herb Brooks was the coach of the American team that comprised several college kids. The American team was to play with the undefeated Russian team, which was the best hockey team worldwide at that time. Everyone thought that the Russian team would win. Miraculously, the American team won. The team proceeded, defeated Finland in the final match, and became the World Champions. It was so phenomenal that is was made into a movie.

If you want something very much, do not listen to people who make you retreat. Tell yourself what the American coach told the kids at the match and history was made. The chances of winning are minimal, but you cannot afford to lose the game.

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