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Someone like Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners is someone that knows what he can do and he goes out and gets results. In today’s world, it is a results based business. If people don’t see results, they simply see excuses. No one likes to hear excuses. Those are not going to do anything for anyone and they are not going to make any changes for people. They are simply going to keep things the status quo, which is not the way to operate. Keith Mann knows he is in a position of power and because of his position of power, he wants to do something good with it.


A lot of people in a position of power simply use that power for greed or to have more things for themselves. That is not Keith Mann, however, at all. He was raised a certain way and he is a man that takes the plight of other people incredibly seriously. He knows when they need help and a little assistance and he is not shy about providing it and going out and giving it to the people. The wonderful thing about Keith Mann is no one has to ask him to do it or beg him to do it. He knows what issues are going on and he goes out and does it without being told to do it or without doing it simply to get the limelight.


With his recent fundraiser for the Uncommon School Districts, they helped raised over twenty-two thousand dollars. Education is something that is very near and dear to the heart of Keith Mann. He knows these kids need a chance. A lot of times, they don’t come from the best situation in terms of money. Because of this, they oftentimes don’t have the chance to attend a four-year college and that breaks Keith Mann’s heart.


He has talked often about making things even and having a level playing field. That is not just him talking to sound good and look good. He means that and he has proven that with his actions and by having these type of fundraisers.