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Fine hair has always been a gift and a curse. At least for me. I love my fine hair during the winter but I absolutely hate it during the summer. During the winter when most people complain about the texture of their hair my hair looks amazing. When the summer time comes I struggle with sweaty hair and edges, I hate it.
I have always heard also things about Wen but I have never had the guts to try the product. It’s not that I don’t believe in Chaz Dean’s WEN products but trying new products that supposedly work on all hair care types makes me nervous. I can’t explain why but I’ve always been that way.

Recently my good friends at Bustle gave a blogger an opportunity to blog about her WEN experience by allowing her to write every day about how the product impacted her hair: much like myself she had fine hair and did not know what to expect from the challenge but as she went through the daily challenge she was shocked by the impact, it actually did work on her hair, especially when she followed directions clearly.

Wen often boasts that it works on all types of hair and according to this beauty blogger she has tried several products that promote the same all in one system but she was more satisified with these results than others.

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