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An editor from Bustle took the brave plunge to experimenting with her own hair care routine for a week. She detailed the results in a recent article and explained how WEN By Chaz Dean really does live up to the expectations in the widely recognized infomercials for basically transforming women’s hair. After using Wen By Chaz as her cleansing conditioner for a full week, the author noted that her hair was actually fuller and had a much more life-like bounce to it. However, she cautions that on days when she simply did not fit Wen By Chaz into her shampooing routine, she did not experience the same highly coveted, vibrant results. While some may find this discouraging, it actually goes to show that Wen By Chaz is extremely effective when it is used as intended and instructed.

Wen hair products has been on the sephora market for years, and since it burst onto the hair care scene, it has been receiving rave reviews from happy customers about its amazing effect on their hair. Rather than stripping the hair of life and shine, Wen By Chaz actually cleanses without taking away essential nutrients from the hair. This is, in part, because the WEN hair formula is sulfate free and contains only strengthening ingredients.

Part of what also makes WEN By Chaz stand out as an amazing hair care product, is that its makers found an incredible way to squeeze five different functions into one bottle. That’s right — Wen By Chaz does the job of five products at once. While this certainly simplifies any hair care routine, it also helps protect the hair by keeping it from being over processed and unnecessarily damaged.