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Founded decades ago, Market America is a revolutionary product brokerage company that uses a cutting edge form of direct selling to get their products in the hands of customers. Based out of North Carolina, Market America provides products through their site, which stops over 35 million items. They’ve expanded across the globe with Market America branches everywhere from Canada to Australia to Europe to Hong Kong.

One of Market America’s recent program launches is the Motives Apprentice Program which can be used by the company’s network of independent salespeople to raise their own profits and boost sales.

Motives Apprentice Program allows salespeople to take on a group of apprentices, usually teens and young people, to teach them how to sell the company’s cosmetic products. The apprentice can give customers their information and make their own profits from the sale while the independent salesperson also benefits from their team of new sellers. The program is absolutely free to sign up for those ages 14 through 18.

While in this program, teens can earn income on their schedule while maintaining commitments to school and extracurricular activities without the demands of a traditional part time job. The teen apprentice gets their own website for sales, and can become a traditional business associate of the salesperson once they become old enough! In addition, they learn valuable sales skills as well as communication and learning about how to properly run a business.

While there are lots of benefits for the teenage apprentice, there are just as many benefits for their mentor salesperson! The salesperson gets additional BV on the apprentice’s customers, which increases with repeat orders. In addition, the salesperson can network with the apprentice’s customers and they’ll be able to sign on the apprentice to become a business associate once they turn 18 years old.

The Motives Apprentice Program is a valuable experience that teenagers can utilize to earn income while learning about running a business and making a sale. The mentor also gets incentives from the deal. This program is a must try for Market America salespeople!

Age really is just a number. There is no reason why you have to let your biological age dictate how you feel about yourself on a daily basis. The truth is, you can feel young and great no matter what the calendar says. The secret is to use some of the products from the innovative anti-aging company Jeunesse Global.

Two individuals who had been retired decided to leave their comfortable retirement in order to launch their dream with Jeunesse Global on September 9th, 2009 at 9:09am. They intentionally set it up to launch with all of those nines because they are considered a good number for health and vitality. Watch this video on Youtube.

Jeunesse Global has a network of distributors who span the globe. These are people that you may even know personally. They go around selling products to their friends or family in the hopes of helping someone out there get the products that they need in their life.

There are a variety of different things that a person can purchase from Jeunesse Global to help make their life a little better. These range from an energy drink by the name of Nevo to anti-aging beauty cream called Instantly Ageless.


Each unique product promotes healthy living and more importantly a sense of being more comfortable in one’s own skin. They are all specifically designed with the end user in mind. For example, the energy drink does not have any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors added to it. Additionally, the drink only has fifty calories per can. Thus, you can still have your energy without the guilt of all of the other things that so many other types of energy drinks want to push into your veins.

The phenomenon that is Jeunesse Global has swept the planet. Though it might have started out less than ten years ago, the company already serves every continent with people living on it. They also topped more than one billion dollars in sales recently in a single year! With those kind of numbers, you know that this company is definitely doing something right. People are talking, and you should join in that conversation. Read more about Jeunesse Global at

The healthcare industry is a billion dollar industry and it is filled with many companies and countless leaders. There is one company located in Fort Lee, NJ that is becoming the leader in their segment.

InnovaHealth is the provider of countless managed healthcare services. The company provides healthcare services throughout North America. The company provides two different types of care. The types include Medicaid programs, Medicare Advantage, and provider networks. The main goal of InnovaHealth is to provide quality healthcare choices that are affordable and accessible. Their healthcare services are cost-effective and have advanced technologies integrated within the program. Their leaders are some of the best in the industry. There are two individuals that work hard to provide exceptional healthcare to be in need.

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaHealth. He has lead InnovaHealth into a thriving business that has grown through the years. Mr. Shinto is also the President of the company. From 2008 until 2012, Rick Shinto was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aveta. Rick Shinto is a practicing physician. He has 20 years of medical experience. In addition to leading Aveta and InnovaHealth, he also served as the Chief Operating Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. Dr. Rick Shinto started his career as a pulmonologist and an internist in California.

Dr. Rick Shinto received the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst and Young.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaHealth. Previously, she was hired as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. She also worked as the Chief Operating Officer of Aveta, Inc. Penelope Kokkinides has several years of experience in Medicaid and Medicare. Her experience is of creating healthcare programs and processes. Ms. Kokkinides has a Bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological science and she holds a Master’s degree from New York University. View her infographic resume at

The leaders of InnovaHealth geniuely care about the people that they serve. They are working day in and day out to provide quality healthcare that works well with hospitals and doctors. InnovaHealth is a leader in health for that reason and they will continue to in the future.

Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides

One of the most traditional aspects of the medial profession is the hospital. In many ways, the hospital is a look into the heart of the medical profession. Almost anyone who is a medical professional has at one time or another worked inside a hospital. When people think about the hospital, several things usually come to mind. One of the things is the smell of the hospital that is consistent from hospital to hospital but also the design of the hospital.

The hospital has basically remained the same while changing at the same time. One of the reasons why hospitals are moving forward in progress but still remaining still with tradition is the type of leadership that many hospitals maintain. In keeping with tradition, many hospitals are ran by medical professionals such as doctors.

As medical professionals, there are certain things that most medical professionals believe in regarding running a hospital. These beliefs have been passed from one generation to the next. Therefore, the way hospitals are ran has remained basically the same from generation to generation.

However, there has been a move in recent years to use more administrators who are outside the traditional medical background. More hospitals are looking to bring in hospital administrators who have a business background. This change has had an impact on how many of these hospital are ran. The primary reason being that the administrators with a business background have a different thought process regarding the management of hospitals.

The Copa Star is a hospital in Brazil that is ran primarily by administrators who have a business background. The Copa Star is a hospital that many people have talked about because it is much different than the traditional hospitals built over the past decades. The Copa Star looks more like a luxury five star hotel than a traditional hospital. The Copa Star has a look that is far different than what most people recognize as a hospital.

The Copa Star from its name and everything about it stresses luxury. People see luxury in every aspect of the Copa Star. The hospital has a unique environment that makes people feel special. This is the plan of the Copa Star owners who want the hospital to become the best hospital in Brazil. Visit their facebook page.

The Copa Star in many ways is what many business people see as the next wave of hospitals. The Copa Star was built with the understanding that patients are customers. Therefore, every aspect of the Copa Star reaches out to please the customer. The look of the Copa Star creates a great environment that provides patients with a feeling of first class treatment. The medical facilities are top of the line along with the medical equipment and technology. In addition, the hospital is filled with some of the best medical staff that Brazil has to offer. View more of the hospital at

There has been an on going dilemma when it comes to dieting. This dilemma has involved people eating foods that are fattening. However, they were more likely to get protein from those foods because it was filled with meats. At the same time, there were healthier alternatives and diets. People also ordered salads in fast food restaurants. However, there was this issue with the lack of protein that people had to get around. Either way, there seems to be a trade off for people when they are trying to eat healthier. Fortunately, someone would address this trade off eventually and come up with something that will bring a lot of benefits.


One person who has seen the dilemma is Nathaniel Ru. He has noticed that there is very little when it comes to options in food. Therefore, he has decided that he is going to put together something that is not only healthy, but is creative. The types of dishes that he comes up with are very healthy among other things. For one thing, he offers salads for customers. However, they come with a wide variety of nutrients that allow him to be able to choose what goes into the salad.


Among the nutrients that he is adding to his healthy food is protein. Protein is very important because it is what helps people improve their health. People are also learning that they can include meat in their healthy diet. For one thing, protein actually helps with weight loss in that it is hard to break down. Therefore, people who eat the protein find that they feel full a bit longer. At the same time, they are also feeling better than when they were eating empty calories.


Nathaniel Ru is also very good at coming up with creative ideas to reach the community he is involved in. He is someone that is good at adapting. He has learned that he can come up with ways to entertain his customers while they are eating. Therefore, he has run concerts at one of his Sweetgreen locations so that people could listen to their favorite artists while they enjoyed the food.


The name Nathaniel Ru may not be known by many but his company, Sweetgreen, is definitely causing an uproar in the fast food industry. Just 9 years into the business, Sweetgreen is now an established successful brand with a string of investors to its name.


Sweetgreen, a healthy food company, was formed in 2007 by Nathaniel Ru and his two business associates, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. The company’s starting product was healthy salads supplied to high-end clientele in Georgetown. Armed with a unique marketing strategy, Sweetgreen was bound to succeed where many fast food brands haven’t.


Venturing into the healthy eating business wasn’t a whim for Ru and friends. It was an idea they formed in their campus dormitory, researched on it and eventually identified the gap in healthy foods around George Town area. Immediately after college, Ru teamed up with his soon-to-be co-CEOs and opened their first outlet for selling healthy salads.


What set Sweetgreen apart is their unique marketing strategy. Coming from a tech background, Ru understood the need for an online platform where clients could access their menu instantly and order from their desktops. The Sweetgreen website was launched with a list of enticing salad delicacies that pulled in the traffic; clients made orders, paid online and had the food delivered to them. The next move for Ru was to capture the smartphone community by developing the Sweetgreen app.


Their strategy worked, profits increased and Sweetgreen can today boast of outlets in Boston, Virginia, Philly, Maryland, Chicago, Bay Area, DC, New York and Los Angeles. Though rival food chains adopted the same tactics to sell, Sweetgreen had one more unique marketing trick up their sleeve.


Ru abolished the need for a headquarter and opted for a bi-coastal schedule with his co-CEOs. Secondly, their corporate office shuts down five times each year to give the Sweetgreen staff an opportunity to serve clients in their 40 food chains. And what would make a consumer happy than to be humbly served physically by the CEO of the food company they love.


About Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel Ru graduated from Georgetown University where he was a tech student. While at college he noticed the short supply in healthy foods, especially in Georgetown area, and decided to start a healthy salad food chain to fill this gap.


As the co-CEO of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel, and his business partners have managed to grow their franchise to over 40 locations in America. Their menu has expanded as well, and today includes full healthy meal course that is quite pocket-friendly to the corporate consumer.



Nearly every student at Georgetown knows Sweetgreen for their quick lunch in between classes, post workout snacks or as the “Destination D.C.” About six years ago, the only people who knew about it were the founders; Jonathan Neman (MSB ’07), Nicolas Jammet (MSB ’07) and Nathaniel Ru (MSB ’07). The trio held discussions at the start of their senior year about the limited options in affordable and healthy foodstuff in Georgetown. They bonded over their love for food, eagerness to create something and finally solving a problem in their lives.


After that, they laid down their vision and came up with a business plan. They faced a challenge of having no prior experience in business and particularly the food industry. However, this inexperience worked in their favor as they were able to approach all issues with a fresh pair of eyes. Their first location on the M Street was small, measuring only 500 square feet and the trio opted to focus on what they would not survive without: commitment to quality ingredients and sustainability. They also sought advice from architects, restaurant owners and the Georgetown faculty.


They used their senior year to build Sweetgreen. Their business class taught them the importance of a business driven by value and how a community’s culture influences a brand. The three are glad that Georgetown still insists on the import of service and are happy the business school has expanded greatly especially in the entrepreneurship program. The founders incorporate community service in their company to date. The company runs a program “Sweetgreen in Schools” aimed at educating children in schools about healthy living and nutrition and it has expanded to a number of states. The company also brought a new idea “Sweetlife” which is an annual food and music festival meant to reconnect with the community.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in BS Finance in 2007 from the McDonough School of Business. Nathaniel and two friends, Nicola Jammet and Jonathan Neman, founded a business in the same year, Sweetgreen. It is a seasonsla and casual kitchen that mainly focuses on sustainability and local sourcing. The first branch was based in Georgetown and since then it has expanded to 27 branches spread over six states.


Sweetgreen thrives on providing its customers with food that satisfies their tastes, imagination, tastes, community and is budget-friendly. Nathaniel and his co-founders launched a music and food festival dubbed ‘Sweetlife’ once a year. It was to boost the business of their second location and also connect with the community.