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Peter Briger is a San Francisco, California-based businessman. He is a graduate of the Ivy League school Princeton University which is where he earned his B.A. He has also a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School of Business where he obtained his M.B.A. From 1987 to 2002 he worked at Goldman Sachs. He was one of the founders of this financial firm’s Special Situations Group which became known for making very lucrative trades. For the next decade, this group was largely responsible for most of the profits Goldman Sachs brought in.

In 2002 he joined Fortress Investment Group. This company specializes in investing in alternative assets. From when it was founded in 1998 until the time Peter Briger arrived they mainly invested in just private equity. He diversified their investments by starting to invest in other assets like real estate and distressed debt. This led to a better-diversified company. His reputation is for making huge profits off investing in debt that everyone else is avoiding.

He says that since the financial crisis the best opportunities for him to buy distressed debt from are firms in the financial industry. Peter Briger has referred to what he does as “financial services garbage collection”. Since the financial crisis, the federal government has cracked down on the financial industry by introducing much bigger regulations. As a result, these companies have had to sell their distressed debt as it is too risky to meet these regulations and the banks have to reserve too much capital to account for it. He is happy to capitalize on this, buy this debt, and generate big returns for Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger spent the earlier part of his career in New York and the past several years in San Francisco. In both cities, he has engaged in philanthropy. He presently supports two Bay Area nonprofits which are Tipping Point and Caliber Schools. Tipping Point helps families in poverty by providing services to them. Caliber Schools is a Bay Area charter school system which is public, free, and non-selective in which students can attend its schools. GiftFrom Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Unhealthy competition is not good for any business. Unfortunately, that’s what we are witnessing in the corporate world of banks and financial institutions. In every turn and twist that you make on the street, you are likely to find a financial institution. The mushrooming of these institutions has led to increased competition in the industry. In turn, it has forced them to formulate cheap services and products to attract a huge customer base. From one angle, this is great news to customers. However, their service delivery is substandard, which is even more costly in the long run. Fortunately, there still exist those firms that are true to their course, and they offer the best services and products to their customers. Madison Street Capital tops the list.


Madison Street Capital is a worldwide renowned investment bank. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Besides, it also has a strong reverberating presence in North of America, Asia, and Africa. Its success in the corporate world goes far and wide. It offers corporate financial advisory services, valuation services, mergers, and acquisitions expertise and relevant financial opinions to businesses both in the private and public domain.


Madison Street Capital is richly endowed with financial experts and specialists. These professionals have formed lucrative alliances with middle-market firms across all industries. They possess ample knowledge, experience, and extensively built networks that they utilize to maximize results through the various services on offer by the firm. Their success is partially attributed to the focus and attention they give their clients. For this reason, they get to know the needs of their customers making it easier for them to perfectly match buyers and sellers, come up with the best cost-effective financing strategy, and also help in the development of sound capital structures that help unlock and expand the clients’ investment potential.


To keep afloat with the current market trends, Madison Street Capital has critically analyzed the economic sector. It has concluded that the financing of corporations is both essential and time-sensitive. Therefore, the institution is swift to seize opportunities from this area. Besides, it has approaches that facilitate corporate transactions that benefit both the investors and business owners. More so, its vast experience in operation allows it to provide specialties in corporate and specialized financing, deal structuring, the designing and implementation of alternative approaches.


Madison Street Capital reputation is based on its impeccable excellence and a record of accomplishments in investment banking. It prides in its unique qualities of leadership, excellence, and integrity that assists it to serve its clients at a personal level to meet their daily investment needs.


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Investment banking firms come in all different types and sizes, whether they are working with individuals or large business owners who want to be able to make a ton of money in a short period of time. No matter what type of investment you are looking to make, Martin Lustgarten will be able to work with you on an individual basis to see that you make the money you are able to make on positive and worthwhile investments. Investing can be extremely difficult to do on your own and can cause you to lose a lot of money that you simply do not want to get rid of.

By working with Martin Lustgarten and their company, you will be able to work with professionals who truly care about the outcome of your finances. He will not rest until you are making the investments that work for you and that are actually going to bring in money for you as opposed to lose you money in the long term. Many people have been working with Martin Lustgarten simply because he has been an investment banking expert that many trust and know that they are going to do the best that they can to get them the money they need.

It is very difficult nowadays to make positive and worthwhile investments, so this is why many began to work with professionals like Martin Lustgarten who truly know what they are doing in the investment firm. Martin Lustgarten is one of the best out there and can truly help you to get the most out of your investments that you have not been able to do on your own. People been using him for many years now and have been nothing but satisfied with the success that comes from great quality investing. If you feel that Martin Lustgarten is the professional investor that you need for your own investment options as well, it is very important that you contact him in order to see if he can take you on as a client as he has for so many others in the past. This is a professional who you will want on your side when it comes to making great quality investments.

Investment Banking is a division of the larger banking sector that focuses on capital and financing. Investment banks like Madison Street Capital assist all types of corporations in the underwriting of new equity securities and debts. They facilitate reorganizations and oversee mergers and acquisitions for both individual and corporate investors.

Investment banks concentrate on two business lines: the sell side and the buy side. The sell is side focuses on market making and handling complex transactions. On the other hand, the buy side is concerned with the provision of outstanding investment advice to private and institutional investors. Most banks have a securities research department, which conducts intensive research on securities and investment. The risk management wing is involved with identifying potential risks that a given corporation is like to encounter.

Role of investment bankers/banks

Investment bankers are employees of investment banks who assist companies, governments, and other organizations to plan and oversee large projects. They point out risks associated with a particular project that a client is interested in before allowing him or her to proceed. The bankers can study the investing climate and advise investors on the best investment strategies.

Investment banks bridge the gap between a firm and investors when it comes to issuing of stocks and bonds. They can help with pricing financial instruments to increase revenue and still manage to navigate regulatory requirements. When a company decides to go public, an investment bank will purchase all or most of the company’s shares directly from it. The investment bank will profit from the deal since it will price the shares a bit higher than the buying price during the selling step. The bank’s experienced analysts conduct intensive research and strive to price the stock accurately, to eliminate instances of losing money due to overvalued stocks.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has several industry divisions across the globe on engagements such as M&A transactions, Capital Raising, Valuation, Restructuring, Solvency Opinions, and Private Debt Placement. It offers its services to both public and private businesses. The firm has managed to secure a top position in the investment-banking world. The company has a team of professionals who specializes in customizing perfect capitalization structures that meet customers’ specific needs. The Chicago-based firm has managed to expand its operation to various cities in the U.S., Asia, North America, and Africa.

Madison Street Capital is strongly committed to establishing strong business relationships with communities in the United States and around the world. Through its commitment to client service and philanthropic support to nonprofits such as United Way, the firm works tirelessly to make a tangible difference within local and international communities. It has supported United Way’s programs through its charitable giving program for a long time.

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Despite average performance of asset investments experienced by some hedge fund managers, Madison Street Capital believes the industry will see an increase in alternative asset transactions. Senior Managing Director of Madison Street, Karl D′Cunha said in a PR Newswire press release, on April 9th, 2016 that the industry will continue to see high M&A transactions for the present year. In 2015, the global investment banking and management firm released its M&A 4th Edition Overview of the hedge fund industry. Mr. D′Cunha′s forecast for 2016 of the industry is based on key indicators, including the structure of transactions and the increase of transaction volume. When 2014 M&A transaction volume was compared to 2015, there was an increase of 27 percent.


M&A transactions that occurred during 2015 was resilient and are expected to increase during the remaining months of this year. Although, hedge fund firms saw an increase in liabilities for various investment assets and were forced to decrease their fees, they implemented strategic alternatives to safeguard hedge fund investments. Most of the alternative asset transactions were made by institutional investors to allocate funds to other sectors of asset management. Increases in operational costs forced hedge fund managers to seek investment alternatives to achieve higher return on investments (ROIs). The M&A Overview reported transactions were structured as PE Bolt-ons, PE Stakes, Seed, Traditional, Revenue Share Stakes, and other transaction types.


Mr. D′Cunha expects M&A alternative investment transactions to exceed 2014 and 2015. Hedge fund transactions closed at 32 by 2014 year-end and 42 by 2015 year-end. By year-end of 2016, the probability that transactions will increase is high. “The hedge fund industry will continue to merge strategic partnerships that bridge distribution to product offering,” said Karl D′Cunha.


Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 by Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala. The investment banking firm provides international services for merger, acquisition, buy out, advisory, assets evaluation, restructuring capital, and reorganization. Madison Street is recognized in the industry as the 2016 M&A Advisor Emerging Leader for their achievements. An awards gala is planned for June 10th to introduce the winners from Madison Street Capital and other international hedge fund firms.


The hedge fund industry will most likely experience an increase in M&A transactions for 2016. There’s the possibility that transactions will increase by 10 transactions or more. Investors are hoping the alternative investment transactions will receive high returns to cover the increase in liabilities.

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Madison Street Capital, is an international and middle market investment banking firm with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois but now present in many countries around the world. The company is fully committed to an integrated excellent service to deliver the best to its clients, so they can become leaders and succeed in the marketplace. It offers corporate financial advisory, merging and acquisition services, valuation for financial reporting, capital restructuring, bankruptcy, portfolio valuation, debt placement, fairness opinions and also solvency opinions. Madison Street Capital looks for each client’s specific characteristics to achieve the best buyer and seller match and also creates capitalization structures that enhances the client’s potential. Madison Street Capital, founded in 2005, understands that each client is unique and demands a personalized recommendation and service. The company works by understanding the real values of the clients, this is essential for the process of the mergers and acquisitions advisory services that they offer. By following this procedure, Madison Street Capital has excelled in their years in the market and have become a well know international investment banking firm. They have also gained the trust of their clients because of their dedication to accomplish the client’s goals and objectives.

With Madison Street Capital’s history in exceptional reputation and outstanding reliability in the investment bank industry, many middle market business owners can receive a trustworthy service and advice for acquisitions, lending and also a sound exit strategy. Besides working in the middle market field, they also provide financial opinions to main corporations around the world. Madison Street Capital are leaders in Merging and Acquisition (M&A) and they provide an M&A overview each year. The Company says that 2016 will be a record year in terms of hedge fund in M&A transactions. The company has offices in Africa, Asia and North America and has an international reputation as a leading provider of financial services for the middle markets. By opening offices around the world, they have acquired a global financial view but emphasize in local business relationships and networks. Some of its clients are Central Iowa Energy LLC, Fiber Science Inc, Bond Medial Group Inc, among others.

Madison Street Company supports organizations and also the communities in the United States and around the world, the company has a team of professionals that are trained and provide thorough knowledge, experience and great networking and relationships with many buyers and sellers to offer the best options for they clients. Through several years of experience, Madison Street Capital’s team will effectively provide a personalized finance and capitalization structure to its clients, and they are capable to analyze and recommend under all circumstances so the clients will receive all optimal benefits from the investment banking firm.

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Martin Lustgarten is well equipped in offering advice concerning investment banking. He is the leading individual in the sector of offering valuable advice, and he has been involved in the trade for quite many years. The more an individual stays in a given market, the more experience he gains. Martin has a unique style of exploring his expertise by focusing on the relationship with people rather than chasing for the profits.


Investment banking is a god advice that is given to corporations, individuals, companies, charity firms and even government on how best to raise capital and make their businesses successful. It involves pieces of advice in relations to financial matters and how best to acquire funds that will allow best expand or invest in other companies. The information is offered both to the sell or the buy side of the equation. It is a unique concept since it cannot be related to the local banking activities whereby money deposits are required or issuing of the same. It usually involves large financial ability companies or individual who have more significant investments in a given economy.


Investment banks are institutions that offer the above services and where bankers are situated or can be found when needed. There are involved in providing financial advice, security trading, equity and debt financing and as well as offering advice on mergers and acquisitions. The bankers are well-trained individual in the economic sectors, and they offer such services to the clients in regards to investments. Experience is highly of value in such departments, and they must be highly experienced in the industry.


Investment banking needs an individual who is sharp and patience like Martin Lustgarten. He is well experienced, and he has mastered the concepts perfectly. He offered some advice in regards about the right investment banker. A professional in the field should be able to study the market before advising the client. The advisor should also first understand in which sector he is operating in. To get such an insight, they should be ready to show finesse when tackling financial issues to their clients and offer special advice.

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