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The Internet of Things is a technology that will bring so many benefits to human beings. It is a technology that will bring more ways of automating life as we have never seen. What is the internet of thing and what are these advantages are we saying that it will bring? These are questions that many people at the moment may not be able to answer. It is for this reason that Jason Hope has made it simple for everyone interested to know what it is all about, he has created an eBook that has all the essential information about the internet of this. In his eBook titled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era,” he has given full information about this technology. He has simplified the manner in which we can get the information. Now with just one eBook, all problems are solved.

Jason Hope describes the Internet of Things as a revolution that will affect the life of every human beings. No one will be spared. It will not end there. The business environment will be affected adversely by this technology. Companies will have to align their activities with this technology if they want to remain competitive. Any company that will be left behind in implementing this technology will not only face the wrath of competition, but chances are very high that it will have to close down.

Technology have always been known to make life better and more efficient. The full meaning of such phrases will be seen with the Internet of Things. A lot of things will change, and efficiency will be the norm. Take for instance staying in an automated home where you have nothing to worry about switching on/off lights or preparing coffee. Such will be the ease with which we will live. Machines will be doing all these things for us. Home automation will make it possible to control, everything from one point, say the smartphone.

The Internet of Things technology is real. Individuals and businesses should start aligning their life depending on the way it will look like. By 2020, a lot will have happened and we will be close to the age of the Internet of Things.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope, a passionate follower of technological advancements, is from Tempe, Arizona. He is one of the people who believe that the Internet of Things is a reality that we cannot run away from.Apart from technology, he is also a philanthropist who supports research about anti-aging products.

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Recently, Jason Hope pledged to give $500, 000 to the SENS foundation. This foundation under the leadership of Dr. Aubrey DeGrey is at the forefront of doing research to combat diseases that can be categorized as the side effects of aging. Some of the more common ones are diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and atherosclerosis. Jason believes that not only is this type of work important for obvious reasons, but it is ultimately the future. Mike Kope, the CEO of SENS foundation feels that the time is now ripe for a biotech company to do research in this largely neglected field. Therefore, he believes that Jason’s contribution is a much-needed shot in the arm for this type of research.

The donation that Jason made to the SENS foundation is actually in tune with his attitude towards business and life. He considers himself to be a futurist of sorts and has dabbled in many start-ups that can be described as futuristic. When it comes to technology Jason Hope has a good understanding as to how it works, and how it can be applied in future applications. This is how he is able to make predictions on the direction technology is headed, and invest accordingly.

It’s not only large foundations involved in big research that Jason helps out with. Through his website, he encourages young entrepreneurs to come up with ideas. He then takes a look at them and decides which ones would be interesting and helps them get started. He does this because he believes that it has become too expensive for young people to start a business, therefore helping them out can also put him in the driver’s seat of future ideas. However, he is also a big advocate of staying focused on one project at a time. He believes that going from one project to another without completing it is counterproductive. He is a firm believer that IoT, the Internet of things is here to stay and be a big part of peoples future.

Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. He completed his undergrad degree in finance at Arizona State University and went on to get his MBA from there as well. Today, he lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is passionate about supporting various causes. These can include but not limited to, education and research. Some of the foundations he has worked for include, the Andre Agassi Foundation, Tony Hawk Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Phoenix and Family Health International to name a few.

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Jason Hope is an incredible entrepreneur based in Arizona who is passionate about mobile communication technology business. Moreover, Mr. Hope is a philanthropist and a healthcare technology investor. Jason is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he graduated with a Finance degree. Later, from Carey School of Business, he attained an MBA. Jason is usually excited about the internet of Things (IoT) Trend. This trend is a type of technology where different devices can sync with each other making work more comfortable such as kitchen appliances, street lights, electronic and car devices and many others. Moreover, it offers mechanisms that can adjust and monitor the temperature and lighting of a room. According to Jason Hope, IoT will make a significant difference in the way society runs processes.

Jason Hope’s career involves investing in technology companies by providing advanced marketing services. Some marketing services include Digital Media Solutions and Interactive Software Search Engine Optimization Computer and Business Information Systems among others. As a start, Jason created Jawa mobile communications which earned him partnerships from many technology companies.

To market the company’s products, Jason uses strategies like social media and referrals to win potential clients and essential business networks. Jason believes networking is the vital function of improving business. Therefore, Mr. Hope keeps a firmly based relationship with all market contact and references. Jason advises entrepreneurs to always focus on a particular project at a time for efficiency and market trust.

Also, Jason believes to succeed ideas should be simple and easy to implement not too complicated for the market. When he has an idea, he usually explains it to the people around him, because they are the first customers, who then help him implement it or change if it is a common marketing strategy. According to Jason Hope, currently, businesses in high demand and with high profitability, are social media related jobs, internet marketing, and SEO.

Moreover, Jason is a humanitarian and has contributed to a large number of organizations. Jason donated $ 500,000 to SENS Foundation to support research on Rejuvenation Biotechnologies with an objective of fighting age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. He has helped many other organizations around the US.

As a mentor, Jason Hope travels around Scottsdale speaking to high school students on different topics such as developing programs for entrepreneurs. He has mentored many students who are positive for a bright future. Jason Hope is passionate on how technology has advanced, and he hopes entrepreneurs will keep embracing it.

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