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Jeremy Goldstein is a New York University Law School graduate. He is also a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, and has labored there for almost 3 years. Before forming his own law firm, Jeremy was also a respected partner, laboring diligently at the prominent Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Law Firm, for nearly a 15 year period of time. Prior to this lengthy endeavor, Mr. Goldstein served his time meticulously, at the Sherman & Sterling, LLP, for 12 months, also as an Associate of the firm.


Jeremy Goldstein worked at the prestigious New York University of Law, to acquire his Juris Doctors. Before this respected degree was earned, he studied hard to attain a Master’s, in the field of Art History. Mr. Goldstein also attended, the highly esteemed Cornell University, prior to earning his Master’s, where he earned a Bachelor’s, also, in the arena of Art History.


Jeremy Goldstein has a past experience of volunteering, contributing his skills and time, to the social services organization, Fountain House. While there, Jeremy labored in the role of the Director, for over a nine year period. Mr. Goldstein, is furthermore, a highly fluent, French language speaker.

Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished attorney, who understands much of the inner workings, of the fiscal market, including other arenas of commerce. Mr. Goldstein is renowned for his standpoint on stock options being used, as a implement of compensation, by institutions for a long period of time. Mr. Goldstein understands that there are numerous reasons that have allowed for the lessening of the returns of stock options, for about a decade. Mr. Goldstein’s main concern over this, is chiefly, that the bookkeeping that is coupled with stock options, surpasses the perceived estimate, that the employee has, for the stock.

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NZ a Tax Haven? Doubtful, says Cone.

Lawyer and writer Geoffrey Cone has written a recent article featured in the New Zealand Herald, meant to dispute recent claims about the state of affairs surrounding the country’s alleged status as a tax haven. Cone disputes the claim for a variety of reasons, and feels that this description is unfounded.

What is a Tax Haven?

His basic argument starts with the citation of the OECD list of tax havens. In order to be considered an international tax haven, the country would have to meet a set of criteria. First, they would have a low tax rate on international investment, as well as a lack of transparency into their tax policies. Cone points out that New Zealand does not fit this description. Additionally, the country would be very secretive about sharing the information regarding foreign investors with other governments. New Zealand is involved with several international agreements to share the identities of foreign investors, in order to help provide global tax fraud. On these metrics, New Zealand is far from a tax haven in Cone’s view.

Information Sharing Agreements and New Zealand

Cone then goes on to discuss a large number of agreements that New Zealand has entered in the past few decades. The vast majority of these agreements are made through the OECD, a collection of high-income countries committed to working together in matters of tax, trade and more. In addition to these multi-country agreements, New Zealand has also entered almost 40 two-country agreements, where two governments cooperate to share information and fight to prevent tax fraud.

A Reputable Source and Renowned Expert

Geoffrey Cone is a reliable source for this information, as he is a successful and well educated tax lawyer. He is a partner at a law firm called Cone Marshall, which specializes in international tax issues. Suffice it to say, he has read the laws on the subject once or twice. Cone paints a much more tranquil picture of his country, saying that they are a land of beautiful vistas and boring tax laws. Far from the shady backroom dealings of a real tax haven, Cone believes that the tax dealings of their international investors are rather dull for all of the recent attention. Learn more:

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