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Smart lighting is going to find it’s place very comfortably in residential smart homes. Even homes that are not up to speed on all of the smart home outfit can integrate smart lighting into their homes as an easy first step. Many LED smart bulbs can detect and sense when someone walks into the room, triggering the light on, and switching off when they sense the room is no longer occupied. Other than the typical on and off sensors that save energy and money, there are more sensitive features that can make living more comfortable.


Gooee smart LED bulbs have the ability to be integrated into the wireless network and can be controlled from a tablet, laptop, smart phone or even smart watch. Smart light bulbs made by Gooee are bluetooth and WiFi enabled so that they can connect to your tablet while you are upstairs changing into your dress and waiting for guests to arrive. While you are in the process of getting dressed, you can dim the lighting in the dining room to the perfect ambiance in the chandeliers and sconces so you can arrive downstairs just in time to greet the guests at the door and have the stage set for entertaining.


This concept can make smart living so much more seamless in an increasingly busy and hectic lifestyle. Gooee is bringing beautiful solutions into every day life, and it can be done in your home simply by switching to their lightbulbs.