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Billy McFarland is a technology entrepreneur geek. He is the founder and CEO of Spling as well as the Founder and CEO of Magnises.a black card mobile app. He was born in New York City and he is currently based still in New York a tender age of 13, Billy McFarland founded his first company, the company involved clients and designers interacting online. Billy studied computer engineering at Bucknell University, after a while he dropped out of university to pursue his technology entrepreneurship skills.

As a result of dropping out of college, Billy Mcfarland founded Spling, an online podium. Through Spling, URLs are modified by changing them from written form links to graphic images that are properly arranged on bulletin panels. The customers of Spling comprise of Universal and Discovery. His latest and fast rising company is Magnises, whose most members are the millennial generation including Billy McFarland.

Magnises was officially launched in the year 2014.The black metallic card is no ordinary card neither is it a credit card, Magnises started it for the purpose of creating an online social based network that is full of technology and latest social media updates.

This company majorly targets millennials who are already working. Magnises is an advanced company that has an exceptional platform which connects working millennials to different brands.

Magnises is an outstanding company that has its specifications, only members can access the company and its magnificent brands and lifestyle. To be a member one must pay an annual fee of $250, while paying there are no other charges deducted. The exclusive card allows its members to party at New York Penthouse, upon their reach they get to interact on different businesses and also access new ones.

The card is simply linked to your debit or credit card, therefore one will not need to carry his/her credit card around. This card created by Magnises comes in handy because you can receive discounts that come with its various benefits. It has significantly raised almost $3 million since its launch. The company is based in Washington DC and New York City, it has plans to expand to other states.