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Choosing a wedding venue isn’t as simple as it sounds. Sure, there are many churches and reception areas around the Big Apple. But, picking the right one comes down to what type of wedding and how large of one you want.


The absolute basics for a proper wedding venue includes finding a church or ballroom that fits the right capacity. If you want a large wedding, then you need a big church. But, a smaller and more personal affair can create a greater variety of possibilities.


Also, a major key is whether the wedding and reception be held at the same places. Should the wedding be an intimate affair big on the scenery are one where everyone is invited? Should the wedding have a particular theme or style to it?


Location is also important. You want a venue that has easy access to parking for the guests. You want the venue to fit in whatever you desire whether it is the ceremony itself with a reception afterwards that includes entertainment and music. You need enough room for the guests and possibly the celebration equipment afterwards.


Finally, what are the rates for each potential venue location. You want something affordable, but also a place that is truly fitting and memorable to commemorate the happiest moment of your life.


For a wedding venue NYC special, an intimate weddings can be found here. A Manhattan penthouse is viewed as a perfect place to tie to the knot to many. The chance to say your vows with the Manhattan skyline seems like the perfect backdrop to the bride, the groom, and all of their guests. Such venues have experience in hosting weddings and could even be had for a discount. After all, weddings should be a joyous and special occasion.



There is an innovative idea in the world of business that is changing the way people work. This idea is found in the type of office space currently available to people who would typically be working from home. Referred to as a shared or co-working office space, this new idea has definitely appealed to the independent worker’s sense of professionalism. The people who choose to make use of this open concept space find they are more productive than when working from other remote locations. Not only do they feel they can accomplish more in the work they do, but they also find their work to have more meaning.

In addition to the work benefits obtained by working in a shared office space, studies have shown there are also many social benefits. People seem to thrive in environments where they are surrounded by others. The ability to work in a shared space allows independent workers to exchange ideas that could be beneficial to their work. A co-working office space provides people with a professional work environment where they have the option of working alongside others or in their own private area. An improved sense of purpose, increased productivity and social contact are just some of the reasons why many independent workers are migrating toward these new shared office spaces.

Professional Office Space in New York City

New York City is often thought of as a hectic environment. This highly populated area is home to many individuals who work independently. In an effort to provide these individuals with an alternative work environment, Workville shared office space NYC offers people a wide range of shared office spaces. In addition to a central shared space, they also offer private offices and meeting rooms. Since these spaces can be leased by the hour, day, week or month, they fit the different business needs of people who work in a broad range of industries.

The office space available through Workville NYC is not restricted to people working as independent contractors. This co-working space can also be leased by people who work in traditional office settings. Leasing a space is a great way for people in upper management positions to break away from the stress of office politics to focus on the project at hand. These centrally located offices are just minutes from local transportation services, restaurants and venues of entertainment. These offices also offer a full range of amenities and 24-hour access.