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Cotemar is an oil and gas company based in Mexico. The company was first established at Ciudad del Campeche in 1979. The CEOs often claim that the company was founded with the intent of supporting the oil industry in Mexico. Over time, Cotemar has built an excellent reputation among the Mexicans, and this has enabled the company to broaden their services. Today, the company offers a portfolio of state of the art marine services in gas and oil exploration. Just like any other business, Cotemar also had a dream to make a maximum profit using the available resources. However, its mode of operation makes it unique.


Cotemar offers a broad range of services such as the construction, maintenance field development, maritime support operations, transportation and not forgetting its food and lodging services. Cotemar has a team of talented personnel who significantly contribute to its survival in the competitive industry. Being in a position to dominate the oil and gas sector for more than 37 years now is prove that the company is operating on a strong strategy. Cotemar is among the few companies across the globe that provides dynamic positioning systems. These technology services enable the vessels to be operated using modern computers linked via the satellites hence ensuring that the ships always remain on the right track.


Cotemar also offers some specialized vessels services. These ships can ferry lightweight materials which cannot be shipped using the normal vessels, especially in the Campeche Bay. According to the top staff, the company follows strict regulatory control rules, and this has played a significant role in ensuring that Cotemar remains the best in the game. Cotemar’s lodging and catering and accommodation services are superb. Currently, the company owns several hotels including one at the Ciudad del Carmen. These hotels ensure that the offshore operations run smoothly. Today, Cotemar offers job opportunities to more than 10000 employees who enjoy working for the company. The company’s employees are talented and qualified in their fields, and this means minimal or no accidents are recorded. Additionally, the company offers healthy working environments to its workers which make them feel proud being part of the great company. As a result, the workers remain loyal and extra productive hence positive growth.

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