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It’s always great when a wireless company has many services, not just cell phone service because customers will need more than one type of service. Any customer who has the need for Internet service can look to FreedomPop because they have different Internet services as well as cell phone service. FreedomPop is even better now because they now have cell phone service that serves phones that take a sim card, not just CDMA phones that must come from Sprint. Although Sprint phones are still usable on the FreedomPop network, anyone with a GSM phone with the right software is welcome at FreedomPop.

An Android phone must have 4.0 software or higher to work on the FreedomPop network. An iPhone must have 7.0 software or higher to work on the FreedomPop network. Those who bring their own phone must also make sure that it’s unlocked if it takes a sim card, which means it must be unlocked from the carrier that created or branded the phone. Some phones are not branded by any carrier and come unlocked already, and these phones are usable with FreedomPop as long as they have the right software. Getting a sim card is also important to start service with FreedomPop.

Anyone who wants FreedomPop services for a phone that takes a sim card must order the card from FreedomPop, which can be done online or in a store that has FreedomPop services or products. There are several different cell phone services that can be chosen as well, and the services vary from being free of charge to $20 per month for the unlimited service. Adding any extras to the phone service will bring up the final price. The Internet services that FreedomPop offers are home Internet service with the FreedomPop Hub, portable hotspots, and Wi-Fi service.

The Wi-Fi service is available to any and everyone, not only FreedomPop customers. Getting the Wi-Fi application from FreedomPop is necessary before the Wi-Fi service can be obtained, and there is also a five-dollar monthly charge for the service. A mini, portable hotspot must be purchased from FreedomPop to get Wi-Fi service on the hotspot, and these mini hotspots vary in price. Those needing home Internet service must purchase a FreedomPop Hub, which also has Wi-Fi capabilities. FreedomPop also offers free data with the mini hotspots as well as with the FreedomPop Hub for the home Internet service.

FreedomPop’s services may be a mystery to some people, so here is the information necessary for those who want to possibly get service from the company. Wi-Fi Service: This service has millions of hotspots in the USA. With over 10 million different hotspots, those who sign up for the Wi-Fi service can get 4G LTE Internet whenever they access the Wi-Fi service from their FreedomPop application. The FreedomPop application can be found in any app store, and the application is free to download. The cost for the service is five dollars per month, and the service is very safe and secure for its users.

Portable Hotspots: There are several different sizes of portable hotspots, but they are all small enough in size to fit in any bag, purse, or pocket. These hotspots will provide Wi-Fi service anywhere that FreedomPop has service available. Up to 4G LTE speeds are available through these portable mini hotspots, and the hotspots come with 500 MB of free data each month that the service remains active. Those that need additional data can always purchase it because there are several different data plans for these hotspots.

Home Internet: This service is only available when a FreedomPop customer purchases a FreedomPop Hub, which is used to get Internet service at home. The home Internet service will include 1 GB of free data on a monthly basis. Those that get the home Internet service have to choose from different plans to get extra data, that is unless they are able to utilize the 1 GB of free data each month and not go over their allotment. The FreedomPop hub also has Wi-Fi capabilities, so up to eight people are allowed to use the Wi-Fi at once, without causing any problems for the modem.

Cell phone Service: FreedomPop is now allowing both GSM and CDMA phone users on their network. Those with a CDMA phone from Sprint can use the FreedomPop service by simply making the switch. Anyone who has a GSM phone only needs to get it unlocked, and then the phone can be used on FreedomPop’s network with the 3-in-1 sim card that FreedomPop sells online. Services that are unlimited start at $19.99 per month. There is also free cell phone service for those who want it. The sim card also has international calling capabilities in 25 separate countries across the globe.

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