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George Soros is one of the prominent business tycoons in the world. Currently, George is a high-profile human rights activist in the United States of America. The renowned author was born in Hungary, and he is popular because of his engagement in numerous philanthropic activities to assist the disadvantaged in different countries globally. From the 1900s, George Soros has been fighting for democratic rights of poor people in the world. George is not only the leader of the Soros Fund Management but also the chairman of the organization.

Soros has been influencing the politics of numerous countries in the world for the past few decades, including the United States of America. In 2004, the billionaire investor spent millions of dollars to unseat the former American President, George W. Bush. George Soros was the principal financier of the groups who campaigned against Bush.

In 2016 presidential campaigns, George Soros reemerged to be the top funder of the politics of the Democratic Party. He does not support the Conservatives because of their political ideologies. According to the records of the Federal Election Commission on, Soros donated over $25 million to support the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and her colleagues. He wanted to ensure that the Conservatives candidate, Donald J. Trump did not win the elections.

During that year, political analysts in the world stated that Soros seemed more politically engaged than in his previous years. The 85-year old Hungarian born American has a close relationship with Hillary Clinton, which has lasted for more than 25 years. He had even planned to attend the Democratic convention on Politico to see Hillary accepting the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. Although he canceled the trip, he followed the events closely.

One of the key reasons that drove Soros to invest millions of money in the 2016 elections was to make sure that there was a comprehensive reshaping of the Justice System of America. He thinks that the Justice system in the USA needs a massive transformation on Forbes to ensure that even the disadvantaged and the poor get justice in the courts of law. That is the reason why he was the super-donor of the attorney campaigns in different states in America, where he donated over $3 million to ensure more than six attorneys won the election.

Additionally, he supported them because they promised to reduce the racial disparities at the local level that would make America a better place to live for all people regardless of their religion and race. Some of the beneficiaries of his donations included the African-American contestants and the Hispanic individuals. Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Florida, and Louisiana were some of the areas that George Soros supported the Attorney campaigns because he believed that some of the holders of those posts did not support his Safety and Justice Campaigns.

Another reason that made George support the Democratic Party presidential elections, rather than the conservatives is that Donald J. Trump is one his fierce competitors in the world of investments. George does not like Trump’s claims about the immigrants. He thinks that the immigration reforms will worsen the condition of the citizens of the USA and the foreigners.