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Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that works with clients around the world. From individuals to businesses and large corporations, there is no client too large or too small to work with. It strives to help individuals understand the importance of their online reputation and how one posting can cause the entire perspective of the individual or business to change almost instantly. Often times, Status Labs takes examples of previous individuals who have posted one seemingly innocent pic or line of text to their social media account, only to have it come back and bite them. In the example of a recent University of Missouri professor, she didn’t even post it, but it was posted about her, and it changed the course of her life forever.


Recently, students at the University of Missouri were on campus protesting. It was a mostly peaceful protest, although the large gathering of students did make it difficult for professors and workers on campus to make it into their given buildings. This made Mrs. Rieder rather disappointed and frustrated. As an assistant professor in the school, she has a very specific schedule to uphold. It is also why she needs to be on time as the professors she works with often are not required to leave the building.


While trying to make her way to different buildings on campus, someone was recording the event. However, they also recorded the professor yelling out that security needed to make an example of the students and arrest them with force. She made this strong statement next to the video recording and the student posted the video online. It eventually caught wind of the administration of the school and they fired her, almost right on the spot.
Status Labs knows it is possible to become extremely passionate about a particular topic or idea, but it is also important to remember there is almost always someone recording or taking pictures, which can lead to career problems.