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Dealing with any health condition can be stressful. Lung diseases and other chronic conditions are especially difficulty since breathing is one of the things all living beings require. How you go about treatment can really make a difference and will play a role in how fast a person can recover. While the type of treatment is a crucial decision, the choice of the treating hospital or facility is just as important.

The Lung Institute is the leader when it comes to treatment for lung conditions. Stem cell research is one of the top reasons this institute has such high success rates at treating people. First, you must understand how stem cells work. Stem cells are cells that are renewable and can replicate any other type of tissue. There are three parts of stem cell therapy which begin with harvesting the cells through either blood venous or bone marrow, separating the stem cells from other cells, and finally returning the stem cells back into the blood stream.

So how exactly does returning stem cells into the blood stream effect the lungs? Well since the heart pushes blood throughout your body, including your lungs, the stem cells will be pushed through your heart and into your lungs within a few beats. A pulmonary trap is essentially what will happen to the stem cells which is a good thing in this case. Here the stem cells will begin healing the damaged parts of the lungs replacing the damaged cells. For a more in depth details of stem cell treatment please go to

The Lung Institute offers autologous stem cells which means that they’re derived from your own body. The harvesting of stem cells is what usually makes patients a little uneasy. You can rest easy knowing that it is a minimally invasive process and both of the treatments are only a total of three days to cover all steps involved including any blood work you may need. How the stem cells are harvested depends on the condition you have and the severity. Blood venous treatment is a treatment that is used most often. Bone marrow treatment is often the one used in severe cases of lung conditions since it holds stem cells at a higher ratio.

More information available at and Lung Institute’s Facebook page.