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Popularity comes and goes, ebbs and flows like the ocean tide. It’s safe to say though that the diamond has had a long and healthy run as top earner—especially when it comes to engagement rings.

However, those pretty prismatic treasures have taken a backseat to their blue-eyed cousins the sapphire.

No one can really pinpoint exactly when this transition happened or the exact cause of the shift. Yet many like to point fingers at the lovely little number belonging to a certain Duchess. But then maybe people just got tired of shelling out so much money over pretty rocks, as even the highest grade quality of sapphires can be up to ninety percent cheaper than its transparent competitor.

Talk about a reason to go blue.

Though, technically sapphires come in a few more shades than that and some can even color transition based on lighting. The other variations come in yellow, purple, orange, green, and even a multi-colored type known as ‘parti sapphires’.

So if you want something that’ll make a statement and not break the bank, you’re aiming in the right direction. Though there is still the quandary over ‘synthetic’ and ‘natural’: which in itself is a bit misleading. Synthetic gems are molecularly identical to mined gems, just generally of a higher grade because they lack impurities. That is to say they are a little ‘too perfect’ and their value is not yet trusted.

Plus, lets face it, most brides-to-be want the real thing—imperfections and all.

And the best name in the sapphire ring business continues to be The Natural Sapphire Company. They’ve got sapphire rings in spades and plenty of time under their belt.

So if you’re gonna go blue—or any variation of it—you’ll want to lean towards an experienced and reputable dealer who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And since they’ve been the authority on sapphires since 1939, you’d be hard pressed to find someone better suited for the job.