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The story of Alexei Beltyukov proves that if you put your mind to work, then you can achieve many great things. Mr. Beltyukov completed medical school in the USSR and became a government employed internal medicine doctor. With the breakup of the USSR and a meager wage paid to government doctors, Alexei Beltyukov was pressured to seek ways to make more money in order to provide for his family.

As luck would have it, Alexei saw an ad for a business college abroad. It said scholarships were available for adult students like Alexei himself. With not much to lose and much to gain, Mr. Beltyukov applied and was accepted in INSEAD college of France. There he enrolled in a business program and won a full scholarship due to his great determination and will to both better his life and to help his family and others.

Alexei completed a business administration degree at INSEAD. He would describe his time there and his education as life changing. The Soviet Union was a planned economy that was controlled from Moscow. Few Russians at the time had the knowledge of how free markets and capitalism worked. Armed with business knowledge Alexei went back to Russia and began putting his business education to work.

Numerous ventures have been started by Alexei Beltyukov since finishing a business program. One of these is A-Ventures Ltd., a management company that provides financial assistance and restructuring services for companies that are struggling to make a profit. Other firms started by Alexei include New Gas technologies, a manufacturing company and Mechanicus, an automotive service garage chain. Endemic Capital, created in 2013, is an angel investment group that provides Russian startups with funding.

Alexei Beltyukov’s philanthropic activities includes sponsoring the Russian Alumni scholarship of INSEAD. It helps cover the cost of attending INSEAD college for Russian students. Mr. Beltyukov is also the vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation. This is a government agency that promotes technological development in Russia. Described as the Silicon Valley of Russia, it helps new technology developments take root in Russia and create jobs and new products.