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About Slyce’s Approach To Online Shopping

Can you believe how far technology has evolved over the past few decades. Online shopping is certainly one industry that has changed greatly with new advances in technology. The big influx of people using the internet created a virtual market place when the home computer became popular. Now, everyone has access to a much larger virtual market place, and this time it is right in our own grasp. The smart phones that we carry around in our pockets and purses can be used to make our shopping experiences more convenient. Slyce is leading the way in terms of developing convenient shopping methods for our devices.

Slyce’s image recognition application allows users to actually access the market place without even typing in keywords. This makes finding a product much more accurate because the products searches on Slyce are accomplished through means of visual search. Slyce’s innovative visual search application allows users to simply point their cameras at products that they want to purchase in order to search Slyce’s catalogue. Slyce has partnered with several large retailers, both online and offline retailers. They are finding these partners in order to give their users a larger selection of products to choose from in their searches. Slyce is certainly enhancing the online shopping experience for consumers of all ages.

Slyce’s New Partnership With Major Footwear Retailer

The major footwear retailer known as Shoes City announced their partnership with Slyce in an article on Yahoo Finance. The partnership was started back in October of 2015. Slyce is now proud to announce that they are ready to launch this product offering for their eager consumers. Shoe Carnival specializes in providing quality footwear for all types of people, and they do it at a reasonable price that families can afford.

This partnership and launch of Shoe Carnival’s product offering via Slyce’s application was officially announced in an article on NASDAQ’s website that was written by Market Wired. The article goes over plenty of details that have enticed several investors to see the appeal of working with Slyce.